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Product • By Troldtekt A/STROLDTEKT DESIGN


The 9 new Troldtekt design solutions are the result of a goal and a rule. The goal is to give architects the greatest possible flexibility when designing ceilings and walls for good acoustics. The rule is that the solutions must be suitable for mass production.The various design solutions in the series have two primary features in common: Firstly, they are mass-produced and therefore competi­tively priced. Secondly, they are designed to give ceiling and wall surfaces a seamless look. Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small. It's not about the panel, it's all about the surface.The new design solutions are flexible, so the panels can be combined in ways that offer great variation in the design... More



The Napsu Design facade systems offer architects unequalled freedom in designing building facades. Napsu Look!TM is an affordable facade renovation solution. The Look! system offers a modern, long-lasting high-quality facade facelift solution. More

Product • By Vecta DesignVECTA HCL


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Product • By Fredricsons TräVIROC


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Product • By NikoNiko touchswitch

Niko touchswitch

Thanks to the new Niko touchswitch you can combine the simplicity and easy operation of a normal switch with the flexibility of an adjustable control screen. The touchswitch is the same size as a normal Niko switch and fits a flush-mounting box. This means it combines perfectly with the controls already in your home. Thanks to its stylish and timeless design, the touchswitch fits beautifully into your interior,whatever the style of your home. More

Product • By NikoNew range ceiling detectors

New range ceiling detectors

Niko has developed a complete range of ceiling detectors with a sleek, contemporary look and a discrete design that blends perfectly into different types of interiors. This means you can now employ one and the same design line for all the detectors in your project. I 2019 one of the detectors received an iF Design Award in the category Building Technology.The new detectors not only blend perfectly into every interior, they are also designed to be as installer-friendly as possible, taking the installers’ needs into full account. Thanks to the new Niko ceiling detectors, intelligent lighting control has never been easier. More

Product • By SSABGreenCoat(r) PRO BT

GreenCoat(r) PRO BT

The Bio-based Technology (BT) coating with optimized properties for tiles and profiles.GreenCoat Pro BT is a highly durable product for roofing.GreenCoat Pro BT, available in regular and matt finishes, is highly durable product developed mainly for roofing applications. Besides using GreenCoat Pro BT for profiled steel sheet roof tiles and standing seem sheets, this product is also perfect for tinsmith applications and can be used in combination with the highly formable steel grades PLX and FAP. More



Dynamic balance between light and void. Restyling of the successful homonymous series MASK+ is an elegant dynamic balance between full and empty, where the void is "presented" as an object that identifies and distinguishes the shape by characterizing it. The light embraces this emptiness filling it, going to connote the context both inside and outside, both day and night. The MASK+ series is available in different sizes and shapes; it enables to decorate interiors and exteriors keeping a unique coordinated picture. This series exalt the perimetric volumes by a wise balance of light, order and space. More

Product • By FIBONew decors in the Wall panel category

New decors in the Wall panel category

This april Fibo launch several new decors in the Wall Panel category. Among them are four modern marble decors in the Marcato collection, and three soft colour decors in the Colour Collection. New in Fibo's standard assortment are also long lengths (up to 3020mm height) in many of the bestselling panel decors. More

Product • By OsramLINEARlight Rigid Slim Niche

LINEARlight Rigid Slim Niche

This rigid linear light led sources provide an exceptional modular 24 V system for miniaturized lighting applications in narrow spaces. The delicate and slender LED building blocks can be integrated perfectly into the architecture to achieve powerful and amazing aesthetic illumination. Available in five different lengths (102mm-1194mm) and five color temperatures (2500K – 4500K), each piece can be easily joined together to your requirements, creating long lines of continuous light. With a viewing angle of 120° it perfectly fits around corners and under shelves and disappears even in the smallest coves or niches: the ideal solution for retail outlets, supermarkets or the accentuation of showcases, corridors and stairwells. Moreover, it is ea... More

Product • By OsramLINEARlight Flex Diffuse Black

LINEARlight Flex Diffuse Black

A light source that disappears to the eye:Linearlight Flex Diffuse Black seems to disappear when you turn the light off, leaving you with a seamless beautiful dark surface. Homogenous decorative lines of light can be designed, which melt into dark architecture and furniture when they are not needed. LINEARlight Flex Diffuse Black is available in a wide range of color temperatures, providing homogenous lines of diffuse light, without visible spots.It has been created with freedom of design and light inspiration in mind and it is made from performance silicone, protected to IP67 and resistant to salt mist and UV; suitable for outdoor use. It is great for individual, customized and organically-shaped luminaires, architectural integration of wa... More



Comfortable Concrete is a luxurious carpet tile and plank collection, inspired by the enduring popularity of concrete as an interior finish. Comprising three designs, ‘Laid Bare’, ‘Urban Drama’ and ‘Urban Poetry’, the collection combines the aesthetic and texture of raw concrete with the warmth and comfort of carpet. Colours range from urban greys to rich greens and deep reds inspired by the extreme elements of our environment, to soft and chalky neutrals to embrace a calm and mindful mood. Comfortable Concrete features Milliken’s Comfort Plus® cushion backing for the ultimate level of underfoot comfort and acoustic performance. More

Product • By INTRA LIGHTINGRandom


Random is created to enhance the look of modern open ceilings, turning them into something dynamic! And it all starts with using straight lines and bringing them together into a composition that works best for open spaces that need a secondary ceiling.This luminaire is a perfect fit for retail, modern offices and even hospitality environments, not only because of its distinctive look but also because of high-quality general illumination that’s an absolute must for every highly efficient environment. And when you get to know it, you will definitely agree that creating a secondary ceiling has never been so elegant. More