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DESIGN FOR WELL-BEING AND SAFETY We all need to inhabit the spaces where we spend our daily lives safely and freely, without sacrificing design. The materials we choose for architectural and interior decoration projects must therefore guarantee maximum well-being and protection of our health in a simple and lasting way. ACTIVE is the answer which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, fulfill the need for well-being and safety.ACTIVE SURFACES is the only ISO certified and internationally patented photocatalytic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-pollution ceramic in the world. ACTIVE products are high quality ceramic porcelain for floors and walls, suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and for cladding rooms and furnishings in pers... More

Product • By Phønix Tag MaterialerNOXOUT


New white roofing felt cleans the air of pollution:New roofing felt neutralizes the harmful nitrogen oxides of the air, so-called NOx particles, for the benefit of health:Phønix Tag Materialer launches a new Product innovation. A roofing felt called NOXOUT, which breaks down the NOx particles coming from traffic and other combustion.The roof of the building thus actively creates a better environment every single day without the developer or occupants having to do anything. It is an intelligent building material.We have developed the NOx-reducing roofing felt NOXOUT, because NOx particles are an ever-increasing problem from, among other things, stoves, trucks and companies.It is important to break down the NOx particles before they en... More

Product • By AccoyaAccoya Pre Weathered Cladding

Accoya Pre Weathered Cladding

Accoya Pre Weathered Cladding is a new and innovative way of supplying durable wood cladding in Accoya with a greyed surface, going all the way through to the core of the wood. In this way architects can get they greyed/weathered look right from the start of the installation. More

Product • By TapetcompagnietNovelio Nature Wallcovering

Novelio Nature Wallcovering

The first ready-to-use wall covering made of glass fiber is 100% PVC-free and features CleanAir technology. High mechanical properties prevents the formation of cracks and thus extend the life of the surfaces even in new buildings. No painting, easy application, less wall preparation when using Novelio Nature. Perfect for use in public areas with high traffic. More

Product • By ARBONYRETRO range

RETRO range

We offer solid or engineered floors, with our aging techniques but painted.They exist in different colors (white, grey and dark) and after being painted, they are sanded to bring back the slightly patinated natural wood, as if time had played its role of natural wear. More

Product • By ARBONYBOHEME range

BOHEME range

We are adding to our range of aged floors, after several requests from architects and specifiers, much narrower: 8 cm and long planks on which we apply our aging and reactive coloring technique.Indeed, there is a tendency to go back to much narrower widths than before on current projects, and so far our minimum widths in long lengths were 14 cm, and it was time to respond to this request. More

Product • By ARBONYVintage range

Vintage range

As the market leader in aged floors, Arbony sprl presents a new version of the Old factory series, as well as an extensive collection of aged paint floors and a trendy range of extremely narrow and long herringbone motifs.Where previously the Old factory only existed in aged gray and dark brown, the collection was adapted with a series of vintage colors on differently structured oak surfaces. In addition, architects can turn their inspiration for special projects into reality through the availability of tailor-made extremely narrow and long parquet strips in solid and composite and aged in a unique way. Also one can create a better contrast or unity wall / floor with the painted aged planks. More

Product • By TapetcompagnietSMART WALL


SMART WALL (whiteboard surface)The innovative solution for all surfaces. Create a high effective whiteboard solution, with whiteboard paint in white or clear, or wallcovering 3 i 1 solutions whit magnetic, projektor and whiteboard surface, ready to use. In both solutions you will accive a high qualaty surface, and with out the narrow measure problems and frames known as the traditional whiteboards. More



A wall cladding system, a new solution to design, equip and adapt the surfaces of living and working environments. Modulor is flexible for every architectural situation and enables the creation of organized or composite geometries, thin shelves, versatile cabinets or elegant glass showcases to be freely positioned and almost invisible passage doors to be integrated. Choose from a variety of materials and exclusive surfaces. Modulor is an attractive new panel system for interior designers. Fascinating surfaces, highlighted by horizontal and vertical structural profiles. The panels can be equipped with dimmable LED lighting above and below. From September 18, 2020, all new products can be seen in the Rimadesio flagship store Vienna by Gruenbe... More

Product • By dasso Bamboo ProductsBamboo Outdoor Pro

Bamboo Outdoor Pro

Holse & Wibroe’s FSC® Bamboo Outdoor Pro™ covers a wide range of decking and cladding.The range is 100% FSC-certified and stands out, by achieving highest possible durability class (1) against biological decay (EN350:2016).Available in 2 colours: Cognac & Espresso, which both rivals natural beauty of exotic hardwoods. But is color range consistent and source, quality, and price predictable.The extreme high stability makes the products availablle to be installed mechanically and with hidden fasteners. Fast and efficient installation.The entire range is pre-oiled from factory. Applied with oil from Danish WOCA – ready for installation and use.Full LCA and EPD reports are available for the entire range. More

Product • By WienerbergerLESS - An ecofriendly waterstruck brick

LESS - An ecofriendly waterstruck brick

LESSAn ecofriendly waterstruck brick• Less clay• Less C02• Same lookEgernsund Wienerberger introduces a brick with the look and measures of a traditional Danish waterstruck brick, but with obvious ecofriendly benefits - all due to three small holes.The waterstruck brick is perforated by three holes reducing the raw material consumption with approx. 10 % and the energy consumption of drying and firing with approx. 20 %. These ecofriendly benefits are obtained without changing the original and loved aesthetics of the waterstuck brick. As the brick is lighter than a standard brick it will even ease the daily burden of the masons.The brick comes in DNF 228 x 108 x 54 mm and in a variety of colors. More

Product • By Delta LightInform


Maximum eye comfort meets pure minimalism.The Inform family is a range of linear and curved lighting solutions, designed to be used in applications that include task areas, such as landscape offices, meeting rooms, reception desks, home offices and many more. In summary, areas that require technical architectural lighting at its best: eye for design, eye for the user and eye for performance.The base of this family is Delta Light's Melanopic Light Technology® (MLT), combining high-efficient reflector technology with human-centric LED technology. The high-quality LEDs help control the circadian rhythm by providing a very natural white colour with a higher amount of energy in cyan, helping encourage activity during the day and sleep at nig... More

Product • By Delta LightWalker II

Walker II

Walker splits the light open. Starting from 1 light source, Walker is designed to guide the light into two directions to provide a double light effect on the surface below. The light falls on the V-shaped inner part of the luminaire, breaking it open and throwing it to the front- and backside of the luminaire.Walker can serve as a guiding light on your wall or pathway, as it comes as a wall luminaire and as a bollard. Different sizes, different heights and multiple colour combinations can be combined to your preference to create the perfect setting. More

Product • By Delta LightFrax


Frax turns outdoor spaces into vibrant nocturnal settings. With its 7 different light effects and its multiple installation options, Frax has been designed for every aspect of urban architecture: any form, any material or any composition. Whether you need to illuminate sculptures, trees or buildings, Frax guarantees effective and high-quality illumination.Frax is based on Delta Light’s LED Caset® technology, featuring individual collimator lenses per LED, generating a clean-cut light distribution. The combination of individual lenses creates a multi-layered light distribution, focused in a clean 8° or 14° beam angle. Other beam angles or other light effects can be obtained by adding microlenses, sculpting the light into a... More