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Product • By Midgard Lichtmidgard modular

midgard modular

Midgard modular is a freely configurable lighting system, consisting of table, wall, ceiling and floor lamps. Different arm lengths, five lampshades and a choice of joint and lamp colours allow endless configurations, according to individual needs.If you would like to explore the complete potential of the system or configure your own midgard modular visit our 3D configurator.Midgard modular is based on the well-known TYP 113 lamp, with which, among others, the many spaces in the Bauhaus have been equipped.Leaded by Curt Fischer, Midgard developed this modular draft during the 1920s into a lighting system to answer all needs of lighting within private and public life.The lamps and all their parts are produced in germany, using the original t... More

Product • By Midgard LichtAYNO lighting family

AYNO lighting family

With AYNO, the first design of a new Midgard Lamp since the 1950s, the Industrial Designer Stefan Diez is testing the boundaries between origin and status quo of adjustable lighting. Radically reduced to the essentials, AYNO meets all requirements of design, technology and sustainability.  FINALIST for the german sustainability award in design 2021 Central feature of the AYNO lighting family is a fiberglass rod, which is stretched to the bow by the luminaire cable. The inherent tension of the rod allows a lamp without any joints. By sliding the two adjustment rings at top and bottom, the fiberglass rod is bent into the desired position and the light is directed where needed. The cable tightens the rod into an arc, of which the ra... More

Product • By Midgard LichtK831


K831 - the most simple and beautiful way to adjust light The swiveling shade allows to direct the ligth cone flexible where needed. The lampshade is available in 8 variants. Aluminium, copper solid, semi-matte black powder-coated or enamelled in pearl white, pale green, cement grey, anthracite and black . Any RAL colour upon request in small order quantities possible. All parts are produced in germany by using original techniques and materials. The dome is made of bakelit and the lamp shade is hand pushed. It can be switched on with a classic rotary switch at the top dome. More

Product • By FaberFaber e-MatriX

Faber e-MatriX

Fire from waterThe e-MatriX fireplaces from the Dutch brand Faber are heat and emission-free, while maintaining an amazingly realistic fire image. The fire is created from a unique and safe combination of cold water mist, mains power and LED lighting. An additional electric heating element provides more comfort. The e-MatriX thus provides an answer to current social issues such as reducing energy consumption and emissions, gas-free living and the high insulation value of modern houses. In addition, e-MatriX opens up inspiring new possibilities for integrating fireplaces into architectures where conventional gas or wood fires are technically impossible or desirable. More

Product • By Küberit Profile SystemsTWO-PART PROFILE SYSTEM MONO-CLIP


First profile system for laminate, parquet and thick parquet flooring, which appears incredibly delicate (elegant, narrow visible surface) due to its narrow structure. The new clip technology, which connects the base and top profile, makes processing more comfortable and faster than before. As a result, the profile system offers 60% more benefits than conventional systems. The clip mechanism requires only two webs instead of the usual three. The basic profile can either be screwed or glued to the substrate. The system can be used in considerably more installation situations than comparable products, as the top profile can be used for all floor covering heights. More



ip-company creates a symbiosis between wood-aluminium integral sliding door, "french balcony" glass fall protection flush with the façade and vertically guided, concealed insect screen. The discreet integration of the accessories into the window construction adapts to the timeless and clear design of the ip window system without disturbing. Slim aluminium profiles, wood from sustainable forestry in combination with natural surfaces create an original feel. "Sharp, angular, beautiful" is the philosophy of the successful window manufacturers from northern Germany, who work together with architects and specialist planners to create individual, limitless spatial experiences. More



The floor laying solution according to type B consists of a pressure-resistant mineral wool board, which has a heat and impact sound insulating effect. Grooves milled at the factory, lined with steel or aluminium sheets, make pipe installation considerably easier. The sheets are fixed in place using a patented, mechanical process. This enables a later separation of the different types, which is important for the recycling process. The load-distribution layer can be constructed in dry construction method or be executed with screeds according to DIN 18560 as well as with fillers. A metal composite pipe with the dimensions 16 x 2.00 mm is used as heating pipe. More

Product • By BonaBona Resilient System / Bona Comercial S

Bona Resilient System / Bona Comercial S

With Bona Resilient System and Bona Inspiration, Bona has developed a revolutionary system for renovating resilient flooring and wooden floors. The spectrum ranges from overpainting solid wood and parquet floors to colour changes of resilient surfaces, new designs and complete renovations. More

Product • By HadlerLUXSYSTEM SL 20.2 LED BAP


The slim (cross-section 24 x 48mm) and minimalist SL 20.2 LED luminaire by Luxsystem in aluminium is available in various lengths. It allows lighting concepts to be perfectly designed and implemented.With their uniquely slim design, the new light sources for the Luxsystem SL 20.2 LED ensure use in areas where glare control is important. From the side, the fascinating lighting technology can be perceived in a shadowy way and also ensures a low indirect component. These light sources are designed both in Tunable White and with fixed light colour. More



More nature for high demandsThe INTERLIFE carpets, tiles and floorboards of the brand tretford are manufactured in Germany. The large colour spectrum and the many installation possibilities leave hardly any design wish unfulfilled. Thanks to the pile material with 70% cashmere goat hair and 30% polyamide, tretford INTERLIFE offers a high proportion of natural and renewable materials. The floors are durable and hard-wearing even under extreme conditions. The applications are manifold: from reception and conference rooms to hotels or offices. More

Product • By TIGER COATINGSTIGER Drylac® Series 68 dull matt

TIGER Drylac® Series 68 dull matt

TIGER Drylac® Series 68 dull matt underlines the high standard the architecture and facade industry to the performance of Building envelopes worldwide. The highly weatherproof product line impresses with its velvety soft feel and convinces with its recipe, which is geared towards the long-term maintenance of the value of properties - - and that in just one shift. Another plus: TIGER Drylac® Series 68 dull matt is unmarked and therefore absolutely green. More

Product • By Stucco pompejiNERO IMPRESSIONE


This colour technique enables you to produce polychrome surfaces in just one operation, which have a noble appearance with a subtle metallic shine.This NEW and unique effect putty is suitable elements... More



The new clinker brick slips familyRöben is introducing a new clinker brick slips family with a slightly rough surface in initially five matching colours ranging from grey to beige and red to black, some of which have a noble coal finish. In addition to the common formats such as NF, DF and 2DF, Röben offers them in a variety of other international formats. With freely selectable strap thicknesses between 14 and 25 mm, reliefs can be created on the façade without any particular effort. At the same time, exactly these surfaces can also be produced on full clinker bricks. Thus, construction tasks can be solved where both solid clinker brickwork and facing bricks, e.g. on an ETICS, are required.  More



Acoustic cabin XChange and partition wall XW In a dynamic and shared open plan office the space situations, which are dedicated to coworking are, more and more often. In this context the need of people, moments of privacy and to find concentration. Our room in room system xChange is the perfect answer to these urgent needs of the Employees of the third millennium. Thanks to the various available sizes and an aesthetically pleasing equipment our room cabins can be equipped in numerous Variants of working and community environments can be set up. People are at the centre of the new product: confidential discussions, short meetings and Conferences can be held. More

Product • By APN ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONSapn Area FLex Luv

apn Area FLex Luv

APN AREA FLEX LUV - the sliding acoustic module is THE innovative solution for flexible room division and maximum sound absorption in ONE product.By means of a sliding system on two guide rails, the product can be used to divide a large room into two smaller ones or to shield the partial area of a room acoustically and optically. Infinitely variable, the APN AREA FLEX LUV offers a tailor-made solution for first-class room acoustics for every customer - from a single piece to your own series.Fabrics & felts in more than 250 optics, individually designed elements such as color contrasting edges or transparent elements such as viewing windows allow almost every customer wish to be realized.APN AREA LEX LUV - the original only from apn acou... More