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Product • By PREFIRE LUXGlass roof Prefire Lux PR60

Glass roof Prefire Lux PR60

PREFIRE Lux PR60 glass roof makes the dream of achieving a lenguage free of shapes becomes true. PREFIRE Lux PR60 rooflight system can create a wide range of alternatives of glass roofs esthetics and technically demanding. On this way PREFIRE Lux PR60 reinvents the functions of the roofs of the buildings transforming them into energy generators and energy savers. The glass roofs PREFIRE Lux PR60 are also available with the maximum Passive House category - phA advanced component; and it is a component which its integration into the building envelope contributes to its LEED certification. More

Product • By Ideal Work SrlArchitop®


The “brutalist” charm of industrial concrete, the style of a designer floorWHAT IS IT?Nuvolato Architop is a blend of cement and other ingredients which, with an applied depth of just 3-4 mm, allows you to overcome the thickness and weight limits of traditional (smooth/sleek) concrete, whilst maintaining its beauty and robustness. This is possible yet still allows care and attention to detail, creating a high aesthetic value in a range of colour options.“BRUTALIST” SUGGESTIONSThe effect obtained is that of a continuous, jointless surface that meets the flooring demands of not only modern minimalist dwellings, but also industrial-style lofts, public areas, exhibitions, and commercial spaces.No need for removal of the existing slab, ideal for... More

Product • By FLETCO CARPETS A/SLockTiles®


You already know our flat woven carpet tiles. Now we have taken our well-known quality one level up with a newly developed, innovative and patented solution, which has never before been seen on the market: we call it LockTiles®. LockTiles® is a brand new and unique carpet tile shape with laser cut edges. This means that the edges interlock around each other and always will fit together in all directions – meter for meter, no matter the size of the area. The LockTiles® guarantees an effective and perfect installation with a completely homogeneous surface making the joints less visible. The new carpet tile is specifically developed for customers, who want the best within flat woven carpet tiles and their many advantages, and sim... More

Product • By FORTINAFortina


Fortina is a material manufactured by Japanese firm Toppan where it applies its high definition vinyl printing experience with ultra-light aluminum profiles. This material offers a wide variety of designs, finishes and matrixes of profiles, allowing the architect a multitude of options. The finishes have relief and the combination of materials allows a sustainable construction. The designs are more consistent and durable than real wood. Its light weight reduces costs, the reduction allows an easy and fast installation. The quality of the product allows its use both inside and outside; walls, ceilings, doors, moldings and many other applications. More

Product • By GeberitTecnologia Rimfree®

Rimfree® toilets

In addition to design, hygiene and ease of cleaning are also decisive factors when choosing WC ceramic appliances. Traditional flush rims attract germs, dirt and deposits. Geberit Rimfree® WCs are designed entirely without a flush rim. There are therefore no hidden, hard-to-reach places where bacteria can build up and odours can develop. Because Geberit Rimfree® WCs are much easier to clean. They are the first choice when it comes to WC hygiene. Geberit Rimfree® WCs are equipped with a flush technology specially developed and patented by Geberit. The unique flush guide ensures a hygienically optimal flush every time, using less water. More

Product • By Caimi Brevetti S.p.A.OVERSIZE LUX


Oversize lux is a project that brings together the concept of technical lighting with Snowsound sound-absorbing technology. The results of this combination are large architectural elements that incorporate LED lights in sound-absorbing panels. The panels resolve three design challenges: how to provide ambient lighting, how to lower the ceiling and how to achieve acoustic comfort. The panels come in different sizes. Likewise, the LED lighting is available either as an individual square spotlight or as a rectangular lamp. The panels are available in different colours. The ceiling suspension cables are adjustable. More

Product • By BOSSINISyncro shower head

Syncro shower head

Bossini presents its futuristic Syncro Stainless steel shower heads inspired to functionality and essential design with an absolutely innovative concept.The shower head Syncro-Rain, an horizontal panel with a manual command which delivers three different sprays. Experience water in its natural form: as a wide rain shower, rain or concentrated in powerful waterfall. The Syncro shower head allows for single supply with ready mixed water that greatly simplifies installation and allows you to use the wall mounts already in place, making it even easier to restore the shower environment. More

Product • By MosaMosa Solids

Mosa Solids

Solid Power – large impactA solid implies a material that is strong, retains its original shape or texture and maintains its intrinsic value. The Mosa Solids collection has translated these properties into a line of tiles with robust physical and functional characteristics. Essentially, Solids reflects Mosa’s ambition to produce contemporary and authentic porcelain surfaces that offer affordable, comprehensive solutions to architects and designers.Each tile in the Mosa Solids collection has been assigned its own texture. The variations in spray-dried granulates, fine and coarse flakes create a visual sense of depth where the tile can appear both soft and rough, although its actual physical finish is smooth.Available in sizes 90x90 cm and 60... More

Product • By Dickson ConstantDickson® flooring

Dickson® flooring

Woven from revolutionary fibers, Dickson® floor covering options combine the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional carpeting. A true technical innovation developed for the most demanding public areas, such as hotels, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., Dickson® flooring is durable, comfortable, easy to maintain and designed. An innovative textile solution at the leading edge of the hottest decorating trends, perfectly adapted to the most demanding environments in terms of practicality and durability. Dickson® woven flooring offers an infinite array of color and texture options, to create the richest, most original decorating styles and effects. More

Product • By 9010 by BELFIORECRISTALY BY 9010


The 9010 collection reveals a constant investment in research and the development of innovative products: a search for customized lighting solutions and patented embedding systems. Starting from selenite crystals, 9010 uses the most modern technologies to create CRISTALY, an innovative, non-deformable material that is resistant to UV, gel and non-toxic. CRISTALY is fully compatible with the materials used for drywall and can be painted with water-based colors. 9010 and CRISTALY are registered trademarks of Belfiore srl. More

Product • By AxorAXOR UNO


Simplicity of shapes. Aesthetics of design. The original purists let objects speak for themselves. AXOR Uno perfects purism. With pipes, the most original form of water transport. Simple design. Perfectly put together. Subtly excessive, based on the Golden Ratio. This ascetic form displays a special radiance. At the wash basin. In the shower. On the bath tub. Radically functional. Radically purist. Perfection.product features· Material: brass · application: The AXOR A collection can be used on wash basins and on bath tubs. It can be ordered in 15 different special finishes. · ComfortZone 260 · projection 198 mm · laminar spray · flow rate: 5 l / min · Select Cartridge with temperature control · temperature limitation adjustable · non-closin... More

Product • By SCHLÜTER SYSTEMSKERDI-BOARD-N: Versatile wall elements

KERDI-BOARD-N: Versatile wall elements

The practical installation elements Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N can be used to create attractive shelves with ceramic or natural stone coverings. They are made of the structural panel KERDI-BOARD and can be integrated into bonded waterproofing assemblies as part of the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing system. The prefabricated elements in four different dimensions allow architects and designers to individually create niches or shelves in tiled walls. More

Product • By JansenJanisol Arte 2.0

Janisol Arte 2.0

Slender steel window system for matching the existing style in refurbishments The second generation of the Janisol Arte window system now offers profiles made from stainless steel and Corten steel as well as a wide range of profiles. The integrated weatherstrip groove simplifies and speeds up fabrication. A large selection of glazing beads is also available in a variety of different materials. The wide range of opening types is ideally suited for the renovation of old windows as well as for modern residential construction. With the narrowest profile face widths of only 25 or 40 mm for fixed glazing and a basic depth of 60 mm, intricate yet stable constructions with a large proportion of glass and excellent thermal insulation can be created... More

Product • By GeberitGeberit DuoFresh

Geberit DuoFresh

The Geberit DuoFresh module removes unpleasant odours directly from the WC ceramic appliance. The odour extraction module extracts the air through the flush pipe and flush valve, purifies it using a ceramic honeycomb filter and then returns it to the room. Furthermore, an LED orientation light behind the actuator plate provides discreet lighting when going to the toilet at night. A proximity sensor controls the light and ensures that the air extraction and orientation light are automatically switched on and off. The proximity sensor settings can be personalised via app. Because the in-cistern sticks give the flush water a pleasantly fresh fragrance, the insert for in-cistern sticks ensures even more freshness in the bathroom. The new G... More



FENIX NTA is a super opaque smart material with a real metal layer and the features of FENIX family. Its external surface involves the use of multilayer coating, nanotechnology and next gen-eration acrylic resins, hardened and fixed with Electron Beam Curing process. The NanoTech Alloy represents a milestone in the field of interior design materials: an innovative metallic surface with avant-garde features such as resistance to scratches, anti-fingerprint, soft touch, visual comfort (low light reflectivity) and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches. It has also high resistance to acid solvents and household reagents, suitable for contact with food and it easy to clean. FENIX NTA has an excellent technical performance... More