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Product • By VitrA KaroCementMix


Inspired by warm minimalism trend CementMix softens the traditional brutalist look of cement with variety of earthy warm hues. Through its systematic approach, it offers harmonised colour tones and calm texture options for users. In addition to its c... More

Product • By TESKA MIMARLIKOutex and Outex Design

Outex and Outex Design

Our decking products Outex and Outex Design are vinyl covered (outex) and is produced with wooden textured pp technology (outex design). It is a patented outdoor deck material that is resistant to UV rays and weather conditions, does not slip, does n... More

Product • By Berk LaminatEveryone Millwork Pulls

Everyone Millwork Pulls

Gensler, the global architecture and design firm, has collaborated with PBA on a new collection of Millwork Pulls. Sculpted for one hand opening and closing with no pinching, wrist twisting, or simultaneous hand and finger manipulation required, each... More

Product • By ASAS ALUMINYUMSkypanel Ombrae Branding / Signage

Skypanel Ombrae Branding / Signage

Skypanel Ombrae combines art & science and brings a new dimension to a building’s exterior/interior design by creating a three-dimensional effect on planar surfaces. The 3D pixels on the aluminium panel’s surface are created by digita... More

Product • By Mod TasarimMOD ACOUSTICS


The product range registered with sound insulation coefficient of 0.65 provides solution for both external factors and indoor noise pollution while providing a visual contribution to wall designs. Its sound absorption is much higher than standard ins... More

Product • By TEPE BETOPANBetopan Deck

Betopan Deck

As we named “Betopan Deck” is our innovator and through colored product that is produced by combining cellulose and cement. Betopan Deck is a floor materials that doesn’t require any after painting job or protective layer. What dist... More

Product • By TEPE BETOPANBetopan Unique Pro

Betopan Unique Pro

As we named “Betopan Unique Pro” is our innovator and through colored product that is produced by combining cellulose and cement. Betopan Unique Pro is a building board that doesn’t require any after painting job or protective layer... More

Product • By ATECO ZEMINThe Next-Generation Office Solutions

The Next-Generation Office Solutions

About UsSince our founding, Humanscale has pioneered the healthy, active workspace. Today, we are the global leader in ergonomic products for all workspaces and workstyles. From seating to sit/stand to monitor arms and beyond, Humanscalecreates high-... More

Product • By SOMFYSomfy KNX RTS Receiver

Somfy KNX RTS Receiver

This is the radio receiver used for forwarding the Somfy RTS radio signals to the KNX bus. KNX RTS Receiver can be used with up to 5 universal radio channels. The application per radio channel can be freely defined (Venetian blinds, switching, turnin... More

Product • By SOMFYSomfy Connected Thermostat

Somfy Connected Thermostat

Somfy’s Connected Thermostat has a temperature sensor and humidity sensor. It takes into account both the temperature and the humidity level in your home, to be as close to the desired temperature and providing maximum comfort. It considers the... More

Product • By SOMFYSomfy Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Somfy Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Somfy Indoor Camera records everything and sends you a push message if there is something suspicious going on in your house. And the great thing is that you can install the camera in under 10 minutes, and you can set it to communicate with your smart... More

Product • By Acoustic GroupZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS Z-4 Sandwich-panel

ZIPS – is the oldest trade mark owned by Acoustic Group. It is identified as Sound Insulating Panel System. From 1999 until now different modifications of sound insulating sandwich-panels for additional acoustic insulation have been produced un... More

Product • By Acoustic GroupAcoustic wood fibers panels SOUNDBOARD

Acoustic wood fibers panels SOUNDBOARD

High-quality Soundboard panels of Russian production allow you to create modern urban interiors with good acoustic. It is a great choice for walls and ceilings of all types of buildings. Panels made of pressed wood fiber have recently gained wide pop... More

Product • By Acoustic GroupAcoustic perforated panels DECOUSTIC

Acoustic perforated panels DECOUSTIC

DECOUSTIC panel is a novel domestic development, which uses the most advanced woodworking technology, and high-quality imported raw materials. The panels are process at new Austrian equipment i.e. FELDER Profit-H10 applying laser tools, where a workp... More

Product • By PULVER KIMYAPulver 250 Color Series

Pulver 250 Color Series

The search for form and color in architecture is a journey that has been going on since the beginning of the history of this discipline. Colors complement the architectural design visually and integrally. For this reason, colors always preserve their... More