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Product • By MEICON Technical Lighting SolutionsSPOTS HND 070


The SPOT HND 070 focus, designed and manufactured by MEICON, uses state-of-the-art SMD LED technology with a color rendering of up to CRI98. It is an appropriate product for decoration and illumination of showcases, since it allows to direct the beam of light to a specific point in a simple way thanks to a pivoting head of 360º. Its operating system using magnetic neodymium rail makes it possible to install quickly and easily, since it leaves behind the need for a specific polarity. Another of its important features is its low consumption linked to high performance, which makes the SPOT HND 070 a highly efficient luminaire. In short, it is a dynamic, versatile and low consumption product that adapts to constant changes according to the need... More

Product • By MEICON Technical Lighting SolutionsCINTA FLEXIBLE MABRA


The MABRA profile designed and manufactured by MEICON is a flexible device injected in silicone that assembles last generation SMD LED technology with a chromatic reproduction of up to CRI98. The different shapes that flood the architecture sometimes make it difficult to illuminate the space adequately and in accordance with said architecture. The profile adapts perfectly to curved walls and furniture with irregular shapes, which makes it ideal for all types of architecture, both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the material has excellent properties as a diffuser, eliminating the point of light mark and allowing a continuous beam with which to create a correct and elegant lighting. MABRA erases the limits of shapes and illuminates places... More



The new sheet Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE-SR is an acoustic insulation, which is placed below the linear drainage system Schlüter-KERDI-LINE. In this way, it is avoided that the impact noise, which occurs when the water falls in the showers built at ground level, is transmitted to adjacent rooms. The use of the Schlüter®KERDI-LINE-SR system in the area of showers is a significant improvement in the construction of houses and increases comfort in homes. More



Schlüter®KERDI-TS is a waterproofing band made of polyethylene with a geotextile on both sides and a self-adhesive zone of insulation to impact noise. The correct installation of Schlüter®KERDI-TS make sure the secure connection of the waterproofing of walls in showers and baths and acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, as well as resin or steel. More

Product • By Formica GroupColorCore® Compact

ColorCore® Compact

Versatile, practical and beautiful, ColorCore® Compact is our latest self-supporting material that combines on trend surface designs with a structural, colour matched core that provides a homogenous colour all the way through.Transform your interiors with the ColorCore Compact range and make your design element the centrepiece of the room by selecting natural or contemporary decors, complementing textures and a colour matched core for a clean finish and beautiful edges.With the solid grace of a natural material, but with the durability you would expect from a solid grade laminate, the colour matched, waterproof core allows design features to be engraved into the surface, enabling endless creative possibilities that stand the test of time. More

Product • By ScrignoLA GAMA ESSENTIAL


Essential Glass Door Mirr makes pure functionality a complementary furnishing item of high aesthetic value.The internal aluminium perimeter structure is available in various colours, with single or double sheet. The 5 cm thick swing is available in a broad range of glass types: clear, bronzed, etched, grey smoked, clear, extra clear, etched extra clear, reflex smoked and back-painted.With a minimal appeal, Essential Glass Door Mirr combines quality with elegance, a simple and essential detail, which stands out in any environment thanks to the linearity of its shapes.Distinguished by a structure where the lightness of the glass and the strength of aluminium create a perfect combination, Essential doors bring a spectacular atmosphere to the h... More



Now under the leadership of its third generation, Bolon celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. As an international design brand, Bolon has had to be brave, flexible, and forward-looking.Making use of diverse talent, machinery and perspectives, Bolon has grown because it believes in the importance of plurality. The 2019 collection, Diversity, celebrates variation, participation and inspiration – and in this anniversary year, it also celebrates seven decades of daring to be different.The collection includes three different patterns Bling, Buzz and Bouquet, and comes in a total of twelve colourways. Diversity’s flowing expression binds the three designs together, even as the patterns vary.Given the collection’s carefully considered family... More



Good acoustics is essential. The comfort you feel when you are in a room with good acoustics is the essence of a perfect balance between the sound you hear and the room you see. This combination of sound, materials and surfaces creates splendid living spaces. Creating a space is a challenge. A challenge between aesthetics and acoustics. Between form and functionality. All these aspects are important when creating a space that provides exactly what you need. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have the knowledge and experience to compensate for this disparity while creating harmony. Our proposal includes perforated boards with big acoustic absorption so much for vertical divisions as for ceilings: - UNITY recordable ceilings: exclusive des... More

Product • By IRSAPOrimono


Orimono (??) in Japanese: weft, warp, fabric, like the one that covers the new radiator that Irsap is to present at the next Milan Furniture Fair.? This is the particular characteristic of the product: traditionally, radiators are incongruously made of cold materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and, in the past, cast iron.? With this project I have tried to give the radiator a more material and friendly touch, adopting a contemporary textile, a rounded geometry with an appreciable diameter of 1400 mm, completely made of aluminium and clothed with Kvadrat fabric from the Remix 2 collection.? A yarn made of 90% natural wool with only 10% nylon.? Radiator presented in discreet and timeless colours such as: sage, brick and saffron couple... More

Product • By DolcestoneSISTEMA DOL T5


The DOL-75 SYSTEM for large format ceramic facades using a system sticked with sika tack panel adhesive is a light, easy and simple system to install.Each and every one of the elements that make up this system are manufactured with raw materials of the highest quality.It is a hidden mechanical fastening system by means of a substructure that is composed of adjustable aluminium brackets of high quality of 3 mm. Thickness with separating function.They are fixed to the base structure of the building. More

Product • By LUZ NEGRALed Profiles IP65 Easy-ON

Led Profiles IP65 Easy-ON

Luz Negra’s led profile “easy-ON” system has been certified by Applus for its jagged diffuser which guarantees water-tightness of IP65 thanks to its double-siphon shape once inserted into the aluminium profile.This certification is extended to the 21 profiles within the “easy-ON” product group.The “easy-ON” system is the result of continued research,development and innovation which we enforce at Luz Negra.This system permits you to quickly click the diffuser on to the front of the profile in a fast and easy manner.The two jagged edges allow the diffuser to snap on to the profile in a firm and safe way, achieving a water-tightness of IP65.The “double siphon” prevents water and humidity from entering the profile and therefore protects the LED... More



AIR GARDEN is a modular system of vertical gardening. We create gardens or orchards increasing the vegetation of our cities and we contribute to improve the air quality of our environment. AIR GARDEN can be attached to the walls of our homes giving them color and aroma, improving acoustic and thermal insulation.Once the guides of the AIR GARDEN system are installed, we can choose different elements to hang on it. Baskets and structures for planting or decoration, as well as supports for climbing plants.This system AG CESTRUCT-ENREDA combines a row superior of baskets of plantation AG CESTRUCT with rows of supports for climbing plants AG CESTRUCT-ENREDA, achieving a magnificent vegetal wall. We can combine the different options with each oth... More

Product • By LUMIONLumion 9

Lumion 9

Lumion is the world's fastest 3D rendering software for architects. In seconds, you can visualize CAD models in a video or image with real-life environments and striking artistic flair.Import your model from Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino or ArchiCAD, among many other modeling programs, and Lumion instantly breathes life into your designs with realistic landscapes and urban context, stylish effects, and thousands of objects and materials from the content library.No training required, and after just 15 minutes, you can learn to create jaw-dropping images, videos and 360 panoramas with lightning-fast speeds.Lumion is that fast to work with, and that easy to get started! More

Product • By FlosZero Track

Zero Track

ZERO TRACK Flos Architectural   The ultimate level of miniaturization is born with Zero Track: surface track and spot dimensions are taken to the minimum size, with a pure design and the most radical technology of control. The Zero Track luminaire range culminates with the Find Me spots, designed by Jorge Herrera.   This innovative design embraces two different sizes, including the new Find Me 0, which brings the minimal designs of the successful Find Me collection now available for a track installation. The Zero Track system also provides the highest comfort level with the exquisite design touch of Piero Lissoni through Atom: a series of spotlights in two different sizes, perfect for an accent lighting.   The Zero Track system provi... More