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Product • By ESPACE CLOISONTablosound Capiton

Tablosound Capiton

Our TABLOSOUND CAPITON solution is an acoustic and design solution, numerous color’s available. You can print any image wanted, on the fabric, as long as it is a high resolution picture. These wall panels are delivered with hooks or strong magnets. For those that would like a patchwork, it is possible to create checkerboard with different thickness panels. This solution will bring in your environment life and color’s. It is also possible to realise a totally covered wall as we are manufacturing tailored panels. A new model is available: You can buy the WALLSOUND CAPITON, it’s created with 3D forme on the panels. Look at our pictures! More



Paik Sun Kim studied oriental painting at the university and painting is a driving force in his way of representing his projects with the features just mentioned, but with marked signs, with so much white and a few brush strokes. Her architectures and objects are a harmonious synthesis of Oriental philosophy and modern aesthetics, art and nature. We have worked with him with pleasure, starting a collaboration that we present the result, the product born from the development of that first prototype, a project that so fascinated us for its essence, purity and modernity. We shared it with Roberto Gavazzi and today we are part of Aboutwater, the collection created by Fantini's partnership with Boffi. More

Product • By CleafPiombo


Piombo is a surface for furniture and interior design that joins the Cleaf Hyper Materials collection, composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability. Thanks to the use of innovative acrylic resins, applied through the Electron Beam Curing process, Piompo is a matt, anti-fingerprint surface, soft to the touch and extremely scratch resistant. Available both as a faced panel, edge and as a laminate, it is suitable for vertical and horizontal use. More

Product • By DallmerCANIVEAUX DESIGN


Metal shades are the new trend colours in modern bathrooms. The sanitary ware manufacturer Dallmer has responded to this trend, and now also supplies its design shower channels for level-access showers in the colours red-gold, anthracite and brass. Whether CeraFloor, CeraWall, Zentrix or CeraNiveau – all variants of the design shower channels up to a length of 1200 mm can be finished with the matte PVD coating. This means that the colour of the shower channel can be selected based on personal taste and preference to match the flooring, blend in with it, or provide a strong contrast. In combination with the DallFlex drain body, this guarantees maxi- mum flexibility for both, visual appearance and positioning in the shower. More



HYBRIS is an insulation material generally used for roof, wall, ceiling and suspended timber floor applications. HYBRIS is usually installed between structural members such as timber/steel frames. It can be in direct contact with building components but the thermal efficiency will be improved with air gaps associated with the product. Depending on design U-value requirements, the product may be installed with an optimum air cavity of 20mm for wall applications and 13mm for roofs.HYBRIS is installed with the embossed copper-coloured film facing the inside (warm side) of the building. HYBRIS is flexible and accurately fits all widths, held in place by compression and will not slump down.The product should be installed in association with a su... More



Plafometal offers 3 ceilings solutions for an optimal acoustic comfort Alpha offer, for more intelligibility Sound absorption aw up to 0.85, perfectly suited to passageways that are exposed to occasional intensive use. Alpha Plus offer, for more acoustic comfort Acoustic absorption: aw up to 1, perfectly appropriate for places where the occupants need to be able to hear one another (offices, classrooms…). Décibel offer, for more confidentiality Lateral attenuation D n, f, w up to 53 dB, ideal for open space with removable partitions. A system of metal islands with Orial swing-down opening panels. Hydraulic circuits with copper coils for cooling and heating. More

Product • By PIVETEAUBOISBaleares decking cocoa brown

Baleares decking cocoa brown

Wood composite product from the Wex technology are made with extreme rigor and are very resistant. Baléares is a large decking that granted high stability: 165mm (thick 22mm). Its timber-patterned and fluted aspect give a modern and refined design. Decking are now reversible (brushed finish: matt look, natural color; non-brushed finish: bright look and intense color) to offer more possibilities on the installation, to create more embossed effects or to delimit areas (access to swimming pool, meal areas…) Three trendy colors are available: cocoa brown (2017 novelty), exotic brown and stone grey. More

Product • By Recticel InsulationL-Ments®


L-Ments self-supporting and insulating roof elements of Recticel Insulation: your future-proof solution for pitched roofs L-Ments in a nutshell L-Ments is the latest generation of self-supporting, thermally insulating roofing for pitched roofs. These elements can be coated with various materials (tiles, slates, zinc, etc.). L-Ments roofing elements provide an answer to various challenges associated with new-build or refurbishment projects. The innovative lightweight design ensures efficient and quick installation. Which is why Recticel Insulation is the specifier’s choice. L-Ments delivers unprecedented flexibility for non-professional users too: no internal finish means maximum freedom of choice. Top performer i... More



A ventilation network, aesthetic, performing and easy to install. A recent innovation combining the standards of a conventional duct with the performance of a steel network with metal flange. Air, water and oil tight it is suitable for any situation and can remain visible. The airtightness level exceeds the most severe criteria. All this makes it an appropriate component as part of original creations as well as in exhibition area and showroom, hospital, surgery, laboratory, process industries, kitchen and other situations subject to Thermic Regulation 2020. More

Product • By OmexcoBorneo


Borneo... a natural paradise, endless beaches, and a magnificent rainforest... the name of this island in southeast Asia, surrounded by clear blue water, probably meant at the origin "people of the seas"... This unique Omexco collection, ode to the joy of traveling, invites you to sail off to luxuriant vegetation and breath-taking flora. Borneo offers rich and sumptuous colours and a mosaic of elegant natural materials, reflecting the beauty of the island. It combines precious products, handmade by skilled craftsmen, with ecological non-woven wallcoverings, matt and textured. Omexco invites you to discover this tamed nature : Bakbak, the dried outer part of the bark of the abaca plant (a species of banana), is carefu... More

Product • By MarcalTotem solaire auto-portant


The self-supporting solar totem is a luminous monolith for outdoor signage. Its photovoltaic system allows a total autonomy in lighting: no connection to the electricity grid. The self-supporting concrete base ensures installation by simple installation on existing ground: no civil engineering. Information for users is scalable by simply removing the toughened glass surfaces, enabling effective updating of the content. The materials used are durable and recyclable for a long service life of the product. More

Product • By PREFA GmbHSiding.X - PREFA façade element

Siding.X - PREFA façade element

Prefa aluminium facade siding.x are façade elements used for non-bearing, rear-ventilated façades. They can be used as exterior and interior options for wall and ceiling cladding. The start and end profiles ensure secure installation - whether sloping, vertical or horizontal. For renovations, the oncealed fixings use a tongue-and-groove system, making your façade look great. Use PREFA aluminium façade Siding.x to avoid any further need for maintenance and to modernise buildings for many decades. The siding.X surprises with its unusual structure and its large width (400 mm): with its irregular folds, a play of light and shade is created, giving the façade a different appearance according to the position of the sun. Buildings "come to life" t... More

Product • By DOERKENColored rain barrier DELTA-FASSADE COLOR

Colored rain barrier DELTA-FASSADE COLOR

DELTA-FASSADE rain barriers, after more than 20 years without knowing the least disorder, is now available in colors - and thus becomes DELTA-FASSADE COLOR - to add audacious aesthetics to their legendary quality. DELTA-FASSADE COLOR offers heat, vibration, light, harmony, to give personality to your most beautiful architectural projects. 100% Dörken manufactured, from the color pigments to the non-woven membranes, DELTA-FASSADE COLOR are the assurance of the highest quality and the best longevity, especially when confronted to the combined effect of UV-rays and bad weather. More



5-star profile ideal for collective residential The Schlüter-DILEX-AHK profile combines discreet aesthetics, refined finish, efficiency and minimal maintenance. In association with the Schlüter-KERDI 200 waterproofing mat, Schlüter-DILEX-AHK profile provides a clear visual added value and insures permanently clean seals to replace a silicone seal without requiring special maintenance. This new range is available in the contemporary colors currently available in faience. More

Product • By Griesser AGSolozip II Intro

Solozip II Intro

Griesser company completes its range and presents the Griesser Solozip Intro® the latest in the range of Canvas Blinds, responding to the double problem of wind and wide dimensions. This highly windproof product is perfectly suited to wide dimensions, as it can reach up to 6 meters high or wide, up to a maximum of 18 m². In addition, it will satisfy the "new" construction sites in residential or tertiary. This innovative and effective sun protection offers a standard version and a fully recessed version that integrates discreetly into the wall. Finally, it is a product of French manufacture; Quality assurance. More