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Product • By Strähle Raum-SystemeKubus I Micro

Kubus I Micro

Kubus I Micro is the perfect retreat area in an open space. It can be used as an individual workplace where staff can really concentrate, or for making phone calls and holding video conferences undisturbed: Kubus can be used flexibly and provides good sound insulation. Wooden surfaces and the use of textiles provide for a cosy working atmosphere and pleasant room acoustics. Big functionality in a small space: Kubus I Micro has an integrated ventilation system, lighting and a presence detector as standard. It is also particularly ergonomically designed. Its compact dimensions guarantee efficient use of space. More

Product • By Almeco SpabandoxalPRO


bandoxalPRO by Almeco is the NEW line of anodized aluminium dedicated to the Architectural & Design sector and to any Outdoor application requiring highly resistant anodizing layer up to 25 micron and heavy metal gauge up to 3mm thick and 2000mm wide.Produced on the most advanced anodizing coating plant in Europe, bandoxalPRO offers aesthetical and technical surfaces for engaging projects. The free combination of finishes like glossy, matt, brushed, sand touch and colors give fascinating solutions providing lightness and hue to your design. The metallic shades as gold, bronze, copper, zinc and titanium replace the original metal.Customized surfaces aimed to express your creativitybandoxalPRO is ideal for facade, wall covering, roof... More

Product • By Zublin TimberLENO®-3D


This product is usually produced as a flat component and is used in residential and commercial construction as a load-bearing element (wall/ceiling/roof). LENO-3D extends this conventional way of building (use of flat components) by the possibility to plan and realize surfaces curved in two or three dimensions. The statically load-bearing function of flat cross laminated timber components remains aalso at LENO-3D unrestricted. Due to the possibility of applying a large variety of decorative wood surfaces, there are hardly any design limits for the planners. All advantages at a glance: - slim cross-sections in comparison to concrete - fast and easy assembly times - no formwork construction necessary - significantly lower dead weight than con... More

Product • By Listone GiordanoListoneGiordano BETWEEN des.Alex.Brenner

ListoneGiordano BETWEEN des.Alex.Brenner

Material, proportions, addition . . . or how to create something unique?However, we all know that art rises not just in putting several materials together, but in arranging and merging them which courage and great passion. Wood and brass, a liaison between contrasting materials merged in a serene lightness reminds us of earlier times, seems familiar and yet it`s brand new in this way.Alexander Brenner studied from 1981 to 1987 at Stuttgart University and graduated with distinction in the fields of architecture and urban planning. In 1990, Brenner founded his own studio and began teaching at several Universities. The atelier focuses on Villas and residential houses, art galleries and private art collections. His projects have long recei... More

Product • By Listone GiordanoListoneGiordano AVENUE des.MATTHEO THUN

ListoneGiordano AVENUE des.MATTHEO THUN

Which road leads to harmony?Intuition more than calculation. Avenue is the outcome of that strenuous pursuit of the essence, of formal perfection that inspired abstract art.The power of imagination is able to transform a tree in a sheer geometric form reminiscent of new york’s atmospheres in the early 1900s. Stripping away of the superfluous, remains the elegant rhythm of lines and backgrounds to draw a balanced grid where life flows. More

Product • By ACOACO Profiline mit Leibungsablaufelement

ACO Profiline

ACO Profiline with soffit element Planning of barrier-free door sills. In publicly accessible buildings, threshold-free transitions must be planned as required by law. In residential construction, threshold-free entrances and passageways are often required for comfort reasons. More

Product • By LTGLinear Air Diffuser LDB 12style

Linear Air Diffuser LDB 12style

The LTG air diffuser LDB 12style is an adjustable linear diffuser, completely made of metal for targeted distribution of conditioned air in the room while warranting highest comfort at a low noise output. The air diffuser consists of outlet elements with aerodynamically optimised inner and profile contours that are kept in aerodynamically coordinated aluminium profiles. These outlet elements are individually adjustable. A large number of different flow forms from level ceiling jets to a wide jet fan with up to 36 individual jets per meter outlet length can be achieved this way for air routing. This leads to a low speed level and quick temperature reduction of the air flowing into the room to ensure comfortable conditions in the area where p... More

Product • By LTGCeiling Jet Diffusers DSA / MSA

Ceiling Jet Diffusers DSA / MSA

LTG developed the DSA and MSA diffusers for targeted ventilation of rooms with perforated acoustic or metal/cooling ceilings. They are integrated into an air connection box and routed to the substructure in the suspended ceiling. The ventilation element is barely perceptible visually due to its adjusted perforation. It is virtually invisible. The highly inductive ceiling flow, fanned open by 360°, ensures efficient cooling and even temperature distribution to ensure a pleasant room climate. The units can be easily adjusted to the respective requirements with the integrated air guidance elements. At the same time, the diffuser serves as a revision opening that can thus be removed.Composition of the product:LTG diffuser of galvanised steel sh... More

Product • By LTGDecentral Ventilation Unit FVPpulse

Decentral Ventilation Unit FVPpulse

The transient ("breathing") decentral ventilation unit FVPpulse permits complete thermal air treatment of non-residential buildings, incl. filtering, dehumidification and heat recovery based on the patented ventilation concept LTG PulseVentilation. The unit breathes in fresh air from the outside and expels used-up exhaust air, with the exhaust heat being transferred to the cold outdoor air in winter with highest re-heating values. The decentral units permit easy implementation of individual energy-saving operating methods by the room or group, since they can be operated controlled by demand in the areas in which there actually is a need for fresh air. The transient ventilation leads to good mixture of the room air at very low air speeds and... More

Product • By Binder Parametric MetalBT-3D 750 Cubes

BT-3D 750 Cubes

Binder Parametric Metal stands for 3D-Customization - The parametric architecture transferred to the facades. High-precision metal forming processes such as 3D fluid technology are the specialty of Binder Parametric Metal. The BT-3D 750 Cubes design panel adds a metal panel to the collection, giving it the appearance of stacked cubes with its slight three-dimensional shape. Due to the 3D forming, we give surfaces new architectural shapes - facades, building envelopes and interiors become a real 3D art work. The company received recognition for the BT-3D 750 Cubes in the Design category at the Material Prize 2018. More

Product • By JatecSPRING


Contured shape, handiness and urban style: SPRING is especially suitable for many designing needs. This handle is able to meet the requirements of contemporary décor: comfort, long lasting, beauty and elegance. We present the handle in the minimal style, that´s to say the rose follows the circumference of the neck and completely disappear. This gives to the thin modern doors a smarter look and enhences the shapes of the handle. Without the rose the eyes are attracted by the sinuous curves of the handle. SPRING has the right lenght and its slimness makes it pleasant to touch. SPRING is showed in our catalogue with the entire range of coordinated design: window handle, window handle with key, on square rose, pull handle for lif... More

Product • By JatecWONDER


WONDER is the new handle of Reguitti by Jatec. It is a line with a contemporary and minimalist design. Its geometry and essentialiy find the maximum expression in modern and fashionalbe enviroments. Wonder´s special triangular effect is attractive, charming and gives a definite touch with a unique, original and ergonomic design. It was created by Sergio Baronchelli, an Italian architect whose creations are always a symbiosis betwenn art and study. Wonder is presented with a minimal rose; this means that the rose disappears and the square shapes of the handles are the only focus. The line is also available with a standard rose or with the new 5 mm rose in order to satisfy every thechnical inquiry. More

Product • By JatecTRIA


TRIA is Jatec newest handle; not yet showed in the market. We want to present it to the publicum for the first time at Architect at Work Berlin. TRIA is a handle characterized by contemporary and minimalistic design: its geometric and coherent lines are enhanced by modern and plain environments. A clear outer layer expresses the formal accuracy typical of the stylistic current trends. The geometric and multifaceted lines of this handle embrace the postmodern deconstructivist style, characterized by fragmentation and distortion. TRIA is a tribute to the architect Daniel Libeskind, especially to his "Jewish Museum Berlin": it rembembers the building zigzags with its underground axes, angled walls, and bare concrete “voids”. More

Product • By Listone GiordanoListoneGiordano FABRIQUE

ListoneGiordano FABRIQUE

The Listone Giordano Fabrique project by Marc Sadler, is a highly technological birch wood flooring.The ingenious construction system, offers a view of the fiber of the wood as if it were a textile fabric.With this composition the birch wood acquires a completely new and amazing personality, which get with the innovative surface treatments, the construction, color, and brushed texture across the address of the tables.100% certify Wood, PEFC, formaldehyde free emisions, Finished with natural oils. More


textile Facade FP100

Ellermann System FP 100 provides a whole new range of design in facades. Covering window areas with our new Glas/ETFE fabrics ( fire-classification A2 ) makres interior bright light by shielding it at the same time to the View from the outside. Large textile Frames, covering even edges can be build up to sizes of 20m and a height of 5m. Glas/ETFE fabrics will provide a long lifetime-cycle to the facade wit a minimum of cleaning required. Textile Facades are great for redisigning older facades. More