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Product • By Atelier SedapLUCIO


LUCIO is a recessed luminaire with a length of 120 cm x width 27 cm x depth 11 cm, in high density plaster for installation in drywalls. It benefits from LED equipment 38.5 W / 24 V / 3000 ° K (2700 ° optional) / 4000 lumens (source emission), and remote power supply.The concept: "A sword on the ceiling"! This new Atelier Sedap light symbolizes a wild cut-out in a ceiling. The perfection of plaster molding makes the flaw very credible and mysterious. This product is called LUCIO in tribute to the Italian artist Lucio Fontana and his very famous works.The advantage of LUCIO: It is made in our workshops in two parts assembled: the inner part, hidden, which serves as reflector, and the visible part which incarnates the cut in the ceiling. In t... More

Product • By ATELIER LUXUSEdges of Luxus

Edges of Luxus

Since its creation Luxus is determined to always offer the extraordinary. the superlative. The best. Edges of Luxus, the new switches and socket line, brings now the luxury and palace experience to the hand, combining extraordinary craftsmaniship with pure design and rich tones, one of Luxus trademarks. with its exquisite détails, solid precious metal and unrivalled shaping, the quality is expressed in both aesthetic and feel. To create a haptic, visual experience, unique in design, exceptional in execution. More

Product • By Jacaranda Carpets and RugsHandtuft


Produced in India, tufted by hand. Possibility of choice of color, design and possible combination of curly structure with velvet structure.100% wool or wool / tencel blend or wool / silk blend. The wool is 100% pure New Zealand. Also choice of width up to 5m maximum. More

Product • By Ateliers 3SEPURE


EPURE is a new range of metallic sidings with standing seam effect, to imitate zinc, less expensively. We studied profiles and colors in this way with 4 exclusive mast colors imitation zinc. EPURE is available in different widths you can mix on your façade to create the rhythm you want.The installation ins very simple, traditional, like over metal sidings : no wooden sheathing, no rain screen, hidden fixing.With a sober design, EPURE is a perfect combination of aesthetic and economy. More

Product • By Seves GlassblockPV BR 11/6 4 LED

PV BR 11/6 4 LED

Composed of solar powered, low-voltage illuminating glass pavers — the Photovoltaic collection is a fast, easy and low-cost alternative to electrical ground lighting. Ideal for brightening exterior applications, all without electrical installation, wiring or maintenance. Photovoltaic glass blocks offer increased performance capabilities thanks to the powerful internal lithium battery (LiFePO4 3.2v) and high-luminosity LED diodes (3000-3500MCD).The energy accumulated via the solar panel is stored in the high capacity battery and used to power the LEDs during the night, when the external luminosity drops below 30lux. Glass blocks remain illuminated until the external luminosity reaches 60lux — or the battery power drops below 2.4v. More

Product • By Seves GlassblockClear 1919/16 Wave Energy Saving 0.7

Clear 1919/16 Wave Energy Saving 0.7

Seves glassblock presents the innovative “energy saving” technology that halves the thermal transmittance of the classic glass block.This innovative “energy saving” technology allows the glass block to reach a thermal transmission value of 0,7 W/m2k. This important new development makes it possible to design buildings made completely of glass blocks. New energy saving glass blocks Always attentive to safeguarding and protecting the environment and to saving energy, Seves Glassblock has achieved an important goal in glass architecture with the introduction of a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution.The definition of a new philosophy in the production process has allowed Seves Glassblock, a world leader in the manufacturing of glass bloc... More

Product • By Seves GlassblockVISTABRIK 883


With its transparency, no other comparable building material provides the beauty, strength, and security needs of Vistabrik. Built tough to resist penetration from high-impact ballistics, and time-tested and proven in a variety of applications, Vistabrik solid glass blocks form durable, transparent masonry panels for interior and exterior use. Vistabrik features low distortion transparency for clear observation through sturdy, 8 cm thick glass block partitions into areas where visual supervision is a must. Plus, Vistabrik requires minimal maintenance and replacement costs and is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to impact, bullets, and fire. Vistabrik combines aesthetic values with structural integrity and resistance. More

Product • By Armstrong Ceiling SolutionsOPTIMA Baffles Curves

OPTIMA Baffles Curves

With OPTIMA Baffles Curves, you can now create exciting interiors without compromising acoustic performance – even with modern exposed-soffit ceilings.It features pre-fitted spiral anchors, making them the easiest and quickest baffle solution around.Get all the benefits of traditional rectangular baffles, but with an extra twist – a unique waveform edge that creates a fresh and calming visual.Complete and ready to fix from a suspension grid or direct from the soffit, arrayed or staggered for a more realistic dynamic – either way, you’ll be amazed at the visual they create.All the performance you need and a high white paint finish: the perfect light, airy and relaxing interior is just a curve away. More

Product • By Ege CarpetsReform Terra

Reform Terra

Reform Terra collection is an abstract and organic interpretation of nature from the sky: tumultuous oceans, arid desert and tropical forests. This collection is signed by Karen Nybo, textile designer. The multidimensional structure of the Reform Terra brings new perspectives to the drawings and the relief thanks to the metallic threads for an unprecedented reflection of the light. A unique design in 9 colors designed to adapt to 9 qualities of velvet (tiles and broadloom) which brings a great flexibility of use.ReForm Terra Ecotrust quality is made using ECONYL® yarns, produced from fishing nets and other recycled waste. Used with Ecotrust backing made from recycled water bottles, the tiles are a Cradle to CradleTM bronze certified product... More

Product • By 3A Composites GmbHALUCOBOND® facademaker

ALUCOBOND® facademaker

The new generation of the ALUCOBOND° Facademaker allows the creation of three-dimensional ALUCOBOND cassettes that deviate from the right-angled facade grid. This expands and continues the existing ALUCOBOND Architects Inspiration and Creative Platform. The aim of the platform is to demonstrate the creative possibilities of our material and to offer the architects and planners a full support from inspiration to the realization of such facades.3A Composites therefore recommends ALUCOBOND® PLUS (EN classes B-s1, d0) or ALUCOBOND® A2 (EN classes A2-s1, d0) in combination with flame-retardant or non-combustible mineral insulation for fire-resistant, rear-ventilated façades. More



With ROOMOR, Wever & Ducré has developed a product that perfectly adapts to its surroundings. Inspired by the design style of the Roaring Twenties, this luminaire features an eye-catching cable arrangement and comes in various colours and countless variations. Whether you want it to bring some chic into your offi ce or that certain something into a hotel lobby – ROOMOR is up to the task. These all-rounders are now ready for check-in in red, grey or sleek black and can be arranged and combined individually, with a choice of lamp shades in aluminium. More

Product • By NovelisCoil-coated surfaces in anodized look

Coil-coated surfaces in anodized look

Novelis brought up a range of coil coating color shades in anodized optic for high quality pre-painted architecture products. The new coating options in anodized look allow architects a large variety of combinations for creative, modern and elegant designs – sustainable and cost efficient.This new coil-coating innovation of anodized optics can be applied to Novelis premium building products presented by MUNCHOLM such as:- Novelis ff2® coil-coated aluminium in 2mm for façade cladding- Novelis FALZONAL® coil-coated aluminium for roofing in 0,8 mm in standing seam technology and other roof and facade cladding.ff2® and FALZONAL® are non-combustible and A1 fire-rated material according to DIN EN 13501, certified even for tall and public building... More

Product • By PFLEIDERERPfleiderer Structures

Pfleiderer Structures

Pfleiderer three examples of structures: Crocket, Steel and Trickle. Duropal HPL structure Crocket (CO)The fine, horizontally running structure can be interpreted in a number of ways and it underlines the roughness of rustic wood, accentuates the fibrous structure of decorative textiles, smoothens the straightness of the graphic decors and lends plain colours an exciting look.Optics / haptics· Authentic, visually and haptically perceptible creative structureAreas of application· Appropriate for vertical applications· Interior fitting - wall covering, doors, partition elements· Furniture making / shopfitting· Projects - exhibition, shipbuilding, hotelsDuropal HPL structure Steel (SY)The fine, longitudinally oriented structure reminds of... More

Product • By PFLEIDERERDuropal HPL Compact Exterior

Duropal HPL Compact Exterior

Pfleiderer Premium quality now also “outdoors”: With XTerior compact we are extending our product range to include a visually attractive and resistant compact panel for outdoor use. The high-quality compact laminate is characterised by its high UV and weather resistance and excellent workability. A large variety of decors ensures perfect combination with other Pfleiderer products – inside and outside. Excellent manufacturing and product features:UV-resistant, Solvent-free, High level of weatherproofing, Robust, Easy to clean, Elegant surface finish, Excellent processability by a special product structure, Optimal format to reduce waste. XTerior compact features a particularly attractive touch due to the Exterior Matt (EM) surface texture: T... More

Product • By PFLEIDERERPfleiderer PrimeBoard

Pfleiderer PrimeBoard

Melamine faced wood-based panels with highquality and innovative multi-layer coating made up of a permanently elastic functional layer and UV-curing acrylic coatings. Colour match with DecoBoard and Duropal HPL, Easy to process, Resistant and easy care, Solvent-free, Easy-to-cut format, Very economical solution.PRIMEBOARD XTREME MATT (XT) Purism, which is never out of fashion: With the Xtreme Matt surface, PfleidererPrimeBoard looks as modern as it is timeless. The extremely matt finish, with less than five gloss units, enthrals designers; the velvety feel invites people to touch it. The high degree of everyday suitability is enhanced by the anti-fingerprint effect.PRIMEBOARD XTREME HIGH GLOSS (XG) Highly glossy, extremely elegant: Pfleider... More