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Product • By ComputerWorks GmbHVECTORWORKS 2019


With a focus on increasing design efficiency through overall performance and quality, Vectorworks 2019 offers innovations and enhancements to significantly improve the 3D and BIM modeling, 2D documentation, and presentation workflows for designers in the architecture, landscape, entertainment, and interior design industries. More

Product • By Aquathermaquatherm black system

aquatherm black system

The aquatherm black system surface heating and cooling system creates a comfortable room climate without disturbing draught. aquatherm black system works silently using simple control technology, without compromising the architectural freedom of design. The natural storage capacity of the building is maintained and there is no additional dust load. Applied as cooling ceilings in open-plan offices to wall or ceiling heating in detached houses, the aquatherm black system is ideal for optimally conditioning a wide range of building types. The basic idea of the aquatherm black system is the well-being of the room user: a thermally balanced room should be created. The principle of the aquatherm black system technology is therefore -not air-... More

Product • By MUTO'MUTO GRID - plaited wood

MUTO GRID - plaited wood

Plaited veneers open up a new dimension in terms of design! The latest creation from Schorn & Groh is muto GRID. The plait patterns are fascinatingly three-dimensional, which you can not only see, but also feel. Five designs are currently available from stock. Thanks to a fleece backing, the veneers can be processed easily and in many ways. This extraordinary product is made from individual, pre-sanded veneer sheets. In a complex process, the single pre-sanded leaves of veneer are plaited to create highly diverse surfaces and then backed with special fleece. muto GRID has a high strength and can still be bent easily. This product is therefore also ideally suited for multidimensional deformations and substrates that are difficult to... More

Product • By MUTO'NUO - soft wood

NUO - soft wood

NUO is as soft as leather and as smooth as fabric – completely animal-free and made of real wood. A sensation! The material is surprisingly light and looks very luxurious, can be bent in all directions and is very soft. NUO is made of high-quality veneer. The thin real wood is bonded with an environmentally friendly backing material, and then the wood surface is engraved. The fine engraving gives the wood surface its flexibility. The backing material provides strength and ensures that NUO is easy to process. If desired, the material can be coated with a protective layer of wax or lacquer. This protective layer makes NUO resistant to dust and moisture (depending on the surface treatment used).Four types of wood and four different engra... More

Product • By ROSSKOPF + PARTNERsynergy3D


For a unique new aesthetic experience, Rosskopf + Partner developed the synergy3D surface finishing technology for solid surface material. Architects and interior designers can thus fashion unprecedented stylish designs. The material hybrids combine the excellent processing properties of the solid surface material as a substrate with new refined decors made with wood, concrete and metal. The process virtually melds the solid surface material with high-quality coatings of oak, concrete, brass, copper, Corten steel and Luna. More

Product • By purSonicpurSonic Soundboard Carbon

purSonic Soundboard Carbon

At the Architect@Work in Stuttgart the company purSonic presents the new Soundboard CARBON. Thanks to technical improvements of the new high-quality Soundboard an excellent efficiency can be achieved. The new membrane of the purSonic Soundboard CARBON is extremely stable and due to its specific structure it can be coated or laminated with almost every typical building materials. This will open up further fields of application for the new soundboard purSonic CARBON such as areas with higher humidity. More

Product • By Jakob AGWebnetID


Logos, words, images, symbols - WebnetID are prefabricated filling elements for the Webnet rope net.The diamond or hexagonal shaped elements can be attached and arranged individually. This allows to vary the density of a railing or net façade and therefore to apply your own designs.WebnetID is available in an anodised aluminium or in stainless steel finish as well as in all RAL colours. More

Product • By NICE Solar EnergyColorline - CIGS Farbige Solar Module

Colorline - CIGS Farbige Solar Module

Color Line: High quality colored UV resistant solar modules with ceramic screen printing process, in all colors possible (RAL).- Tailor-made (mass / color)- Invisible holder (Backrail)- Homogeneous appearance- Different intensity through different printing densities- Different glass structures (matt / gloss) More

Product • By JagaJaga Slim - Jaga Clima Canal

Jaga Slim - Jaga Clima Canal

Jaga Climate Designer SLIM and Clima Canal.The Jaga Climate Designer products SLIM and Clima Canal are the ideal solutions for heating and / or cooling.Despite the compact dimensions, a powerful main heating, cooling and / or fresh air supply is possible at the same time.Smooth and inconspicuous for maximum climate comfort.Jaga Slim and Clima Canal offer a whole new perspective through this exceptional performance. More

Product • By Karcher DesignLeather handles

Leather handles

High quality and real cow leatherThe high-quality stainless steel of our door handles fits perfectly with our different types of leather. Our door handles Madeira ER45 and Kent EPL96 are completely edged in leather. The customer can choose between light brown, dark brown or black leather. The warm leather upgrade the surface of our handles and makes them look even better. A special handle for a major project in LondonOur leather handle EPL96 „Kent“ distinguishes itself from the rest of the leather grip EPL96 „Kent“ by 2 special features. On the one hand it was developed exclusively for a specific project. On the other hand it is the first handle which is designed for the brand PlanDesign and the flush rose. For the „One Tower... More

Product • By Construction Systems MarketingTHERMOMASS Diagonal Connector

THERMOMASS Diagonal Connector

Thermomass Diagonal (MC45D) series fiber-composite connectors are designed for the construction of non-composite, load-bearing, and cladding concrete sandwich wall panels for insulation of up to 250 mm thickness. These connectors can also be used in double wall applications. They are typically used along with Thermomass MC/MS series connectors and are designed to transfer the gravity loads of exterior layer to the interior structural layer while allowing the exterior layer to expand and contract independently. More

Product • By Gaudi DecorMoudling 1.51.606

Moudling 1.51.606

Wide moulding GAUDI 1.51.603 offers bright variety of architectural solution for individual design. Made of recycable polyurethane, this item could be used as facade decoration, part of building or art lighting. Easy to install and paint in any color you need. This item is especially good for facade indirect lighting. More

Product • By Gaudi DecorCornice 1.50.624

Cornice 1.50.624

Wide cornice GAUDI 1.50.624 offers bright variety of architectural solution for individual design. Made of recycable polyurethane, this item could be used as facade decoration, part of building or art lighting. Easy to install and paint in any color you need. More

Product • By Gaudi DecorMoulding 1.51.603

Moulding 1.51.603

Wide moulding GAUDI 1.51.603 offers bright variety of architectural solution for individual design. Made of recycable polyurethane, this item could be used as facade decoration, part of building or art lighting. Easy to install and paint in any color you need. More

Product • By basalteEllie Touch-Display

Ellie Touch-Display

At Architect@Work Stuttgart, Basalte introduces its new smart home wonder Ellie: an elegant on-wall touch panel. Ellie hosts Basalte Home, the new KNX visualisation by Basalte and is typically installed in the main living areas.Ellie serves as the go-to point for all home technology controls, including lights, shades, scenes, music, HVAC, door phones, cameras & more. This way, you have access to all controls in the room and even the entire house: by touch, but also by voice, thanks to the integration of Amazon Alexa® voice control. Ellie is an on-wall touch panel with a 5.5” OLED touch screen in full HD. It’s the thinnest touch panel on the market with a thickness of less than 1 cm once installed. Ellie is designed with the same fi... More