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Colour Compositions is a collection of carpet planks that gives the designer the ability to create their own creative compositions on the floor. Offered in 75 colour options, Colour Compositions is produced using Econyl 100% regenerated yarn and is offered with a cushion backing for underfoot comfort and superior acoustic performance."PETRA The Flooring Co. offers the world's best quality and environment friendly flooring materials. It provides numerous choice in color, design and technical features for 25 years.PETRA The Flooring Co. Is one of the leading companies in the flooring materials sector in Turkey . In addition to its rapidly increasing market share since its foundation in 1993, it has acquired a solid place in the sector with it... More



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Product • By GlittexGLITTEX


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Our Aqua Forte Marble Collection represents a unique artisan technique where organic or intentional patterns are etched into natural stone using multiple etching and engraving methods. After the etching process the stones are hand colorized, gilded or glazed with natural and organic dyes and materials to deliver a uniquely beautiful result. This collection is made for interior wall coverings. Man has always utilized stone as a building material in a very fundamental manner. Perhaps taking inspiration from caves deep within the Earth, man has learned to mine, hammer, chisel, etch and otherwise manipulate stone into dwellings and decor since time began. Aqua Forte is a unique artisan hand made tile collection for interior luxury wall covering... More



Tureks is please to introduce the Talya Collection, designed by Sara Baldwin. A beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet designs that are at home in the bath, kitchen or grand entry. The Talya Collection is a refined study of designs using marble and stone, intertwining into lacework and modern geometries. The collection is formal and casual, elegant and understated, with it’s minimal palette of greys and ivories. This soothing palette has nuances that make it easy to work with, and fits easily into any traditional or modern environment. Applicable for floors and wall treatments, medium to heavy traffic and suitable for wet environments as master baths and kitchens. Besides Field Tiles, Trims and Bull Nose are available. More



From classical form to an artistic drawing with irregular lines and round objects, Wave gives you the privilege of being as big and as bold as you want. Wave is a perfect pick for big fluid spaces as it can easily chase the architecture and gives your visitors a reason to look up. By positioning it in the shopping centre corridors, the product will guide you between the shops in a much more natural way. More

Product • By KABINET by PromarDigital printing

Digital printing

We offer the perfect combination between functionality, design and advanced technology. It’s possible to manufacture personalized products that achieve attention with the latest digital printing Systems.Our digital printing solutions, which are also used in several sectors, show the highest level of scratch resistance on glass surfaces.Unlike conventional digital printing systems, it is possible to achieve maximum durability by printing with tempered glass after tempering.With unlimited colour and pattern options Kabinet provides complementary solutions to your design and helps to create products that reflect your style. More

Product • By BERKContemporary's Lamicolor

Contemporary's Lamicolor

Contemporary's is the new Lamicolor collection inspired by Italian design from the '30s to '50s, led by two main architects: Giovanni "Gio" Ponti (1891-1979), and Piero Portaluppi (1888-1967).Prestigious marbles, sober colors and precious woods, revisited to enhance the elegance of your interiors and make them much more "contemporary". More

Product • By BaduendeMumyalanmis bitki ve yosun

Mumyalanmis bitki ve yosun

Baduende Moss Design , Turkey's first mummified domestic moss and plant producer , is a subsidiary brand of Kirmizi Beyaz ornamental plants based in Ödemis. In 1996 we found the opportunity to meet with the production of "mummified plant" and "mummified moss" on demand. Considering that our company will add value to its mission on mummified plant and moss we decided to start research and development. In 2002, we completed 6 years research and development studies and started production and infrastructure investments and serial production.We have started small projects in Turkey and abroad and continue to work with many corporate companies , in doing so we value our vision. We work with our entire team to meet the needs of domestic producers,... More

Product • By PERMISAN PERDE SISTEMLERIZscreen Zip Stor Perde

Zscreen Zip Stor Perde

Zscreen,which is among today's architect's preferences , is equipped with wind protection.The system,which can be used as mosquito nets is closed position,holds the fabric tightly from the side channels both sides .It is based on a simple and ergonic principle with a technical zipper.Zscreen offers the highest quality in the largest dimensions,with screens up to 24 m2 to create a uniform and streamlined unit.The innovative tensioning system in the guide rail keeps the fabric in place,preventing the fabric from flapping,the bottom laths from moving and instrusive sunlight from shining in.Zscreen ,locks into the inner pvc channel located in the side guide thanjs to the zipper and prevents the fabric from coming out of the mechanism in strong... More

Product • By PERMISAN PERDE SISTEMLERISilverScreen Stor Perde

SilverScreen Stor Perde

Verosol’s SilverScreen 4% has an ultra-fine layer of aluminum, dramatically improving solar energy control, whilst demonstrating excellent view through. Offering ultimate glare control, with an unrivalled solar reflectance of 77%.The ultra-thin aluminium coating on the SilverScreen collection provides a spectacular performance improvement in solar control while maintaining excellent view to the outside world. In summer, SilverScreen keeps the heat out with its reflective aluminium layer, which also prevents heat loss in winter. The aluminium layer is like a low-E coating, which results in extremely low radiant power. This leads to significant savings in energy costs (for example, air conditioning, heating) and reduced CO2 emissions. SilverS... More

Product • By ALBONDNew colors and A2 Flammability class

New colors and A2 Flammability class

With the slogan ‘’Make Your Wish Come True with Albond’’, we offer you unlimited color and design, which no other can, by delivering Albond Aluminium Composite Panels with wide range of color options.We push the boundaries of the dreams especially of the architects and consultants with coating materials of Albond that appears the feeling like wood, stone, metallic and wrinkle designs with more affordable prices. More



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