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Product • By AccoyaAccoya® wood cladding

Accoya® wood cladding

Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development to create a high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications.Accoya® wood cladding has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods, ye... More

Product • By RIBAG LichtVERTICO


The graceful VERTICO lamp collection sets the tone of any setting. Whether it is for sophisticated place settings, a powerful presentation or an evocative staging full of atmosphere – VERTICO always accentuates the special high-lights. The metal part... More

Product • By MILESI VERNISAntiscratch finition for wood

Antiscratch finition for wood

Milesi presents a new range of high resistance antiscratch finitions for wood. Kitchen desks, furniture, office desks, submitted to high stress, become extremely resistant to scratch and aggressive mechanical or chemical environment (detergents, inks... More

Product • By PANAGETArgile


Argile, the new wood finish by Panaget. It gives oak floors a naturally aged look. Simplicity and going back to basics are the key ideas behind this voluntarily aged wood floor. Finish with varnish, it will blend in harmoniously with and bring a rea... More

Product • By NovelliniLINE


Shower panels Line offer a stylish solution for trendy bathrooms. They exist in 2 heights: 150 or 215 cm and can be installed in a corner or against the wall. Line columns are perfect for new bathroom creation or for renovation, hiding the... More

Product • By NovelliniCUSTOM TOUCH


Custom Touch is an ultra-flat acrylic shower tray with an elegant stone texture finish which gives it a unique look. It offers a solid structure which is sensationally pleasant to the feet. Custom Touch combines all the advantages of acrylic wit... More

Product • By NovelliniOPERA PH


Opera shower enclosures are a perfect combination of style and technology:- Soft Close: soft opening and closing to offer fluid door sliding- sliding mechanism hidden in a fully closed rail, providing a perfectly finished aspect to the enclosure- a f... More

Product • By OctavioamadoFORM LIGHT AND SOUND


This modular concept is a light with a sound system in bluetooth integrated. It takes part of a collection of 5 modules.They are produced by order by hand in our Parisian workshop. More

Product • By ENTOSPOON


Gordon Guillaumier is inspired by the iconic shape of the cutlery handle, familiar objects, strongly linked to the idea of living. The typical tapered and thin shape is duplicated in an uninterrupted, visual game which becomes three-dimensional. This... More

Product • By ENTOTRACE


Faithful to experimentation, Lorenzo Damiani, chose a tubolar profile and semi-finished products. It's no coincidence that the shape is the same as elements used in the furniture industry, to underline the handles's nature, halfway between a function... More



Qompact is a concept dedicated to different markets such as Metal Curtains, Roller Shutters or Garage Doors; it offers an extra reduced housing and a high resistance thanks to an innovative conception of the slats and a new way to retain them in the... More

Product • By Holz in FormHOLZ IN FORM


Holz in Form Burned Wood is inspired by the magic of fire. It offers a unique natural effect of burned wood. A reply to the latest design trend. Inspired by an ancient Japanese technique protects cedar by charring it a witchy charcoal. Created f... More

Product • By FIBERDECKComposite Cladding WEO

Composite Cladding WEO

WEO® is a composite wood cladding coextruded to fake clerestory. Its trapezoidal profile allows a pose as well horizontal than vertical.The protection of composite wood by a polyethylene film coating all its surface guaranteed any recovery of moistur... More

Product • By ADAPTA COLORCollection METAL

Collection METAL

Vivendi SDS METAL Collection products are based on ultra-durable polyester resins. They are semi-transparent pigmented clear coats to imitate noble metals, anodised finishes and other special effects when they are applied to aluminium. If someth... More



STUDIO NATUR is a collection of veneers with an affirmed style mixing naturalness and elegance. It is composed of 20 veneers with a unique and innovative character which allow you to create your own style, and which are divided into 4 collections: Ca... More