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Product • By Dormakabac-lever pro

c-lever pro

Security and design in one. The new electronic c-lever pro door furniture offers a sophisticated design combined with a wide range of functions. It thus integrates seamlessly into the series of award-winning dormakaba products.For outside doors or doors with increased security requirements, c-lever pro not only offers burglary and fire protection, but also provides solutions for emergency exits and escape routes. The high-quality materials meet the most demanding requirements in relation to robustness, weather resistance and security.You can control access precisely for an almost unlimited number of users according to specific places and time periods. You set the access rights and can then change them quickly and flexibly, in stand-alone, r... More



The Italy range combines industrial production and artisan experience, representing so in one gesture, the excellence of the Made in Italy. The design is a re-proposition in a modern key of the classic forms of the 1920s, characterized by the purity of shapes and harmony in the union of the elements, to achieve a unique and timeless style. The designers Busetti Garuti Redaelli say: "We have defined new forms and volumes that reinterpret classic canonical ideals, where the reflective surfaces remind us of typical Crystal processing and cutting of precious stones." More

Product • By SIVALBPECOTHERMO New Age irisé 108

ECOTHERMO New Age irisé 108

The New Age EcoThermo associates thermostabilized species to a trendy pearly grey. Environmentaly friendly, it brings stablility and durability to the cladding, and an equivalent 3 class. The irisé, chemical free, durably protects against UV and weathering. The façade will keep a pearly grey appearance. More

Product • By Orac Decor ®2 Coverskirtings: Contour & Cascade

2 Coverskirtings: Contour & Cascade

The new coverskirting boards Contour and Cascade offer a solution for different styles and dimensions: classique and modern. These coverskirting boards are made from Duropolymer®, an impact- and water-resistant polymer mix that is fully recyclable. Cables can be hidden easily and they are pre-premed for easy painting. Ideal for renovations! More

Product • By Orac Decor ®Cascade


The Cascade profiles have endless possibilities. One and the same element can be used as panel moulding, cornice moulding, door surround and as skirting board. These profiles are also available in a flexible format for use on curved walls and ceilings. The Cascade profiles are made from Duropolymer® , an impact- and water-resistant polymer mix that is fully recyclable. More



The new Ceramiche Caesar wood-effect ceramic collection Evood is characterized by a contemporary design look. Imagining new ways of transforming natural materials is a key trend of contemporary design. Evood makes this sensitivity its own and, by drawing inspiration from recent treatments on the colours of prestigious wood, distinguishes itself by virtue of its refined and evocative colours that enhance the clean and light patterns. The result is a collection of cutting-edge porcelain stoneware that conveys a feeling of discreet and minimalist elegance, ideal for establishing an immediate dialogue with the most innovative and contemporary design trends.Evood is proposed in 4 shades inspired by the most innovative colour treatments made on p... More

Product • By Saint-Gobain EcophonFocus Ez

Focus Ez

Introducing Focus Ez. The new “saw-tooth" tile is inspired by architects and developed by Ecophon. This new system allows you to create a unique look across the celling while still ensuring good acoustics and speech intelligibility. Ecophon Focus Ez has a recessed visible grid with asymmetric edge design that can be used to play with angles and form across the ceiling, breaking up the space with regular waves, or to create a random surface.For maximum absorption, each tile is 40 mm thick, and easily demountable.The system consists of Ecophon Focus Ez tiles and Ecophon Connect grid systems, with an approximate weight of 5 kg/m². Integrated Ecophon Dot or Square lighting can be used to complete a ceiling that bursting with creativity. More

Product • By CORIAN® DesignCorian® Exteriors

Corian® Exteriors

Simply Beautiful, Inside and Out Why design corners when you can have curves?Corian®Exteriors material is innovation through beauty, color and depth. It is strength and purity, reliability and performance. Corian®Exteriors material brings personality to virtually any type of environment, enhancing and facilitating the lives of those who use and enjoy its unique potential. Long-lasting, durable and elegant, Corian® Exteriors material has a three-dimensional formability liberating inventive and artistic minds for 50 years. It is an advanced blend of natural minerals and acrylic polymer. To make the most of Corian® Exterior Cladding material in a world of changing environments, fashions and modes of communication, the invitation... More

Product • By OmexcoBIJOU


Steeped in a delicate atmosphere, ‘Bijou’ shines in contrasts: shadow and light, matt and shiny, warm and cold colours. Exquisite, declined in soft pastel shades and metallic glimmer, the collection is created around two highlights: - a handmade collage of marbled paper, in tone-on-tone colours with multiple shimmers of gold, silver or copper - an iridescent embossed non-woven sheet with silver glow, subdued by matt effects. An ethereal herb design with japanese influences breathes lightness into the range, whereas the matching plains have a place of honour as well: oxidized non-woven wallcovering in untamed colours, or motifs of delicate squares enhanced with iridescent stripes, merging into a hazy plain. Universe of sand... More

Product • By OmexcoANTARES


‘Antarès’, the new cork collection of Omexco, twinkling with golden and silver reflections, really deserves the name of a star. Radiant, Antarès reveals lights hidden behind shadows and fascinates by its material, both rough and precious, the result of highly skilled work by specialized craftsmen. Natural product evoking the tree from which the cork is harvested (the bark of the cork-oak), enhanced with precious sparkles which reflect the light differently, depending on the hour of the day, always showing the material at its best. Antarès swings between a warm and a cold atmosphere, creating a very contemporary look. A smart choice of textured motifs – referring to weathered materials – simili plains matching intertwining a... More

Product • By LIGHTNETLiquid Line 3D

Liquid Line 3D

Liquid Line 3D is a flexible, modular luminaire system that has a fluent baseline and at the same time adjusts easily to uplifts and reductions. As a nice counterpart it can act in cubic building structures and also helps dissolve playfully the given strict geometric composition. The system can pick up the organic line management and trace it perfectly. Whether recessed, surface or pendant version (a combined application is also possible) Liquid Line 3D fits perfectly into given structural conditions and opens up an inexhaustible variety of free-forms e.g. spatial waves or spirals. Consequently Liquid Line 3D is a complete market innovation. More



Autore points the spotlight on the Venetian terrazzo tiles, one of the most original and renowned creations of Italian craftsmanship; it rewrites the story, made of love for the material and skilful composition, in today’s language. A porcelain stoneware collection that captures you for the richness of details and the multifaceted appeal of ceramics. It is set to become a great classic of contemporary design. Two surface finishes: an untreated one, of extraordinary beauty that reflects the authentic yet refined soul of its inspirational source and strengthens its personality, offering superior level performance. It is the ideal protagonist for residential and commercial spaces, also thanks to the ambitious size of the 120x120 cm format.... More



BUILT is a porcelain stoneware collection inspired by concrete, but it transcends its primary function as building material and presents itself as a new solution for interior surfaces. BUILT is the expression of contemporary style. The minimal look becomes the product’s plus factor. The ceramic material changes according to the context, it adapts, it extends on surfaces and its structure with slight chromatic nuances gently adds movement to the surfaces alternating shaded and glossy parts, micro alveoli and slight speckling. The 160x320 and the 160x160 cm formats are a new and surprising development of the large format of the Endless Project Evolution for wall coverings. More

Product • By Forster Profilsysteme AGforster omnia

forster omnia

energy efficiency + safety + sustainability for doors, windows and glazingVERSATILE, DURABLE, SAFE. You can design doors and glazing with excellent heat insulation, using a single profile system. If necessary, you can supplement your element with safety functions such as fire protection, burglary-resistance, bullet- or explosion-resistance (will be launched during 2019). The unique patented design enables tailored modular solutions for internal and external application.LESS PLANNING EFFORT, LESS STORAGE MATERIAL, UNIFORM DESIGNS IN THE WHOLE BUILDINGPlanning with only one profile system reduces the complexity considerably. For production, the manageable range of products minimises storage costs and allows uncomplicated processing.The slende... More

Product • By Sapa Building SystemARTLINE XL


ARTLINE is an aluminum minimalist sliding bay. Its totally integrated frames inside masonry and the sharpness of its central frame offer a maximal transparency in every architectural configurations requiring massive contribution of natural light. The minimalist and sophisticated line of Artline insure an optimal luminosity and create a clean and modern visual atmosphere. Angle sliding is available, and also big size until 3,5 m high, it integrates itself perfectly in every most demanding contemporary projects.Transparency: 98% • Exceptional height up to 3500 mm • Excellent thermal insulation values with Uw = 1.09 W / m²K, labeled MINERGIE • Perfect seal AIR & WATER • Security / Sustainability More