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Product • By Gobal GlassworldDREAMGLASS® SMART BLINDS


Control custom strips on your DreamGlass® panels with Smart BlindsDreamGlass® Smart Blinds work like The Original but with the added value of predetermined sections across the surface of the PDLC film. This allows you to effortlessly manage different areas of your privacy glass. Use your smartphone or tablet to control the specified areas on the glass surface, achieving privacy or sunlight instantly. Composed of a PDLC film with predetermined lines hardly visible to the eye, Smart Blinds offers a dynamic solution for those who are looking for a traditional DreamGlass® line with a little more flare. More

Product • By AritcoARITCO HOMELIFT


Scandinavia is famous for its classic design. This is a heritage we care deeply about, and something we wish to preserve and develop through the Aritco HomeLift.We have collaborated with some of Scandinavia’s most prominent designers and artists to make the Aritco HomeLift a true piece of art that you can be proud to have in your home. The lift’s DesignWall features a luxury design unlike any other product on the market. The DesignWall is a painting in itself, and choosing one of our carefully selected art designs allows you to really make a statement and express your taste.Lighting is one of the most important factors in setting a mood and bringing beauty to your interior. The lighting for the Aritco HomeLift has been developed by the... More

Product • By Ziegelei HebrokAestas, watercolour technique

Aestas, watercolour technique

“aestas”, based on the watercolour technique, breaks with and extends the traditional redbrick shade of the clinker brick. Brickmaker Jörn Hebrok has combined the red with fine yellowish watercolour brushstrokes. "Original waterstruck clinker bricks" are solid bricks produced using the water-struck method in accordance with DIN EN 771-1, DIN 20000-401.Size:Standard format approx. 240x115x71 mm and thin format approx. 240x115x52 mm, shaped bricks and closers available custom-made on request!Features:“Original waterstruck clinker bricks” by the privately owned brickworks Hebrok are produced using the water-struck method. Given that the clay is placed into and pressed out of the moulds under running water, every single brick has its own d... More

Product • By vitaDOORmodulWERK


The modulWERK 1.0 door system is equipped with an aluminium door frame that has a visible width of just 6 mm,despite its concealed hinge and loadbearing capacity of 100 kg. The extrastrong door leaf is 60 mm thick. The door not only comes with a sub-frame, which makes installation easy and straightforward,but it can also be operated in reverse, irrespective of the opening direction and selected “wall-flush” side.The door leaves come with special embossed veneers. More



Schlüter®-TROBA-LEVEL: Reliable installation of loose paver elements The intelligent paver support system Schlüter®-TROBA-LEVEL enables the quick and reliable installation of self-supported paver elements on balconies and terraces with high precision. The different product components of TROBA -LEVEL can be easily combined, offering a solution for virtually every installation project. The system levels different paver thicknesses or uneven sections and guarantees millimetre precision with constant subaeration to reliably prevent frost damage.  More



Design and easy to install: Schlüter®-SHELF -E / - N / -WWith the elegant design of the style series, this shelf creates a practical storage surface everywhere.Schlüter®-SHELF combines functionality and design. It can be laid on any surface that has already been tiled or at the same time as tiling, inside or outside the shower.-Available in 5 formats-2 designs: FLORAL or CURVE-Structured finish TRENDLINE or STAINLESS STEEL BRUSH finish-Schlüter®-SHELF-N: A range specially designed for Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD-N niches. More

Product • By VILLEROY & BOCH FLIESENHUDSON - Warm, feel-good ceramics

HUDSON - Warm, feel-good ceramics

A fascinatingly natural ceramic asking to be touched – the surface design of the HUDSON range is reminiscent of fine-grained sand. The unglazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware range has a homogenous surface finish in warm, soft colours with restrained shading that radiates warmth and a feel-good atmosphere not only in modern homes but also in public buildings. With a high non-slip finish, the modular format in four colours offers creative designers the greatest conceivable flexibility for inclusive ceramic wall and floor designs. More

Product • By Knauf GipsKnauf Cleaneo Module Unity 9 – Function

Knauf Cleaneo Module Unity 9 – Function

In areas where many people gather, modern ceiling systems have to fulfil a wide range of requirements. They have to have highly effective acoustics, be robust, reversible and attractive.In the Knauf Cleaneo Unity series the perforation of the modules is continued right to the edge – allowing an almost continuous perforation pattern in particular at the Contur variant. The new filigree perforation pattern of Unity9 produces aesthetically outstanding ceilings that simultaneously fulfil all the functions of a modular ceiling excellently. More

Product • By Tarkett LtdDESSO Metallic Shades

DESSO Metallic Shades

Play with metallic lustre and matte effect carpet tiles.Designed to experiment with metallic and matte effects, the DESSO Metallic Shades range can create a subtle, yet lustrous one-colour finish or be combined for added depth and contrast. Each colour is available in two different tiles, which offer a differing intensity of metallic yarn. This gives designers the option to use the tiles as a single colour on a big surface, or combine them to create zoning between spaces. More

Product • By M&K FILZEScale Felt L

Scale Felt L

Scale Felt L is an acoustic system for the design of wall surfaces.This product was developed within the project "Material as design impulse" with the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. The young designers, Felix Zerbi and Vanessa Busemann, have further developed this study together with the company Cabsdesign into a successful series product.The "felt scales" are inserted into each other and mounted with a well thought-out wall bracket.Scale consists of the acoustic absorber Nitona and a wool felt lamination.There are 24 colors available.In a configurator, anyone can create their own creations. More

Product • By M&K FILZEO'Tool Akustik

O'Tool Akustik

The wall system developed by Munich lighting designer Ben Wirth combines design, acoustics and light. The light balls are arranged on modular acoustic panels so that an animatable light wave is created. The modules are laminated with wool felt and available in 24 colors. More

Product • By tecnolight® Leuchteneva • tl

eva • tl

Natural daylight is the benchmark for good light quality.With nature as its model, tecnolight Leuchten GmbH developed eva • tl, a technologically and creatively sophisticated lighting system specifically for HCL (Human Centric Lighting).Large linear and curved 3D light surfaces (pat pend.) adapt the sky with its natural daylight to frameless, extremely flat, configurable modular units.The programmed light management supports the circadian rhythm of the human and thereby the well-being of the user.In addition, light scenes are individually adjustable.We make light for people even better - holistic and future-oriented.We make light for people even better - holistic and future-oriented. More

Product • By BemmFACE ZERO AIR


Face Zero Air Designer Radiator Collection IRSAP by CitterioTop Innovation - The smart design panel. Face is an essential design language and the latest heat technology combined with noble materials - the aesthetic innovation for their architecture projects.Completely new is the installation in the wall with plan concluding front.The technology from Face is completely new. Like a piece of furniture, the front can be opened out of steel or stainless steel, making the entire technology accessible. Face Zero Air is equipped with fans to increase the heat output. The complete regulation takes place via the control system NOW, which is installed in the lower part of the face and indicates the operating status by colored LED light. Especially exc... More

Product • By BemmM'AMA


M'ama BEMM designer radiator from the Collection IRSAP. The latest bathroom radiator designed by designers Silvana Angeletti and Danielle Ruzza. The radiator with the 3D effect.M'ama, like a modern creation, three cubic areas form a compartment for warming towels and other textiles.M'ama with the pleasant soft touch offers comfort, elegance and exclusivity down to the last detail. All three surfaces consist of water-flowed aluminum pipe registers. For concealed connection below, standard connection fittings can be turned left and right. Available in the colors of the Irsap Color Palette Special, in chrome and chrome-black, as well as in RAL 9016 standard white. More

Product • By ALPOLIC® | Metal Composites MaterialsALPOLIC™ reAL anodised

ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised

ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised - aluminium composite panels with genuine anodised finish in 6 design variantsWith ALPOLIC™ reAL anodised, ALPOLIC™ offers a new surface finish in genuine anodised, which with its natural appearance and broad colour spectrum expands the design scope for modern façade architecture. All advantages, such as simple processing and natural colouring, come to bear here. The coating also guarantees enormous colour consistency and high corrosion resistance. Available in material quality Euroclass B - s1, d0 (flame retardant) as well as Euroclass A2 - s1, d0 (non-flammable).  More