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NotíciasNotícia • 22 jul. 2021

Spacious new barn at Waterloo City Farm highlights the qualities of prefabricated timber frame construction

Established in 2014 on a formerly neglected plot south of Westminster Bridge, Waterloo City Farm is London’s most central urban farm and an important amenity for the local community. The third phase of the project’s masterplan includes this elegant timber-framed education barn by architecture firm Feilden Fowles. Peter Cook This spacious new barn addition features intimately-scaled interior classrooms alongside active outdoor areas that host activities such as gardening, carpentry, cooking, animal care and lambing, as well as a quieter, contemplative walled garden. Peter Cook The form and materiality of the structures have been informed by typical agricultural buildings and feature a prefabricated timber frame system... Mais

NotíciasNotícia • 5 fev. 2021

Chicago home flips conventional arrangements upside down

On a traditional Chicago lot that borders an alleyway, this house flips known conventional arrangements upside down by locating bedroom and private uses on the ground level, and communal/living spaces upstairs. The architect, Kwong Von Glinow, explains the inversion is a response to contemporary desires for optimal amounts of natural light and visual contact with one’s surrounding environment.    James Florio Photography Here, common areas on the first and second floors are linked by a curving double-height atrium that runs from the front to the back of the house. Featuring a large picture window and curving wall, the courtyard is an informal area where residents can relax and children can play.  James Florio P... Mais