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Product • By SolarluxECOLINE/HIGHLINE


Now with even more flexibility: thanks to its sophisticated technology, the Bi-Fold Door is the ideal solution for nearly all building projects. The perfect product for private living space as a classic exterior element, as a bespoke solution for wintergardens, as a multi-functional entrance for lobbies and as noise and weather protection on balconies or for façades. The Bi-Fold Door meets every requirement.Its core piece is the new bionicTURTLE – the multifunction insulating thermal break scores with outstanding structural and U values despite its minimal sight line of only 99mm. 30 years of expertise represent endless combination options, the slimmest sight line and perfect functionality. The Bi-Fold Door is available in two variants: Eco... More

Product • By SIMONSIMON 400


Simon 400 is a collection created to solve the connection, data and multimedia needs of the workspace.The perfect integration occupying the minimum space and the comfort of functionality when connecting your devices without having to move from your site are the added values ​​of this collection. The neutral and timeless design allows the possibility of adapting the product to the constant movement of the day to day work and time. Simon 400 is focused on office furniture combining minimalist aesthetics with complete functionality. More



The 76MD Zero solution from KÖMMERLING is an innovative system that combines PVC and aluminum with optimal thermal insulation. Within this range, the brand presents a new development that combines the latest advances in profile engineering and home automation with new technologies. More



Rollglass + by KLEIN®, presents its new BLACK, premium and daring Matte finish. A single guide allows you to combine fixed and sliding panels to create beautiful interior glass fronts More



The LYRA family consists of 3 different luminaires: LYRA, ECLIPSE and XOOCOVE. LYRA is characterized by its elegant design and its small size combined with high precision optics. The profile, of round aluminum and a diameter of only 20 mm. More

Product • By DallmerCERAWALL SELECT


CeraWall – best possible drainage for waterCeraWall Select - Visible eleganceCeraWall Select is the clear expression of integrated drainage in level-access showers. Nothing is hidden away, even the functionality is emphasised through the use of high-quality materials. The shower area is defined by a sharp edge which also creates a visual link to the wall. Water is drained away reliably via an milled cross slope.Finish options: Satin and polished stainless steel More



Good insulation is very important for the building's energy performance. CIN-k is a continuous system of exterior cladding, both for new works and rehabilitation, which provides a high level of efficiency in the thermal protection of the walls.The system increases the thermal comfort of the interior of buildings, as it prevents both heat leakage and internal overheating. With it you save up to 30% on the electricity bill, and the generation of gases is minimized.It also allows to meet the thermal requirements in the energy certification and reduces the risk of condensation inside the wall, which significantly reduces humidity and odors. More

Product • By Much more than a windowOTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM


OTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM is a new sliding window without visible profile.A system that is fully integrated into other materials of the house, as if the window becomes one with the building.OTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM also contains a gutter that can drain a large amount of rainwater in extreme situations.The system has achieved extraordinary results with regard to leakage tests with an exceptional e1650 class,(7 classes above class 9a) according to a 12208 + iso and 1027. More

Product • By Aristech Surfaces LLCSTUDIO COLLECTION


Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface and the Studio Collection®, have the quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by commercial architects, designers, and fabricators for projects and applications across multiple industries around the globe. Studio Collection® delivers unique style and flair with the functional benefits of solid surface. The Studio Collection is a specialty material unmatched in depth, clarity, and color-fueled design options. Made from a proprietary resin blend, this design resin is unique from other surface products for its luminous and 3-dimensional characteristics. But it still has the properties of solid surface: it’s thermoformable, durable, safe, and repairable. More



With DIBOND® freeform, individual concepts of architects and designers can be realized. Its high degree of flexibility and rapid implementation allows a wide range of individual decorations and parametric shapes. The parametric forms provide a differentiating accent in interior and exterior applications, entrance porches, halls, etc. They are particularly effective thanks to their 3D effect or metallic shine and structured surfaces of differentiated touch. More

Product • By Decustik - acoustic and decorative panelsCURVED ACOUSTIC PANELS IN WOOD


Decustik by dukta manufacturing system give the wood flexible properties and acoustic absorption. The studied incisions in the wooden panels convert them into flexible, acoustic and beautyful.Materials and finishesSeveral models are available for fast delivery. It is possible to apply this manufacturing technique to many types of wooden boards. Panels can be finished with different types of protective varnishes and oils.Installation systemsThe curved Decustik by Dukta panels are installed on a structure, usually made of wood. The curved shapes of the structure are transferred to the panel. To facilitate the assembly we have several solutions and anchoring clips.Curved panels can be installed on walls and ceilings, or used as a component for... More

Product • By ecoclaypinturas de arcilla ecoclayPAINT

pinturas de arcilla ecoclayPAINT

Silicate clay paint using only one element, free from odours, oils, solvents and titanium dioxide. Long-lasting with high covering, fire-resistant, anticracking, VOCs < 0.1 g/l. Suitable for walls and interior ceilings with matt finish. Highly healthy and comfortable environment creator thanks to the natural clay colours they are inspired by.Let your walls breathe! More

Product • By ecoclayplacas de arcilla ecoclayPLAC

placas de arcilla ecoclayPLAC

ecoclayPLAC offers a solution 100% natural for dry partition walls and linings and false ceilings indoors that can be adapted to the requirements and needs of those betting on green building and eco-friendly architecture. ecoclayPLAC increases energy saving, controls humidity and odours and is efficient as insulant and sound-absorber.ecoclayPLACORK clay board lightened with cork from the Espadan Mountains, in Spain, for false ceilings. More

Product • By ecoclaymorteros de arcilla

morteros de arcilla

ecoclay BASE+FIBRA: Clay continuous coating particularly recommended bringing thickness to the support and granting all the attributes of the clay, even to wrinkle finishes and walls with radiant heating.ecoclay BASE: Clay coating perfect for flattening surfaces, covering cracks and getting the surface ready for either applying the fine mortar ACABADO finish, applying ecoclayPAINT or leaving the BASE clay plaster as a finish.ecoclay ACABADO: Fine clay plaster coating for applying on ecoclay BASE. Recommended thickness up to 3 mm, available in 13 colours.Customise every room using the chromatic range of the ecoclay plasters. Made of 13 shades of grey, ochre and red from a selection of 50 varieties of clay, it provides you with an endless num... More

Product • By Ege CarpetsReForm Artworks Ecotrust

ReForm Artworks

The abstract Expressionist movement in New York of the 1950s had a great influence on the entire art world, and the new ReForm Artworks collection interprets the zeitgeist with self-confident brushstrokes. The multi-dimensional loop structures add a textural dimension defining shape, strokes and layers perfectly. The contemporary colour palette of fresh neutrals, complimented by dark shades for a sharp look makes it easy to combine the three different patterns in unique compositions of shape and colour. Artworks is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM and made from regenerated ECONYL® yarns. The collection is therefore your own completely green choice. More