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Projeto • By Anat Lazar ArchitectureApartamentos

A secret garden apartment in Tel Aviv

A Garden Apartment in central Tel AvivI met with the owners of the apartment, a couple with two children (the third child was born later) before the construction of the building began. They had many ideas, dreams and great taste.  We knew this a... Mais

Projeto • By POGGI ArchitectureApartamentos

White Clouds

Um novo projeto de habitação social em Saintes reinventou totalmente o que significa viver em conjunto. Uma nuvem aparentemente habitada sinaliza sem esforço a entrada para um bairro da classe trabalhadora recentemente reabilitad... Mais

Projeto • By Antonio Raso / César EgeaMemoriais

Religion Center

We are faced with the challenge of creating a Religion Center in the town, an original building known to all as the Casa del Cura, because of the impossibility of rehabilitating it, it was decided to make it a new floor. Approaching the project from... Mais

Projeto • By YAEL PERRY | INTERIOR DESIGNERCasas Particulares


A casa de 220 m² está localizada em Herzliya, um bairro tranquilo no distrito de Sharon, em Israel. A casa de 3 andares destinada a uma família jovem (um casal com 3 filhos).   O casal, que morava em um apartamento, contrato... Mais

Projeto • By Gianluca D'EpiroCasas Particulares


white concrete  house with linear,  essential forms. House and sky merge together. Mais

Projeto • By Michael Peled Architecture &DesignApartamentos

Change in Direction – Apartment Renovation

The apartment in its original state had bathrooms and a laundry utility closet facing its best views. As quickly as the first walk-through it was clear that pastoral green landscape and partial Mediterranean Sea views were visible from the closed win... Mais

Projeto • By PORCELANOSAEscritórios

The Motor & Sport Institute

The Motor & Sport Institute is born with the great dream of facilitating future engineers and mechanics with a solid practical training in the best facilities, and thus meet market needs. Its spatial configuration and flexibility create a unique... Mais

Projeto • By PORCELANOSAApartamentos


Situated in the heart of New York City, “ALTA LIC” is an impressive residential development executed by Simon Baron Development and Quadrum Global under the architectural supervision of Stephen B Jacobs Group.   A 46... Mais

Projeto • By PORCELANOSAPaisagem residencial


The bathroom facilities have been converted into objects of desire, which is why we allow ourselves to be surprised by the high sophistication that can be achieved in some designs such as the suite from the interior designer Alexey Aladashvili for re... Mais

Projeto • By Nakamoto ForestryHabitação

L Residence

Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) Pika-Pika wall cladding with white oil stain on a new construction project in Chapel Hill, NC. Project Overview:This new build was designed by architect Jay Fulkerson and features both interior and exterior applications of o... Mais

Projeto • By MARIANOEscritórios

LH135. Restoration office building

Restore means to work with the history of what we have inherited from the past and, simply, make it look towards the future... That requires looking back with affection but without nostalgia.   When we were asked to carry out the restoration of "LH13... Mais

Projeto • By Pablo Muñoz Payá ArquitectosEscritórios

Stefanie & Gala Shoes Offices

Stefanie & Gala Shoes is a company located in Elda (Alicante, Spain) with full dedication to the manufacture of high-quality women's footwear. This company have proposed us a refurbishment project of their offices, which consisted in design and b... Mais

Projeto • By Pablo Muñoz Payá ArquitectosEscritórios

Offices - Casado & Pujol

The project is based on the offices refurbishment for a consultant company in Petrer (Alicante, Spain) with an area of 141m2.The design is created through a distribution based on visual and spatial communication, thus developing two spaces with diffe... Mais

Projeto • By Design In MotionHotéis

twothree hotel

As the requirement of the owner, an aged apartment on Sukhumvit 23 road, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, has been renovated into a seven-storey hotel named ‘TwoThree Hotel’. The small dimensions of the apartment rooms and their windows were found... Mais

Projeto • By Gariselli AssociatiShowrooms

Building make-up

 Make-up of a building of the 60s used as a business for the sale and exhibition of furniture and furnishings. Simple vertical and horizontal lines become the main theme of this restructuring, alternating in a game of verticality and linearity t... Mais