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Product • By Illu Stration by Mary-Ann WilliamsWild Rue + Art Plissee Origami Acoustic Felt Series

Wild Rue + Art Plissee Origami Acoustic Felt Series

Inspired by Japanese Origami Art and Mary-Ann Williams's earlier work in High-End Fashion Fabric Manipulation to diffuse sound. The hand-executed technique Wild-Knot string and Art-Knot contrast is constructed by hand, which lifts this Wild Rue or Art Rue design into High-End Interior Haute Couture and becomes a work of art tailor-made specifically for you. Completely made out of one piece of felt without filling material. The 3D sculptural appearance is completely made from natural renewable materials (merino woolfelt) without any harmful substances, naturally filters pollutants with perfect sound absorbing properties, flame-retardant and fully biodegradable. The felt panels will muffle background noises and make sound quality clearer.... More