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Product • By Castaldi Lighting S.p.A.SLED


WHAT IS SLED? LIGHT EXPANDING DEVICEA MODULAR SYSTEM OFFERING THE FLEXIBILITY TO SUIT ALL APPLICATIONS: ROUND, SQUARE, LINEARSLED the innovative modular system, is already at the third stage of its evolution in less than 3 years and we continue to invest on this absolute concept to develop new directions. Many different beam options, lumen output and colour temperature, including RGBW, in all the family.SLED ROUND: TOTAL INTEGRATION OF PERFORMANCE, FUNCTION AND CONTROLSThe evolution of SLED in a round shape consists in an innovative tool for spotlighting, integrating in only Ø60 mm high performance up to 2000lm, a wide range of beams (six options) including the very flexible ZOS - Zoom On Site (8º-36º) variable optic, and electronics on boa... More

Product • By VMZINCMake it Yours

Make it Yours

Unique solutions for zinc facades. Beautiful and innovative systems for your building. Custom designed facadeprofiles in zinc. Different depths, special shapes, patterns, embossing of the material and new compositions - everything is possible.Zinc is a natural material that just gets more beautiful with the years. When the zinc is combined with modern techniques and new systems, bold and innovative expressions and shapes emerge.With nature's tones and moods, the traditional zinc combines a number of new colors and new shapes.  More

Product • By Delta LightXY180


XY180 is a 3-piece collection of luminaires designed by OMA. The collection was born from a fascination with point, line and surface; key characters in the discourse of architecture. The collection uses precise geometric proportions. The base elements, which include a tube light and a spot light, can be combined with a hinge to generate countless light conditions, both essential and complex.The dimmable tube lights give ambient lighting, democratic and shared, while the spot lights, in two different outfits, provide focused lighting, isolated and hierarchal. The different versions are for both individual and shared workspace, but can also be applied to domestic and public interior spaces. More

Product • By SiedleAXIOM


Siedle Axiom: more than a panelSiedle has revisited communication and developed a device that is different: Siedle Axiom. Indoor station, telephone and operating panel in one. Combined within a unique design idiom that makes smart technology part of the furnishings.Siedle Axiom pools the experience of Siedle in analogue and digital technologies into one intelligent device with a flexible range of uses. The connection to the Siedle Smart Gateway opens up the Siedle system world for Axiom – with incorporation of the Siedle App, which turns a smartphone or tablet into a mobile video intercom. Hands-free functionality with especially good acoustics, a cordless receiver, intuitive and easy-to-use buttons for the door communication and a control... More

Product • By KME Germany GmbH & Co. KGTECU® Premium

TECU® Premium

TECU® Premium is an innovative alloy of copper with a small proportion of high-grade tin:• for easy processing• for an extraordinary appearance from the very beginning• for intensive and rapid oxidationKME rounded off the range of TECU® products with a light bronze, by alloying our copper with a small proportion of tin.The material has a finely beaded pre-structure and a matte finish. Subtle reflections ensure an elegant appearance when light strikes it. Its particular surface structure enables a special oxidation pattern: it oxidises faster and more intensively and evenly, with a more matte finish than the well known plain rolled TECU® products.TECU ® Premium can be excellently processed with modern cladding techniques as well as with trad... More

Product • By BencoreFOS


Fos wall and door system guarantees the maximum compositional flexibility with geometrical continuity. A versatile system where each element can be freely positioned in the desired number and at the desired height. More

Product • By Verde ProfiloMOSSwall® Fusion

MOSSwall® Fusion

The priceless choice of the best plant species has given rise to a finish never before seen except in the natural state.MOSSwall® Fusion is the new finish for all MOSSwall® products.We observed the biodiversity of the undergrowth where lichen is born and used it to make the product MOSSwall®. After careful study, we have selected the best plant species, mixing them with lichen MOSSwall® creating MOSSwall® Fusion. This new vision, lush and wild, is the ideal solution to bring the typical undergrowth forests inside and in contact with humans.MOSSwall® Fusion is available in wasabi95 and Natural96 colors More

Product • By Excellence by EverluxExcellence by Everlux

Excellence by Everlux

Excellence by Everlux is a system that creates a harmonious co-existence between the signage elements and the upscale environment, emphasising on the aesthetics and decorative style. The structure of every Excellence sign is comprised with top quality and innovative materials, perceived as a frame of the sign itself: opaque acrylic glass; transparent acrylic glass; brushed stainless steel; bronze; brass; black acrylic; white acrylic; or vinyl.The Excellence signage system is distinct from other safety signage by allowing both the pictograms and the colours to be visible in the dark. The product, printed using a silk screen patented process, has the unique quality of complementing the conventional photoluminescent safety sign concept wi... More

Product • By KriskadecorCladding


Who has not ever dreamt about an astonishing metal façade? Kriskadecor did, that is why our building cover solutions are unique.  Our cladding possibilities include defining a pattern, an image and reflecting the light in a very special way. More

Product • By NTGRATEWhisper


Innovation has never been so soundproof before. Listen out. Do you hear the silence of the "whisper" technology? Whisper is an innovative base composed of a layer of 2.5 mm PVC foam with the top layer "Topgrate®". The combination of both materials results in an improvement of impact noise of up to 20 dB according to ISO 140-8. In addition, Whisper also complies with regulations regarding fire resistance (EN 13501-1: Bfl, s1-d0). Whisper, a caress for the eye, and for the ear. Discover the new generation of woven vinyl flooring that fits your personality: from elegant to bold. More



ADIT acoustic panels are made of high-strength gypsum and allow acoustic improvement in existing or new spaces very quickly and easily, without affecting the normal operation of areas or businesses. In addition to being an excellent solution for acoustic comfort, ADIT panels allow to customize the aesthetics of the spaces, since its surface can be printed to the client's taste. More



The opening of the door is made only by the touch on a metal element connected to the lock, unlike a conventional lock, where we have to turn the handle. With this new function, we can obtain a much more refined appearance, using fittings with less projection, for example inlaid shells or only a stainless steel plate. By developing this technology, we allow the opening of doors in a more simplified way. Its silent function, soft closing and magnetic closure are some of the features specially created to guarantee exclusive comfort. More

Product • By Imondi FlooringPINE PAINT RAW


Working with salvaged wood from abandoned boats, barrels, navigation poles, doors and bridges makes the soils that highlight the materials from which they are derived infused with the spirit of innovation, fun and an incredible story. The collection of soft woods recovered from Imondi originates from building materials in old houses, farm buildings and fabrics of materials used in old houses, agricultural buildings and factories of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. From the three traditional centers of production worldwide: the Baltic countries, North America and China. More

Product • By BORABORA Professional 2.0

BORA Professional 2.0

In the BORA Professional, cooktops, cooktop extractor, duct, filter and wall sleeve combine to form an electrically controlled system with excellent functionality. The heart of the Revolution 2.0 is the user interface – the cooktops and the cooktop extractor communicate with one another. This results in maximum user-friendliness and excellent effectiveness. This is thanks to the intelligence in the control knob: from the power control through various function programmes to the temperature display. The BORA Professional cooktops are among the deepest modular cooktops on the market. As such, they offer a particularly large cooking surface. This provides plenty of space to place two large pans one behind the other. With surface induction,... More

Product • By JagaClima Canal 19 empotrado en suelo

Clima Canal 19 empotrado en suelo

HEATING COOLING VENTILATING The Clima Canal H19 is a powerful main heating system, cooling unit and ventilation system, all in one. Clima Canal H19 provides the highest possible climate comfort quietly powerfully, and unobtrusively. The high-tech dynamic 2-pipe or 4-pipe heat exchanger and the thermal activator provide an effortless transition from he-ating to cooling or vice versa. They have been designed to deliver a very high heat output and are perfect to provide effective cooling with dry as well as wet cooling systems. Using the latest EC motors enables Clima Canals to consume up to 50% less electrical energy than traditional motors, and enables remote control using the latest home automation and building management systems. More