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NewsNews • 19 Jun 2024

ZAV Architects leverages the “grandmother’s” circular economy approach in design of Dr. Beski Science Foundation

Iranian architectural office ZAV Architects features in Archello’s 25 best architecture firms in Iran. This article highlights a recently completed Iran-based project undertaken by ZAV.   Dr. Beski Science Foundation Parham Taghioff Tehran-based architectural office ZAV Architects takes a research-driven and pragmatic approach to architecture, striving to explore themes with both a realistic and practical nature. The studio’s design for the Dr. Beski Science Foundation leverages the “grandmother’s” circular economy approach in its construction and provides a valuable community space using locally available resources.  Soroush Majidi Parham Taghioff The Dr. Beski Science... More

NewsNews • 31 May 2024

25 best architecture firms in Iran

Iran is an arid and rugged country in Southwest Asia, home to a rich and diverse culture spanning millennia. Its multilayered cultural past and sporadic turbulent political contexts have resulted in a unique architecture. With its roots embedded in several ancient civilizations and the Persian Empire, followed by the subsequent influence of Islamic culture, the architectural landscape of Iran embraces a vast cultural legacy. Modern Iranian architecture continues juxtaposing contemporary design with traditional elements while addressing its evolving urban needs. In response to the rapidly shifting urban and natural environments, water scarcity, and climate pressures, Iranian architects place a great emphasis on social and sustainable archit... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2024

25 best architecture firms in Denmark

Danish architecture is defined by three terms – innovative, people-centric, and vibrant. Tracing its roots back to the military encampment of the Vikings in AD800 and progressing through the phases of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, to Nordic functionalism and modernism, Danish architecture has upheld its legacy and emerged as a paragon in the contemporary world. In the post-war era, when modernism thrived, Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Jørn Utzon made international waves. Especially today, Denmark's efforts towards urban renewal and public planning, fostering community-building have positioned it as a pivotal influence. A quintessential part of Danish architectural ethos is the concept of "hygge," a... More

NewsNews • 29 Feb 2024

25 best architecture firms in Chile

A narrow strip of land between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is home to an emerging architecture and design scene. From indigenous settlements to the Spanish colonial legacy to the modernist visions of contemporary architects, Chilean architecture narrates a tale of its rich cultural and geographical diversity. With the growing challenges of extreme climate and the country's susceptibility to seismic activity, Chilean architecture has grown to adapt to environmental resilience, utilizing flexible structural systems and alternative materials. A common practice adopted by many architecture firms is to integrate indigenous building techniques with modern elements, resulting in a distinct architectural identity. The 25 archi... More

NewsNews • 13 Feb 2024

25 best architecture firms in Dubai

Innovation and futuristic vision define architecture in Dubai. The city's skyline, a panorama of towers, is a reflection of human aspiration, soaring to new heights and new forms of urban dynamism. Home to both local offices as well as regional headquarters for many of the architecture industry's powerhouse firms, the city is a melting pot of ideas and expertise from across the globe. This mix of design studios enriches Dubai's urban fabric by infusing projects with diverse perspectives and shaping its ever-changing identity. This collaborative spirit underscores Dubai's status as a cultural crossroads where creativity flourishes without constraint. The 25 architecture firms listed below are the motors behind the city's relentless evolution... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectPrivate Houses

Elevated Compact House

Large plots are not essential for lavish homes, but a thoughtful space planning can break the limitations of small plots by making it breathable, inviting adequate natural light and ventilation. This Elevated Compact House is a unique example of going beyond the limitations. studio_16mm studio_16mm studio_16mm This 1400 sq ft West facing plot having site dimensions of (35’ X 40’) and a built-up area of 4700 sq ft is located in the densely populated area of Paldi, Ahmedabad. The front of the Plot is attached to Main Road on the west side and Society Road on the south side. And there is a common wall on the East side and an adjacent plot on the North side with very less margins. To give a unique identity to this ho... More

NewsNews • 29 Jan 2024

25 best architecture firms in Thailand

Deeply rooted in cultural heritage, Thai architecture bears the indelible marks of centuries-old traditions yet remains adaptable to contemporary influences. Heavily inspired by surrounding Asian countries like China and India, Thai architecture showcases an intensive connection to the environment and socio-cultural beliefs. Even today, local communities continue to embrace vernacular building techniques and sustainable practices. Given the challenging climate characterized by extreme heat and humidity, architectural design in Thailand must also address environmental factors, making sustainability and climate responsiveness integral aspects of contemporary architectural practices. Recent decades have marked a shift in Thailand’s arch... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsOffices

Vishal Avenue

Located on Hospital Road in the bustling city of Bangalore, the commercial building stands as a Parametrically shaped, contemporary and efficiently designed structure.  It seamlessly blends commercial and retail spaces, embodying a modern and functional architectural approach.  Despite its strategic positioning in the Old Bangalore, trading hub has cultivated its own distinctive language and character, initiating a novel movement that impacts the surrounding environment, its avant-garde design distinguishes it as a noteworthy and innovative addition to the architectural landscape, both for the locale and the surrounding community. This design is a symphony of visual appeal and strategic allure, a harmonious composition that dra... More

NewsNews • 15 Dec 2023

25 best architecture firms in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a crucible of high-rise buildings, boasts the world’s highest number of skyscrapers per square mile, set against a picturesque backdrop of the bustling Victoria Harbour on one side and a lush mountain range on the other. The iconic vertical cityscape features contemporary marvels by renowned architects like Norman Foster, IM Pei, and Zaha Hadid, among others. Amidst this modernity, remnants of the past persist, evident in the colonial-era buildings and traditional Chinese architecture. However, the region’s architectural narrative has evolved significantly with its positioning as a global financial powerhouse, resulting in an influx of soaring edifices in the past few decades. Facing the challenges of limited space,... More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsShops

Anmol Silver

A silver Atelier on the iconic Hospital Road near Kempegowda road in Bangalore, where the essence of contemporary design seamlessly intertwines with classical elements, creating a heaven for silver enthusiasts. The exquisite space exudes sophistication, where the fusion of contemporary finesse and timeless aesthetics unfolds in a harmonious dance. The Silver Atelier “Anmol Silver”, is not merely a retail space; it is a canvas where architectural craftmanship, converges with the artistry of silver craftsmanship.  Boasting a combination of modern sophistication and timeless charm, the showcase features wooden grounding, a dark grey backdrop, fabric dynamics, and golden accents, promising an immersive experience for architect... More

NewsNews • 24 Nov 2023

25 best architecture firms in India

Indian architecture is a complex tapestry woven with threads of culture, history and spirituality. From the wood and stone kath-kuni houses prevalent in the northern highlands to the intricate carvings of ancient temples of the south, Indian architecture reflects the diverse geographies and traditions that have shaped the sub-continent over thousands of years. Throughout years of documented Indian history, indigenous building techniques evolved and progressed, culminating in a resilient and coherent architectural form. Further, with the assimilation of diverse cultural influences, this progression gained complexity, resulting in a multi-layered architectural heritage.  While remnants of past glory persist, the current architectural pa... More

NewsNews • 16 Nov 2023

25 best architecture firms in Argentina

Argentine architecture is a vivid mosaic rooted in a fusion of European influences, indigenous traditions, and modernist interpretations. From the bustling streets of Buenos Aires to the rugged charm of Patagonia's remote structures, every built form dictates a unique narrative of Argentina's past and present. The legacy of Spanish colonialism is palpable in the ornate facades of buildings found in cities like Córdoba and Salta, where Baroque and neoclassical designs prevail, echoing a past era of opulence. The 1930s brought a shift in the urban landscape with the emergence of Art Deco intertwined with European modernism, showcasing an adaptation towards streamlined forms, geometric designs, and utilization of new materials. With ti... More

NewsNews • 30 Oct 2023

25 best architecture firms in South Korea

Architecture in South Korea is distinguished by its disposition towards naturalism, simplicity and streamlined forms. Historically, South Korea's architectural landscape evolved under the influence of its neighbouring countries, particularly Japan and China, but also bore the imprint of its unique cultural identity. The nation’s tumultuous history, marked by cycles of construction and destruction, has left a lasting mark on its architecture, resulting in a juxtaposition of diverse styles and forms.  While traditional Korean architecture was notable for its deep-rooted connection with nature, contemporary architecture in South Korea embraces technology and experimentation. The last few decades witnessed rapid economic development... More

NewsNews • 20 Oct 2023

25 best architecture firms in Greece

A civilization that left an indelible mark on the world, Greek Architecture marries art, science and nature, shaping iconic styles that have been replicated across the ages. The roots of Greek architecture dig deep into the ancient soil of this Mediterranean land, where myth, culture, and philosophy intertwine with the built environment. From the classical orders of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian, to the principles of spatial scale, balance, line and light, to city-planning origins reflected through the agora, acropolis and so on, the nation has given life to architecture that was, and still is, celebrated as a paragon of beauty and function. Defined by harmony, proportion and a reverence for nature, the country’s architectural landsca... More

NewsNews • 16 Oct 2023

25 best architecture firms in Sweden

Characterised by functionality and sustainability, Swedish architecture emerges from its deep connections to the Nordic Landscape. With a rich history dating back to 800AD, Sweden's architectural style has evolved to reflect shifting cultural and societal influences. From medieval castles to modernist homes to sustainable buildings that harmonise with the natural environment, the country boasts a prolific architectural landscape. A recurring theme in Swedish architecture is the display of profound respect for heritage and nature while forging ahead with innovative design that reflects the principles of simplicity, functionality, and light. Keeping the threads of modernism intact, Swedish architects harness light, textures and natural eleme... More