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Product • By ACTILUMActilum Lightbox

Actilum Lightbox

Actilum Lightbox is a tailor-made solution for creating indoor lighting spaces. It is an aluminium structure with LED backlighting that carries stretched fabric, which can be used in walls and ceilings for all types of integral lighting projects. More



Chameleon is the modular system of IAM Design® to create glass railings characterized by a floor support that can be customized in colors, shapes and materials.The interchangeable covers allow you to adapt to any room in any environment, making it invisible or extremly visible playng with contrasts.Thanks to Chameleon is possible to customize your railig without affecting the technical characteristics. of the system. More



Architectural modules are cutting-edge elements for solar protection on the façade of buildings, made with an exclusive graphene compact graphenglass, composite material of high strength and durability in the open air, characterized by its black color and its wide possibilities of unpublished forms organic volumes, as well as its easy maintenance. More

Product • By Apavisa Porcelanico S.L.TATTOO oxidum decor.

TATTOO oxidum decor

Porcelain is a material developed for cladding walls and paving floors in both indoor and outdoor spaces.An extremely low water absorption value that is practically null <0,1% is Its most distinctive feature.Fragments of distressed walls deteriorated from years of abuse, stained by the rusted steel buried inside the structure are the inspiration behind the design.Within the industrial style there is a balanced harmony that differentiates the Tattoo collection from those that glorify beauty in search of a perfect illustration of the inspiration. The transformation of imperfections, misuse and deficiencies into its most distinguishing virtue set it apart from the rest.The collection includes a 120x260 format to achieve the creation of mono... More

Product • By BASMATBasmat entrance matting

Basmat entrance matting

Basmat is an entrance matting system composed of aluminum profiles to be assembled by means of a patented click system. The assembly of Basmat is not made in factory, the contractor assembles the mat in the place of the installation, getting many advantages respect to similar products in the market.Basmat is launching its new product Boxed Basmat, a unique oportunity of stocking Basmat. More

Product • By SONAE ARAUCOInnovus Coloured MDF

Innovus Coloured MDF

Innovus Coloured MDF is a decorative, medium density fibreboard panel, through-dyed, which allies colour and versatility to the natural advantages of wood. Skilfully combined, the Innovus Coloured MDF range of colours allows for the development of new concepts for interiors, highly individualised and with an inspiring depth, resulting in cosy, balanced environments with architectural clarity.Its characteristics, such as being formaldehyde-free and its high resistance to light, make Innovus Coloured MDF unique and provide for countless combination possibilities and uses in different spaces. More



In 2018 PROJECT FLOORS introduced the updated Unique Design Collection. This “Architect-Collection” is a custom collection of graphic, solid-color and fantasy designs. It provides an overview of possibilities that are available aside from the standard format and embossing. This special design collection meets architects requirements and follows trends. It is comprised of black and white, graphic and fantasy, several solid color designs and multiple shades of gray. Six standard embossing can be combined with seven different formats, with or without beveled edges.  More

Product • By CembritCembrit Solid

Cembrit Solid

Cembrit Solid boards have the same colour all the way through. Each of the core colours is matched with a full-coverage painted surface in vibrant yet resilient colours. This means that if you choose Cembrit solid boards to provide a facade with a particular colour, every board will feature that colour on every surface and egde, and with the same colour on the edges on any cut-outs or drilled holes. The unique combination of a colored base board with an opaque coating on the mass ensures a smooth and durable surface. Available in 16 natural but intense Cembrit colors and also in any RAL or NCS colour to choose from. More

Product • By CembritCembrit Cover

Cembrit Cover

Cembrit Cover, a fiber-cement board for ventilated facade, is the ideal solution if you prefer the strongest colours and bolder design statements with high quality. The natural and classic grey fibre-cement core of the new generation is completely covered by an opaque water-based acrylic coating with a silk matt finish. Cembrit Cover is available in 26 expressive Cembrit colors and in any RA or NCS colour to choose from. More

Product • By OmexcoRevestimiento Mural SHADES OF PALE


Collection of high-end wall coverings that is in tune with the nuances of whites and natural materials. Weaving abaca, bacnoc, bamboo, jute, water lily, raffia, sisal, and other tropical species, from capiz, paper, linen and other textiles, the collection offers a rich range of products, patiently developed by skilled craftsmen, and made with care for an authentic and original result. Echoing certain Japanese philosophies and other current trends, the collection venerates the return to craftsmanship and the use of ancestral techniques as well as unique and meaningful materials.Accept imperfections and value the impregnated materials of their manufacturing process without hiding marks, joints, patinas ... More

Product • By OmexcoColección Revestimiento Mural AVENUE


Collection of high-end wall coverings inspired by the major avenues of Manhattan, Chicago or Miami, with eclectic and timeless influences. Ode to the lush Art-Deco style, with stylized and dynamic patterns, shimmering and intense colors, dotted with gilding and metallic hues. Sophisticated prints on non-woven (1 m wide). More

Product • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsSerie CL Bamboo N-finity / Serie CL Bamboo X-treme® / Serie P Bamboo N-finity

Serie CL Bamboo N-finity / Serie CL Bamboo X-treme® / Serie P Bamboo N-finity

Serie Gradhermetic CL Bamboo 35/50/80/140:Fixed slat made from solid or laminated bamboo MOSO with a square cross-section, available in different sections, with a solid cross-structure from one piece of bamboo, and installed with different separations in a wall stud or extruded aluminium frame. The bamboo Moso is available in two differents colours and density (solid: 1150kg/m3 / laminated: 700kg/m3).Bamboo slats gives to the façade a natural look, green building credits, clase de uso 4 (solid) and (laminated), durable and high stability.  More

Product • By AirzoneHVAC systems Airzone

HVAC systems Airzone

The Airzone control systems allow the management of the elements of air conditioning and heating from a single thermostat. It is possible to control your equipment individually of air conditioning or zoning your duct equipment to get the maximum comfort in each of the areas. These systems are also integrated with other systems of control as KNX or Lutron.The thermostat are designed for a simple and intuitive operation of your installation. In addition, the remote control is possible thanks to the Webserver Airzone Cloud and its free application available for IOS and Android. More

Product • By Altuglas InternationalAltuglas® Metallic & Iridescent

Altuglas® Metallic & Iridescent

Altuglas® Metallic is distinguished by the originality of its surfaces linked to the different metallic pigments. Depending on the composition and orientation, the visual impression is varied and enduring. It invigorates the creativity of our clients, decorators, and designers.Several finishes are possible, from dual-colour with a black or white opaque base, to single - color or colorless - that bring depth to the sheets.Altuglas® Iridescent is an opal product with different reflections of colors and varying intensity depending on the viewing angle, ranging from opal to gold, green, violet, purple or red. The iridescent effect created by the specific nature of the components is amazing. More

Product • By TorincoVENTANA DE MADERA "ACUSTORR 50 dB"


ACUSTORR 50dB is the acoustic insulation made a window. The TORINCO'S wide experience looking for solutions which improve the acoustic comfort have given a qualitative jump with this new development which increases the high performances of the previous certifications.Comfort in architect is a continuous evolution. Nowadays, the acoustic insulation is not a problem. TORINCO SL ensures the perfect solution for each kind of project, even the most challenging in this aspect. But the good point is this is the present. ACUSTORR 50dB has got the highest performances in the laboratory but also in real projects, turned the first prototype into a reality. More