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HIGHLIGHT FOR WALL DESIGNThe term wallscaping is made up of the English words "wall" and "(land)scaping" for (landscape) design. The WALLSCAPING series by RZB is exactly that: the enhancement of outer walls through light. What all four product families TECHNO, CYL, ZONO and NADELSPOT have common is a clear form language consisting of the timeless basic forms of cuboid and cylinder. The housings have a two-part design and are extremely easy to install. A standardised wall plate forms each basis. The innovative Gravolock® lock promises quick and easy installation of the luminaire head, which is mounted without screws on the housing base and is fastened theft-proof by means of a latch. The luminaire is closed by frameless glass cover... More



Gentle lighting. Poetry for the eyes.RZB has created the TWINDOT range of LED suspended luminaires as a product family to achieve a magical lighting effect. The intention is also to achieve a magical lighting effect with minimalist form and transparent light control, which make the luminaires suitable for open use in any architectural environment. These stimulating lighting systems are also ideal for supporting the biodynamic daylight rhythm (HCL). These tunable white versions are particularly good for users’ emotional well-being.The areas of application for biodynamic lighting range from office, conference and reception areas to healthcare and private household use.System concept and design: Hartmut S. Engel More

Product • By Kaindl44405 DP Schiefergrau / Slate grey

44405 DP Slate grey

Mineral surfaces in combination with other materials are meanwhile an indispensable component of furniture and interior design. Innovation leader Kaindl of Salzburg has included the popular combo in its Metal Art decors of the BOARDS LEAD collection. Our decorative boards go hand in hand with a surface structure that lends the product additional authenticity through a specifically designed surface feel. In this particular case we applied a DP structure to our Metal Art decors. The structure harmonises perfectly with our "Metal Design Developments" to create an impressive overall finish.These products focus on the following metallic colour decor variations:44408 DP Copper bronze | 44405 DP Slate grey | 34321 DP OxideThey radiate the ext... More

Product • By ENVIRAL® OberflächenveredelungENVnatuRAL Designeffekte

ENVnatuRAL Designeffekte

A new trend in architecture is emerging – irregular, natural surfaces are increasingly in demand by architects, designer and also by public and private builders for the implementation of their ambitious e.g. construction projects.Specifications:Powder-coating material, technical aspects are the property of Enviral GmbH More

Product • By InterfaceVisual Code // Drawn Lines

Visual Code // Drawn Lines

Hi-tech, meet hi-touch. Technology may be sleek and enticing, but it can be a distraction from the world around us. By re-engaging with hand-crafted materials and goods, we humanise our experience, slow it down and restore imagination and wonder.Visual Code is a carpet collection of ten different patterns inspired by the symbiotic relationship of hi-tech and hi-touch, marrying images of glitch graphics and technicolour circuitry with simple textures that recall plain woven fabrics and rugs.Pair it with Drawn Lines, an LVT which layers filament-fine marks in varying weights and rhythms, creating a never-ending geometric pattern and a soft pooling of light and dark areas with no visible repeats. Designed to work together seamlessly, comb... More

Product • By B11Rotary Wall 2.0 - Moving Absorber wall

Rotary Wall 2.0

The silence which one can turn.The new ROTARY WALL only to be fixed between ground and ceiling. The panel rotates around own axis, therebyif a adjustability is reached in 45 ° steps.World novelty is at the same time usable as a wall (180 °), as a door(90 °) and room divider(45 °). She is in her axis height adjustable – and any time adjustably and to remove easily. With this development of B11 if one reaches maximum sound reduction, because theyespecially for high sound absorption and-reflection developsbecame. The Standard-Lisene of the Rotary wall are on the right andon the left in MDF black varnishes, against surcharge with pleasure also withDesirable decoration.Strength: 130 mmStandard height: 2000 mmAvailable widths: 800,... More

Product • By PROOXZERO Concealed papertowel-soapdispenser


Unrivalled architectural solutionConcealed paper towel dispenser and waste bin for fitting completely into drywall constructions without the front of the dispenser remaining in view. Nonetheless refilling is easy with simple technology in the form of guide rails allowing the inner dispensing box to be lowered into the filling position. PROOX has developed this solution for the world of architecture together with architects, drywall construction companies and designers.ZERO - reduction provides freedom of design More

Product • By ORBITORBIT 48V Track System

ORBIT 48V Track System

The minimal aesthetic of our flagship luminaires combined with the flexibility and compactness of a low voltage track lighting system: that’s our new 48V series in a nutshell. Where track lighting is usually found in retail environments, our system of innovations opens the door for use in residential projects. Get creative by combining linear and spotlight LED’s that can be easily altered down the road, thanks to the magnetic snap mountings. With trimless recessed, regular and suspension tracks, and the addition of flush corner pieces, there’s a suitable solution for every space and surface. The system can be equiped with Dim-to-Warm LEDs and a Bluetooth wireless control module for an even better lighting experience. More

Product • By DORMA HÜPPEVariflex Glass

Variflex Glass ComfortDrive

The Variflex and Variflex glass partitioning systems from DORMA Hüppe are known to offer a wide range of intelligent solutions. Since glass and opaque elements of the system can be combined, room divisions can be realized with great openness and high sound insulation - with Variflex up to Rw 59 dB, with Variflex glass up to Rw 52 dB.The program was supplemented by a passage door made of full-surface glass, which ensures bright, light-flooded rooms with excellent sound insulation. The new so-called "extension" solution, with which walls that form a T-shaped or corner-shaped corner can be fully equipped with glass, is also very elegant - that means openness all along the line. More



Villa Nova’s Renzo Wallcoverings are a statement collection of vinyl wallcoverings that combine innovative embossed textures and pattern. Inspired by architectural structures, geometry and urban finishes such as distressed concrete and polished plaster; these alluring designs create a dramatic and stylish backdrop. Zinc Textile’s Scope Wallcoverings are created from natural woven raffia, grass cloth, cork and even pearlescent mica fragments. These wallcoverings offer depth and texture like no other. Villa Nova and Zinc Textile wallcoverings are practical, durable and meet international standards, a perfect addition to any hospitality design project. More

Product • By Toucan-T GmbHMust Have Carpet Tile

Must Have Carpet TILE

The tile collection "must have" is inspired by textile classics from the fashion world. Fabrics that inspire and are reinterpreted again and again by contemporary designers for reduced, classically modern designs. More

Product • By GRIPSURE UKGripsure Ecodek® AT

Gripsure Ecodek® AT

Gripsure Ecodek® AT is a solid Wood Polymer Composite decking board with a grooved finish. An environmentally friendly decking solution - the boards are made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainably sourced beech hardwood fibres in a carbon negative production process. Each board features two non-slip inserts for a highly slip resistant finish. Gripsure Ecodek® Heritage is available in 5 colours; slate grey, pebble grey, dark brown, light brown and black. More

Product • By ParklexPARKLEX FACADE


PARKLEX Facade is a high-density timber faced panel, manufactured with a core of paper fibres treated with thermosetting resins. These are compressed at a high temperature and pressure and protected by an exterior coating highly resistant to UV radiation and weathering. Facade panels include Everlook®, a component introduced into the wood to provide outstanding life-cycle benefit in terms of colour stability, in all climatic conditions with no varnish need at all over the years. It also allows the development of new finishes to our range of timber veneers.The entire Parklex range is manufactured from natural wood materials, with each panel reflecting unique characteristics such as changes in tone, colour and highlights, with grain and knots... More

Product • By Oty LightPop P07 Bi-Color

Pop P07 Bi-Color

Pop P07 bi-color is a sleek and refined ceiling light. It’s made of an upper painted aluminium cylinder with a brushed brass accent ring. Pop P07 bi-color provides ample direct and ambient illumination. Offered in 2 diameters: 6cm (2.4”) and 12cm (4.7”,) and 6 color combinations. ø6cm: integral 11W; 2700K, 3000K or 4000K; CRI>85, 22 degree beam LED (Triac dimmable)ø12cm: integral 18.5W; 2700K, 3000K or 4000K; CRI>85, 24 degree beam LED (Triac dimmable)Available in the following color combinations:Code KS: black/brass painted | Code WS: white/brass painted | Code BS: blue/brass painted | Code GS: green/brass painted | Code PS: rose/bras painted | Code RS: red/brass painted. More

Product • By Oty LightMoMa


MoMa is a sleek and refined pendant light made in aluminium. MoMa provides direct and ambient illumination. Offered in two diameters: 40cm (15.7”) and 60 cm (23.5”) and 9 color combinations. Woven brass or copper power supply cable.Two different canopy types, on demand:“Cup” external canopy for installation on all ceilings.“Arc” recessed canopy for plasterboard or wooden ceilings, in both cases there is no need to plaster in. The thickness of the ceiling must be 1,2cm, and the minimum space for the canopy installation not less than 7,5cm.Diffuser available in the following color combinations:Code KC: black/copper painted| Code WC: white/copper painted | Code BC: blue/copper painted | Code GC: green/copper painted | Code PC: rose/copper pain... More