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Product • By Abet LaminatiPRINT ACOUTICS


Abet Laminati presents its new solutions of decorative acoustic panels. The PRINT ACOUSTICS program is the innovative solution for improving acoustic comfort in public spaces (atrium, conference room, cinema, meeting rooms, restaurants ...) and workplaces (offices, open-space, call-center ...). This range of panels corrects the frequency reverberations of the human voice by absorbing sound and reducing reverberations in a room. Combined with the wide selection of PRINT HPL high pressure laminate decors from Abet Laminati, PRINT ACOUSTICS panels allow you to arrange your spaces as you see fit. More

Product • By easyThermeasyTherm IR Radiation Heating

easyTherm IR Radiation Heating

easyTherm infrared radiation heating COMFORT 700Integrated in the ceiling for optimal and uniform radiationThe Comfort 700 infrared radiant heating panel becomes square! With a consumption of 350 Watt, this unit panel heats rooms up to 14 m2 efficiently and pleasantly, with an average consumption of 25 kWh/m2. This square slab of quality infrared heating can also be integrated in a false ceiling grille (625 x 625 mm). The number of parts to be integrated among the unheated slabs will then depend on the room volume to be heated.The offices and open work spaces are very fond of this type of discreet and silent heating whose comfort linked in particular to the homogeneity of the heat provides a better quality of life and work.With no air and n... More

Product • By easyThermeasyLight IR Heating & Light

easyLight IR Heating & Light

The LED light couples to infrared heat to get the comfort of a pleasant atmosphere. With a very discreet design on the ceiling, this infrared radiation panel surrounded by two LED light strips is suitable for uniform heating and adjustable light intensity. Different panel sizes and different powers will match the volumes to be heated, whose ceiling heights can reach 9 meters. They are intended to large and small spaces, new or renovated building, housing, office, industry, …The panels receive from the network the electrical energy that they transform into radiant heat. Their surface is made of robust and dimensionally stable ceramic (PolyVisionR) which ensures an efficient and homogeneous emission of thermal waves. The back of the panel is... More

Product • By NOVACOLOROxidation by ARMODYS

Oxidation by ARMODYS

Oxidation belongs to Design Factory concept of decoration.Iron, Copper will be mixed in a cocktail of products providing to the decorator the possibility to design intemporal creations.Ironic, Verderame, Metal Cover... For your pure designer's instinct More

Product • By Groupe CAD U.C. - Para GraphPlug-in bibliothèque d'objets

Plug-in bibliothèque d'objets

A Revit item library is a rather precious tool for architects. However, existing libraries are heterogeneous and limited, or complex and heavy. To answer this issue, we propose a generic family library, taking the form of a Revit plug-in, including a wide range of ready-to-use items (doors, windows, cartridges, walls, roofs, floors, etc.)When you need it, a simple slide and drop from your integrated Revit tool pallet allows you to add the needed tool to your project. Thanks to our plug-in, you gain a precious time by having every tool needed on-hand. Benefits of our Revit library of items : - The possibility of item researching, sorting, renaming … etc. - A regularly updated library- Coming with the library for the... More

Product • By Groupe CAD U.C. - Para GraphDigital learning

Digital learning

Learning methods are changing as is it getting harder to monopolize an entire team for an on-site training. That’s why we offer a range of BIM & Revit Training courses that fits your working methods, leaving you a real freedom of learning (home office, at work, wherever and whenever you need…)Our Digital Learning offers We offer two types of training courses to answer your needs: - On-demand modules with particular themes (modify the project tree structure; create a container-file; etc) - Mixed course programs combining on-site courses and Digital Learning courses. The use of a variety of formats (downloadable notes, uptakes, videos, quizzes….) and a community where trainers and trainees interact with each other... More

Product • By Groupe CAD U.C. - Para GraphLa Bim Box

La Bim Box

Working methods have changed, we now seek to work from anywhere, at any given moment with easy flexible tools. The Cad U.C – Para Graph group offers a full turnkey solution, including all tools you need to work with a peace of mind.Workstation with a configuration adapted to your use: BIM - AutoCAD LT or Office.+ IT outsourcing: audit - recommendations - setup and maintenance of your IT infrastructure+ Cloud solutions: backup of your data (up to 5 To per company) & Microsoft 365 business (Word, Excel, Outlook, Sharepoint... & security and management of your devices)+ CAD software: AEC collection or AutoCAD LT+ Software support: Hotline – Set up and updates – licence management – User assistance+ Assets allowing you to simplify... More

Product • By AeT ItaliaDesign Mini washbasin

Design Mini washbasin

Increasing the external heights of the basins, particularly on the “Tower” and “Tower Wall” version, the siphon, along with the taps piping, are hidden when normally they result to be anaesthetic, especially in modern and minimal design. More

Product • By AeT ItaliaBWS System

BWS System

For the first time, the draining system has been integrated in the ceramic siphon.With the special patented system called "BWS", the ceramic body, with coloured inspection cap, lets the design be even more pleasant. More

Product • By BOWABowa


LIKEN, creator of Security Fire furniture, security signs and plans made in France, finds a solution to elegantly hide your fire extinghishers. BOWA, the norm is chic. Wood, stone, metal… Let’s choose your covering to fit perfectly with your interior design. Shaped with a unique and innovative material, BOWA combines lightness, strength, and curve audacity. More



Immoblade innovating technology is a solar protection technology, integrated in the glazing, and based on a geometry of blades for sunlight protection . Calcuted according to the sun path , the initial position and angles of the blades delivers an excellent thermal protection on each facade at the summer solstice while keeping a very good brightness at the heart of the winter .Its remarkable features and performances ( solar factor and light transition) and the absence of maintenance costs makes Immoblade a product particularly well suited to the requirements for buildings of the tertiary sector . Immoblade serigraphy gives the advantages of the solar protection associated to a remarkable design finish.Immoblade Mini Store deliver... More

Product • By Secret d’AtelierILLUSION


Always in search of innovation, Secret d'Atelier presents you its new collection of luxury parquet floors Illusion. A true technical achievement that allows us to create images of an impressive realism executed by a unique 3D process. The Illusion collection brings up a new trompe l'oeil effect at our disposal and offers entirely new decorative and expressive possibilities ! There is absolutely no limit in choosing the perfect application. Today we can print all the desired patterns of different dimensions. The image can be displayed on a floorboard, or spread over several. You can choose the pattern to be printed from our existing picture library or ask to our professional photographer who will Apply all his dexterity to restore at best yo... More

Product • By 9010 by BELFIOREMATERICA - BY 9010


9010 Introduces Materica: a wall lamp made of ALUMITE that can be taylored according to any need.9010novantadieci does not pose limits to creativity, but lets you customize, applying different materials, textures and colors, according to the designer’s needs More

Product • By 9010 by BELFIOREARCHO by 9010 - ALUMITE


9010® introduces Archo, suitable for any interior need, available in different lengths.Thanks to the special recessed system by 9010 without any mounting support, Archo is fully integrated into the wall.9010 novantadieci offers these lamps in different lengths, easy to install and suitable for any environment. More

Product • By ROMUSQuickmat-Tile


Quickmat-Tile is an entrance mat in plank format made from 2 very absorbent polyamide fibres inserts, edged by fine polypropylene strips which facilitate scraping under the soles and separated with a collecting zone. • Location : Schools, office buildings, shops, clinics, banks, etc. • Purpose : Scraping and absorbent mat for indoor use. Available colours: Anthracite / Grey.? Unique product, easy and quick to install. ?Planks assembled with a clip system or with double sided tape. ?In the event of damage, simply replace the damaged planks ?Of the shelf product, with a short lead time.This new and very innovative concept require loose lay installation :The planks are pre-perforated on the side facing each corner of theplanks, which enables t... More