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If fire extinguishers are installed upon completion of interior design work, they often tend to create a disruptive feature in the room.EXTI-SHELTER is a design solution that puts the ordinary fire extinguisher in a stylish and discreet way.The covering blends perfectly into any interior and provides protection for passers-by and protects the device at the same time.The fire-engine red protectivecover offers more than a stylish home for the fire extinguisher; it is also very simple to find in an emergency and protects the device from damage.Reading the device specifications and inspection stickers is possible at any time due to the open protection cover.Mounting the protection cover ist very simple as it uses the existing fixture of the ext... More

Product • By HAGER MODULECBerker R.8 – shallow design, deep impact

Berker R.8 – shallow design, deep impact

Berker R.8 pays homage to the maxim "less is more" – protruding just 3 mm from the wall, it's one of the shallowest frames on the market. Berker R.8 is the next logical step in the evolution of the highly successful Berker R.3, which has won over 20 awards for its design around the world. R.3 provides the perfect basis for R.8. in function as well as form: It can be combined with any of the inserts in this range, enabling it to be used in any application. More

Product • By FIRESEC HOLZ-BRANDSCHUTZ3S Fichte DIGI flame resistant

3S Fichte DIGI flame resistant

The FireSec 3S spruce plate, chopped & brushed,FLAME RESISTANT to EN 13501-1 (B-s2, d0) with digital printing is the latest innovation at Holz-Brüner GmbH.There are unmistakable surface optics such as old wood, concrete, exotic wood or fruit wood printed on the 3 layer plate. With these special outer appearance and the natural feeling, the material is ideal for wall cladding, interior fitting, trade fair construction, shopfitting, event hut building and furniture production. More

Product • By Gretsch-UnitasHardware for creative facade solutions

Hardware for creative facade solutions

The requirements for windows used as facade elements are becoming more and more exacting. As well as the aesthetic demands on modern facades, planning needs to take account of aspects such as security, ventilation functions, and heavy sash weights. Specialised in every opening method, Gretsch-Unitas combines standard elements from the established hardware range with project-specific components.For planners, this means tried and tested system technology in harmony with creative special solutions. For the windows in diamond and triangular shapes, the Parallel-Projecting friction stays were developed and produced in a special version according to individual customer specifications. The profile construction for frameless windows increases the d... More

Product • By WB coatings - Warnecke & BöhmWB Wizzzard Light

WB Wizzzard Light

The patented WB Wizzzard Light system makes surfaces sparkle in various colours without evident lighting, which imbues them with a fascinating, breathtaking appearance.The modular system consists of:• Eight different transparent colour concentrates, can be combined with many paint systems made by WB coatings• A complete, fine-tuned lighting kit, consisting of light source, controls and mechanical systemsAll these surfaces feature these characteristics:• High degree of mechanical and chemical resistance• Resistance to cleaning actions and temperature• Very good light fastness More

Product • By WB coatings - Warnecke & BöhmWB Chrome Star

WB Chrome Star

WB Chrome Star gives surfaces the appearance of being chrome plated.Because it is so easy to work with, it is not only environmentally compatible but also an economical alternative to conventional complex vapour deposition processes. The modular layer structure consists of primer, tint base and clearcoat and enables numerous tints and effects while creating the highest possible mechanical and chemical stability. The solventbased two-component system can be applied using standard application methods.• High mechanical and chemical resistance• High UV and moisture protection• Adhesion to all standard plastics and metals• Various different primers and base coats for a wide range of effects More

Product • By WB coatings - Warnecke & BöhmWB Safeguard

WB Safeguard

New paint system for irrefutable counterfeit protection.WB Safeguard combines two precise methods to be able to verify the identity of the manufacturer throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Product marking, identification and authentication protects the end user, suppliers and manufacturers. Original parts can be identified within seconds and distinguished from counterfeit items by means of a special light source. Enhanced mobile testing is also possible using measuring instruments. Together with our customers we agree seamless system integration and deliver just that:• 100% invisible• Simple product marking, identification and authentication• Mobile identification More

Product • By Hansen GmbHCLEVERGLAS


CLEVERGLAS ISO · Luminous Panels safe all-roundWater-tightness, heat and sound insulation, fire protection – CLEVERGLAS ISO combines the properties of the Luminous Panels with those of insulating glass in a way never seen before. Whether it is in a classic window frame, facade design or in bathrooms and kitchens, CLEVERGLAS offers major benefits thanks to durable surfaces and the protected luminous body inside. Homogeneous light distribution over the luminous surface, dimmable from cool white to warm white or with RGB LEDs. A special effect can be produced with images printed on the glass. CLEVERGLAS ISO is made in Northern Germany and available in custom shapes, colours and sizes up to 1,500 x 3,000 mm. More

Product • By HadlerLuxsystem SL 20.3 LED

Luxsystem SL 20.3 LED

The SL 20.3 DALI LED luminaire is dimmable both as an individual luminaire and as a light-band, and at just 2.4 centimetres wide is probably one of the slimmest LED luminaires on the market. A glance inside the luminaire reveals its secret: The powerful integrated LED driver from Luxtronic, made by HADLER, is built into the metal housing with minimal dimensions. On the design side, the luminaire body in the anodised colours of silver (2016) and now also in deep black (since autumn 2017) impresses with its purist contours. The silver 20.3 LED luminaire from Luxsystem, with its high-quality integrated LED driver and service life of approx. 100,000 hours. The integrated Luxsystem connection system make it easy to create economic and shadow-fre... More

Product • By SYSTEXX by VITRULANSYSTEXX Active Magnetic

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic

SYSTEXX Active stands for products with extra functional uses. These glass fabrics are the answer to special requirements (e.g., for offices, schools or hospitals).For example SYSTEXX Active Magnetic - For invisible, magnetically-active presentation surfaces in all formats: This glass fleece and glass fabric has a patented, magnetically active back. Conventional magnets adhere to the visible side.Technical Highlights:- Invisible, smooth walls without holes or adhesive strips, no irritating elements such as panels, adhesion rails or bulletin boards- Totally flexible size of the magnetic surface- No difference in color and consistency from the rest of the surroundings- Costs less than other magnetic wall systems- Much faster to apply than con... More

Product • By POHLPOHL Etched Surface

POHL Etched Surface

Diffuse or precise, large-area or accentuated. With etched surfaces from POHL you can give a brass, stainless steel or even an aluminium surface an even more three-dimensional structure. The depth effect is created by a special etching process that opens up a wide range of design possibilities for the architect. Give your design a special feel and unparalleled liveliness. The etched facade sheets can be combined with any standard facade system, such as POHL Europanel®, and are suitable for both exterior and interior use. More

Product • By ATN GmbHAcoustic Vinyl

Acoustic Vinyl

As acoustic fabrics have been on the market for years - we have developed a micro perforated acoustic vinyl on recycled polyester acoustic panels now.This has a noise-absorbing effect and is combinable with any of our synthetic vinyls. The combination of our vinyl with the acoustic panel is classified in the highest absorption class A according to DIN EN ISO 11654. More

Product • By OBO Bettermann GmbH & Co. KGUDHOME2


The UDHOME2 floor socket – in a slim design and a high-quality finish – provides power and data via the floor. The high-grade covers, with or without a floor covering recess, can be integrated discreetly into any type of floor covering. The UDHOME2 has room for two sockets as well as two data connections which can be routed out via the unobtrusive hinged cord outlet. More

Product • By Saint-Gobain EcophonEcophon Solo Baffle - The absorber

Ecophon Solo Baffle - The absorber

Ecophon Solo™ Baffle is now improved with new creative options. These sound absorbers come in different shapes, colours and sizes you need to fulfil your artistic ideas. From October 2018 on we will launch a new range of standard Solo Baffle hook/anchor in 1800 mm length. Completely new is Solo Baffle Wave and Solo Baffle ZigZag available in two formats each in order to create and design a living baffle ceiling. Both shapes are delivered in 1800 mm length and will be available for both Hook and Anchor. These new products can be mixed with standard straight Solo Baffles. Another completely new product offer is Solo Baffle Wall which is a standard Solo Baffle/anchor that in combination with our new Connect Baffle Wall fixing makes it possible... More

Product • By HEWImini – Reduktion an der Tür

mini – Reduktion an der Tür

mini | less is moreWith mini, HEWI redefines the term minimalism. The greatly reduced rose emphasises the clear geometry of the HEWI lever handle and presents it in a completely new light. The technology in mini sets standards. This new mounting concept makes it possible to reduce the rose to a minimum – its diameter is a mere 32 mm with an overall height of just 3 mm. The mini is available optionally with BB / PZ or WC-rose. The design of the lever handle becomes a style-defining element on the door thanks to the deliberate reduction.The purist mini design solution reduces the lever handle to what is essential, without abandoning functionality. Sophisticated design, innovative mounting concept, reliable technology, sustainable quality and... More