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Product • By basalteEve Plus

Eve Plus iPad docking station

Basalte introduces an iPad docking station in the same minimalist design as its fixed Eve mounts for iPad & iPod touch. Eve Plus lets users mount the iPad on the wall while keeping it permanently charged.Eve Plus has the same minimalist design as the fixed Eve mounts and is precision machined from high grade aluminium, to fit even the most high-end residences, offices and other venues. Consequently, Eve Plus offers both the slimmest case and the smallest base ever. Just slide the iPad in the case and magnetically attach it on the Eve Plus wall base to hold and charge.Eve Plus cases are available in a satin white, brushed black and brushed aluminium finish. The wall base has the same form & dimensions as the Basalte switches and sock... More

Product • By ekey biometric systemsekey finger scanner "arte" in black

ekey finger scanner "arte" in black

With the finger scanner "arte" in black, ekey offers a compact biometric access solution that opens up all possibilities for discreet and elegant integration into the door or directly into the door handle for more convenience and security. Additionally its the design freedom of the surface e.g. colour variants according to market trends and customer wishes that makes the "arte" a creative companion. A large number of well-known manufacturers from the door and fittings industry therefore offer ekey fingerprint systems ex works.The ekey finger scanners stand for outstanding security with unique comfort. ekey has its own, very powerful and patented software algorithm for finger recognition. This is the ekey core technology, which is used in ek... More

Product • By AB Ludvig SvenssonHarper


Harper is an upholstery fabric in Trevira CS with a colour scale of 25 colours, in which designer Johanna de Ru has built up each colour from several constituent colours, giving the fabric a slightly melanged character. The material is always the starting point in Johanna’s design work and with Harper, the colour composition itself has been the primary focus of finding the right expression in the fabric.The colour scale ranges from slightly muted natural colours in green and blue, to more vibrant red and yellow tones that are easily coordinated with other fabrics in Svensson collections.The combination of Harper’s simple expression and natural range of colours makes this a timeless design with a wide range of applications. More

Product • By AB Ludvig SvenssonTableau


Inspired as it is by 60s fashion, the upholstery fabric Tableau is likely to have caught the eye of even Coco Chanel herself. The fabric is a modern classic developed by designer Eva Larsson in 2017.Tableau is available in many different colours spanning 20 shades. The exciting colour palette runs the gamut from tangy yellow to rich ochre. Each individual colour scheme contains a unique mix of shades, which gives each colour a personality of its own.The base yarn in Tableau is spun from high quality New Zealand wool. In addition to being outstandingly beautiful, the material is also naturally durable, dirt-proof and flame-retardant. This makes it ideal for public venues. Tableau works extraordinarily well as a workplace sofa fabric, for dre... More

Product • By AB Ludvig SvenssonSintra


Sintra is a modern sun protection textile that beautifully combines aesthetics with function. Sintra is made from both mixed and plain colours that give the surface a lively, textile-like expression. The product is available in a rich colour scheme spanning 18 colours, from natural to bright shades. Sintra is a decorative textile that has the added benefit of offering a low openness factor, which contributes to the high visual comfort experienced by the user.Sintra is suitable for both small and large rooms, as the sun protection measures 3 meters from side to side. More

Product • By Laar Carpet Creation LaWona


no description More

Product • By HD SURFACEInnovation surfaces

Innovation surfaces

For perfectly seamless wall and floors, indoors and outdoors. Clean, clear surfaces for large areas. The attractive texture, typical of stucco, is available in an array of more than forty colours. Appealing, sophistcated and modern.For use in refining floors, walls and even furniture. This innovative product consists of finely milled marble and cement enhanced with plant-based cellulose, oxides and natural pigments, specially produced in Italy. The ideal solution for highly frequented public areas where quick and simple maintenance is essential.A protective tratement makes this product durable, waterproof and easy to clean. More

Product • By SONAE ARAUCOInnovus Fusion (new surface)

Innovus Fusion (new surface)

The Innovus surface Fusion is equipped with the innovative "matt-matt-effect", which incorporates different degrees of mattness into the surface. Fusion reminds of handmade wood with its pleasant and natural texture. The warmth of the surface and the velvety, textile-like feel of the pores can be literally felt.Seven decor references have been newly added to the Innovus collection for this surface: among them are bright, warm decors with the typical oak wood structures and modern, strong wood interpretations, which can be ideally combined with stone decors and the Stucco surface. Fusion is available as a melamine coated chipboard, MDF and laminates. More

Product • By SONAE ARAUCOInnovus Stucco (new surface)

Innovus Stucco (new surface)

Stucco is an innovative surface for melamine faced chipboards, MDF and laminates. Inspired by the industrial style, Stucco takes up the trends of natural stone, concrete and ceramic materials. With Stucco, marble decors not only look classy, but also amazingly real. Optics and feel go hand in hand, because the cracks and bumps as well as the silky impression of ceramic are also tactile. Furthermore, the surface is slightly shiny. In combination with concrete decors, it impresses with its matt, cement-like and cool texture. Stucco is a surface that harmonizes with the respective decor: it can look rustic and classy. Five decor novelties were launched especially for Stucco. More

Product • By SONAE ARAUCOInnovus Coloured MDF – Sand Grey

Innovus Coloured MDF – Sand Grey

Innovus Coloured MDF Sand Grey combines functional versatility and brilliant colours with the natural benefits of wood. The trend colour Sand Grey can provide relaxation and creates natural associations. The character of the wood is maintained by small, original-coloured wood fibers, which give the material its authentic appearance. The surface can be oiled, painted or sanded to achieve fascinating results. Special effects can also be achieved by milling to highlight the core colour. Furthermore, Innovus Coloured MDF Sand Grey is also available with a melamine resin coating to allow more design combinations. More

Product • By Pinta AcousticAZULEJOS A2


VISUAL LANGUAGE WITH ACOUSTIC ADDED VALUEThe stripe-like resolution of thematically grouped Image motifs in 2 - 3 material thicknesses on a carrier plate are available in 3 Rule formats available.Several selected designs are available.Individual motifs from customer pictures are possible.Version in A2 s2 d0 according to DIN EN 13501The acoustically highly effective element "Azulejos" is suitable for all Suitable for areas with high fire protection requirements. Due to mineral impregnation, the foam is non-combustible.The element is environmentally friendly as it is free of mineral fillers, CFCs and halogens."AZULEJOS" is a component of the KNOCK OUT line, which is offered by the architect Marie Aigner. More

Product • By Ideal Work SrlInnovative surfaces

Innovative surfaces

Microtopping® is a material system made of microcement, polymer and pigments. With an structural height of maximum 3 mm, it is suitable for seamless surface design for walls, floors and furnishings, such as seats, tables or lamps. Especially with regard to the living environment, an ideal choice. Because Microtopping® contains no harmful components, is certified with emission class A +, thus environmentally friendly and also very easy to clean and resistant. Microtopping® offers scope for individual structures and contemporary aesthetics in the loft style or even in the Mediterranean flair. Depending on the mixing ratio, structure and individual processing, the optics and haptics of the surface varies.It creates a unique, without the inconv... More

Product • By COMM-TECArthur Holm Bar Connect

Arthur Holm Bar Connect

Arthur Holm Bar Connect is a smart retractable connections bar, that ingeniously and comfortably integrates different types of customised connectors such as plugs, HDMI, charging USB, touchscreen controllers, RJ-45, mini-jack for audio, etc. Endless possibilities and choices within this product series offer individual connection boxes for every meeting room design concept. More

Product • By COMM-TECArthur Holm Dynamic Talk H

Arthur Holm Dynamic Talk H

Dynamic Talk H is a horizontal lift for gooseneck microphones that retracts with the push of a button. The system has been specially developed to optimise the limited space under the conferencing table. The embedded LED ring in the microphone mount visualizes the current mode of the microphone with two status lights green and red. More

Product • By COMM-TECArthur Holm Dynamic Boxlift „DB2“

Arthur Holm Dynamic Boxlift „DB2“

Arthur Holm: Bringing 4 K to the tableOur working environment has gone through radical changes in the past years; in almost the same manner our meeting culture drastically diversified due to eminent technical innovations. Modern conferencing technology needs to be flexible and intuitive to adopt to consequent furniture design and individual customers demands. Common monitor products cannot achieve this goal and cause a lack of design, inspiration and space within the conference table. Arthur DB2 is the thinnest motorised retractable monitor on the market. Monitors rise and tilt with a silent, harmonious and elegant movement, sliding down into the table with the precision that Arthur Holm is renowned for. The DB2 product range is available i... More