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Product • By QbiqROUTE 66


Classic industrial look and feelYesteryear relives with the QbiQ system walls of the “Route 66” series. Modern aluminium glass walls with a classic industrial look and feel are inspired by the so-called “Van Nelle facade” of the 1930s and 1940s. This robust wall system is available in single or doube glazing and can be provided with acoustic foil for extra sound protection, the rectangular division into sections can be designed project specifically. More



The Versato® Myst collection (8mm thick) are made of cast acrylic (Plexiglass®). The material is subtle, mystical and beautiful in combination with light. Myst absorbs light, makes it diffuse and not diffuse at the same time and the image can be seen through the sheet which creates a confusing and attractive reality. Versato® Myst is unique and nowhere else available!The development of the Versato® Myst collectionBy combining the special diffractive additives of light diffusers with the colours of our New Colour collection, we created 9 soft colour tints and 4 fluor tints. The material consists of high quality cast acrylic. We milled and polished the lab samples to different thicknesses and examined the combination of each thickness/colour... More

Product • By Luxaflex®LUXAFLEX® SEA-TEX™


Greenscreen® Sea-Tex ™, is the world's first sunscreen fabric made from recycled ocean plastic. Ocean streams concentrate the plastic waste into five gigantic mills. Every year, between the 4 and 12 million tons of plastic waste at either between 1.5% and 4.5% of total world production. Prevent and clean up this mess is one of the biggest current environmental challenges. More



Devices for pendant installation-Complete with power supply strip and power/pendant cable-Pendants with cable adjustment and body rotation system to facilitate alignment-Main bodies made of aluminium-Opti Beam high defi nition optics in metallic thermoplastic material-High visual comfort-Built-in driver-IP23-Class I More

Product • By ArteFLAVOR PAPER


When Art Nouveau meets 1960s psychedelia, great things happen. This design has an undeniably sexy flow and great scale.Whether used in a bedroom to create an alluring vibe or in a formal dining room to soften those hard edges, Flower of Love is a dynamic addition.Flower of Love can be installed in either direction to very different effects. More

Product • By Tejas BorjaBorjaJET


After an intensive research and development process, Tejas Borja is the first company in the sector to use Inkjet printing in the industrial production of ceramic tiles. BorjaJET gives excellent definition in the reproduction of all types of effects never achieved before on tile, enabling the fusion of the richnessof natural materials with the technical properties of ceramic tiles.Using this technological revolution we are able to make tiles with a wide variety of finishes such as slates, woods, stones, marbles and oxides. The result is a truly original product. More

Product • By AludakraamLarge glass strips pitched roof

Large glass strips pitched roof

Aludakraam offers a sound, maintenance-friendly alternative to existing skylight solutions. Our aluminium skylights are suitable for pitched roofs and the unique and extremely slim profiling results in a maximum amount of daylight in your home. Aludakraam skylights are different from regular skylights. They are not so much intended to be placed in the pitched roof as a separate element, but rather to create a beautiful large glass surface with several window parts side by side. The product range consists of horizontal glass strips and glass strips over the ridge of the roof. We offer glass strips in standard dimensions and glass strips that are entirely tailored to the wishes of the architect and the end user.All skylights prices... More

Product • By CARACTERRCaracterr Smooth acoustic

Caracterr Smooth acoustic

The Caracterr self leveling collection has been expanded with 36 new items in the Smooth series. By using floating pigments, a ton-sur-ton color is created. The tools of the applicator then determine the design in the execution. Guaranteed non-yellowing, flat, seamless design combined with extensive cleaning convenience and distinctive character.For the entire Smooth series, there is now also the possibility to install a liquid acoustic subfloor which achieves a contact sound reduction of 12 dB. A cast floor with not only great elegance but also good room acoustics. That is Smooth Acoustic.LEOXX is the exclusive dealer of Caracterr for the project market in the Netherlands. More

Product • By GLAMOXi95-P

I-95-P Robust

Glamox i95-P is a robust IP65 luminaire with accurate light distribution. The combination of an industrial look and a precize finish meet the demands for architects to use a decorative fitting with a higher output on mounting heights of 10-12 meters. The product can be used pendant or surface mounted and is designed for applications like entrance halls, atria and other high areas. I95-P comes with various reflectors to bring the right atmosphere and lightlevels to the area. The dimming option can fullfil the preferences for users or activity. More

Product • By AritcoSmartlift app

Smartlift app

What are the key features of SmartLift?SmartLift comes with two different applications; one for the homeowner and one for the installers/service technicians. For the homeowner, the main feature is the lighting control. This enables you to change the lighting colours and adjust the dim level, etc. You can also set up your own lighting schedules, such as having the light turn on every morning at 7 am. The app will also notify you when your home lift needs maintenance or repairs. The SmartLift app for service/installation simplifies the configuration of the lift and also makes service and maintenance much easier. Using the app, you can set parameters such as the fire drive floors, perform and register service, calibrate the lift and read error... More

Product • By MillboardMillboard


Enhance your outdoors with the beauty of nature but the performance of contemporary outdoor flooring. Millboard decking is unlike conventional composite decking. Hand-moulded from natural timbers in a unique combination of resin and mineral stone, it is almost indistinguishable from real wood, yet designed to outperform it.Because no composite decking is made in the same way as Millboard decking, no composite decking can match Millboard’s stunning good looks or exceptional performance.No WoodMost composite decking combines plastic with wood fibres. But Millboard decking is made from wood-free polyurethane combined with mineral stone to create a unique resin mineral board that’s tough enough for use in outdoor environments all year round. On... More

Product • By LoxoneLoxone standaard

Loxone standaard

No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes.Save 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life.Your Loxone Smart Home thinks like you. it knows your needs and performs actions according to the season, weather, presence and your lifestyle. It’s the smart home with the highest IQ. A home that will take care of thousands of actions each year, giving you back time to enjoy the beautiful things in life. More

Product • By HelaformHelaform SAGA 150 Synchro

Helaform SAGA 150 Synchro

Sliding door Syncroduo for 150/SAGA series sliding door systems. Synchronized sliding door solution, where a pair of sliding doors, hang on one track, are connected to each other so that both doors open simultaneously by just moving one leaf. Suitable for openings up to 3 m. Includes all the needed parts for a Syncro duo installation, only two bottom guides and four fixing plates need to be bought separately. Wire cutters needed for assembly. Not a stock item. Contact our sales for more information.150/SAGA series is used in interior sliding door systems and due to its corrosion resistance it can also be used in exterior sliding door systems. This series is mainly used in apartments and commercial spaces. Due to its stylish design it can al... More

Product • By OWAOWA RAW Concrete 70

OWA RAW: Industrial Evolution

Meet OWA RAW Concrete 70, the evolutionary ceiling system. OWA RAW ends the impasse between industrial design and acoustic comfort; the ceiling looks like concrete and offers the acoustic performance of regular ceiling tiles.The standard absorption value of 0.70 aw ensures a pleasant acoustic climate, allowing you to apply hard materials such as glass, metal and concrete with confidence. OWA RAW can be mounted directly against the ceiling, or in combination with the renowned S7 suspension system from OWA. During Architect @ Work you will be introduced to the first product within the RAW concept, more variants will be launched. More