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Design your customers' entry area stylishly and safe! The RESIDIUM door unit elegantly combines door bell, video intercom and keyless access. Buttons or nameplates are replaced by a touch display showing as many names and bell symbols as required. Integrated discreetly, almost invisibly, the Full HD-Camera offers a brilliant view of a visitor at the door. Security technology that does not discourage visitors, but instead invites them to ring the bell. Residents themselves can open the entrance doors using an RFID card or an access code - without a key. More



The new version of PROJEKT PRO perfectly meets the requirements of increasing mobility and individuality as well as the challenge of making an architect`s work easier. The new product ‘PRO enterprise’ creates longterm sales forecasts and proposals can be measured by the probability of contract success. Office organisation becomes even easier with the new module ‘Dokumente’ as external and internal documents are filed within the project structure. The new product ‘PRO forms’ allows report creation to be done in a more easy and efficient way. Easy working with PROJEKT PRO. More

Product • By RockfonRockfon® Mono® Acoustic

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic

Flat or curved. White or custom colour. Ceiling or walls. Rockfon Mono Acoustic is the surface solution you need to enrich the beauty of your next monolithic design. Monolithic architecture calls for undisturbed, expressive surfaces. Modern building design requires acoustics, convenience and flexibility. Rockfon Mono Acoustic brings the two together with amazing results. Smoother than ever, the new surface of Rockfon Mono Acoustic has been significantly improved to perfectly complement monolithic architecture and contribute to an optimal indoor climate. The stone wool core absorbs sound, reduces echoes and significantly decreases reverberations, resulting in a complete monolithic system that lets you live in a comfort... More

Product • By VOLIMEA GmbH & Cie. KGfutado for floor and wall

futado for floor and wall

An aesthetic floor as well as a crafted wall set the room in scene through its appearance. The wall remains stable in value and unique. Futado for floor and wall offers a versatile color palette on variable possibilities of creativities for each ambiance. The unobtrusive, but independent colors and the fine textures resulting from the processing transport the sustaining power of a floor. Your entire walls look like artistic works. Stylish coziness and the good feeling of an pleasant atmosphere will be achieved through a multilayered structure a refined finishing. More