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EUROTORR92 PASSIVE HOUSE is not just a window, it´s a solution, it is comfortable, warmth, beauty and energy savings.With our new development, TORINCO SL meets the needs for the projects ubicated on warm climates at Standart Passive House, getting a certified component only made by wood. As our goal is not to sell windows but improve the quality of life, to extract the raw material from a sustainability forest is also necessary. That is the reason why support the labels FSC & PEFC and attach it to our products.EUROTORR92 PASSIVEHOUSE is the perfect solution for a new building as restoration because it has no restrictions on design, finished, shapes or opening.  More

Product • By GABELEX by EurocousticGAB ON


Gabelex, manufacturer of metal ceilings of the Saint-Gobain Group, brings a new product to the market, GAB ON ceilings systems for corridors. It is a corridor ceiling system that presents three innovative registration systems:GAB ON 1L: tilting ceiling on one side, special for reduced plenum.GAB ON 2L: tilting ceiling on two sides with concealed profiles and possibility of integrating LED longitudinal lighting.GAB ON Deslizante: roof with sliding opening at the top.The length can be adapted as required: no intermediate grid. It can remain open in the plenum without impeding movement. More

Product • By GABELEX by EurocousticLAMA U30E


Gabelex, manufacturer of metal ceilings of the Saint-Gobain Group, brings its new product to market, the LAMA U30. It is a metal ceiling of aluminum that presents the following news:- Design adapted to each project. The architects will be able to define the dimensions of each of the linear-panels (width and height), the separation between them and may combine different models by making a multiformat.- It has an acoustic panel by Saint-Gobain Eurocoustic, the model TONGA® A EuroNoir (color black EC43). The main characteristic of this panel is the acoustic absorption, the maximum that a material can provide; aw = 1.00.It is a perfect solution for open-space offices and for networking and events rooms. More

Product • By Ape CerámicaPiezas Especiales Cerámicas

Piezas Especiales Cerámicas

Special ceramic pieces, made of high-quality Klinker, that transfer to the interior architecture of a house elements not yet used, due to the impossibility of arranging a high quality product that allows finishes according to the standards of the different projects. Through a special production process, it allows obtaining three-dimensional pieces which are not possible to obtain by the traditional ceramic manufacturing process. More

Product • By Ape CerámicaSolid Surface by BUILK Creative Solution

Solid Surface by BUILK Creative Solution

Staron® is a compact material, homogenous in all its thickness and non-porous. Its main characteristics are: renewable surface, free from joints and non-proliferation of bacteria. That's why it complies with the most available certificates and has excellent properties More

Product • By IDEATEC Advanced Acoustic SolutionsCOLORTEX, BLOCK AND TABULA


In the images you can see the colortex and block products. Both products have excellent acoustic performance, they are also great to make different design combinations the first of them, the colortex stands out for its finish that is made by a special lacquer allowing us to have the entire palette ral colors, COLORTEX can also emit certain fragrances to harmonize the space. The "BLOCK" on the other hand has a textile finish and has the versatility to generate a depth effect, and each small block can have a different textile allowing us to make infinite combinations of design.They are products that not only have the necessary technical characteristics but also are very versatile in design.The tabula product will be exhibited for the first ti... More



SignLight is a sun-charged luminescent complement for ceramic pieces of thickness 20mm. SignLight can provide up to 5 hours of lighting in the dark and its use is recommended to give prominence to specific signposting areas such as streets, sidewalks, stairs, squares and others More

Product • By TechnalWICLINE 115 AFS


WICLINE 115 (AFS) Advanced Fenestration System, one of the most efficient windows on the market with integral sun protectionThe new WICLINE 115 AFS composite window system meets the highest market requirements in terms of thermal performance, sound insulation and sun protection. An integral blind in the cavity between the two sashes provides solar protection. The cavity and blind are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance whilst simultaneously being protected from the effects of weather and dirt. Thus, the concept of a concealed blind allows for a clean and modern building face and, at the same time, minimises acoustic and thermal bridges. More

Product • By SIEMENS S.A.DELTA miro

DELTA miro

DELTA miro now available in four different materials. If you value a consistent design throughout your house, you can't go wrong with the DELTA miro program. More

Product • By SIEMENS S.A.Siemens DELTA style

DELTA style

People who like clear-cut elegance are well advised to opt for DELTA style, our design series in the DELTA product range. These switches combine an esthetically pleasing design with exceptional functionality. Purist. Elegant. Modern. And sensuous. At home or at work - a concept that never fails to impress. Design pure. More

Product • By AntraxTi_q


An evolution from the TIF model, TI-Q is a carbon steel radiator with a rigorous and essential form. Its squared off edges are rectangular shaped with limited depth and fit into the various rooms of the house with sophisticated discretion or stand out as required. Its ultra essential design is enhanced by a smooth surface and can be personalised in lively ways: Antrax IT's TI-Q can be fitted with a 'cover' in a range of colours to hide the valves located under the plate. It is an element which can be a natural extension to the radiator in the same colour or attenuate the total purity of its profile with contrast nuances.There are 200 colours available making it a sculptural monolith if camouflaged with the walls or a pop-up relief elem... More



GLAM-METAL | METALLIC WALLCOVERINGGLAM-METAL is the wallcovering that lends architectural surfaces the iridescent reflection of metal and allure silk, through a refined yet essential stylistic idiom resulting from the fusion of fashion and design. Obtained by combining a thin metallic coating with a texture recalling the consistency of fabric, it allows setting to be characterised by a play of mixed colour and iridescent effects. Suitable for covering interior walls and ceilings, it enhances the couture-style fascination of the Glamora collection thanks to infinite combinations of graphics and material. More

Product • By JagaHRC300-400


The HRC is a balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. This means that the same amount of outside air that is introduced into living rooms and bedrooms is extracted from kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. Thus, the heat of the stale air that is extracted, is transferred to the freshly filtered air that is introduced into the house from the outside, this allows a substantial energy saving.Remote control with six functions and humidity sensor incorporated in the equipment for automatic operation.The equipment stands out for its extremely low sound level coupled with a very low power consumption.The system consists of the HRC unit, a one-meter long attenuator, a collector/distributor with built-in acoustic silencer for the elimination of vo... More

Product • By COMENZAGlassFit SV-1400

GlassFit SV-1400

Comenza GlassFit SV-1400 u-track glass railing systems stand out for their elegant, minimalist and contemporary designs, eliminating all the visual boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, while expanding the sights to the horizon and making the natural light the absolute protagonist.Their minimalistic designs makes them an ideal match for large hotel projects, residential buildings, large shopping centers, or high-end single-family homes. GlassFit SV-1400 can be installed on top or on the side of the slab, while allowing hiding the base shoe or a flush installation, by choosing among SV-1401 Top, SV-1402 Side, SV 1403 TopF or SV-1404 SideY the system that best fit your needs. More

Product • By Castaldi Lighting S.p.A.KEA


ESSENTIAL LANGUAGE IN RESIDENTIAL DESIGNKEA is a new concept to illuminate residential environments with a complete range of compact outdoor elements. The unique composition of the elements remains unchanged among all the lighting fixtures, which makes the Kea range uniform and distinctive. Where the structure stops, and the light is generated, the product becomes architecture. FOUR different applications: FACADE: single/double emission, FULL EFFECT: homogeneous light provided with 3h emergency kit, PATHWAY: minimal thickness, BOLLARD: different heights and single/double emission. Different finishes of housing upon request: graphite satin finish, Aluminium grey, Corten, Embossed white RAL 9003. All of them in 3000ºk or 4000ºk. More