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Product • By OBO Bettermann GmbH & Co. KGUDHOME2


The UDHOME2 floor socket – in a slim design and a high-quality finish – provides power and data via the floor. The high-grade covers, with or without a floor covering recess, can be integrated discreetly into any type of floor covering. The UDHOME2 has room for two sockets as well as two data connections which can be routed out via the unobtrusive hinged cord outlet. More

Product • By Saint-Gobain EcophonEcophon Solo Baffle - The absorber

Ecophon Solo Baffle - The absorber

Ecophon Solo™ Baffle is now improved with new creative options. These sound absorbers come in different shapes, colours and sizes you need to fulfil your artistic ideas. From October 2018 on we will launch a new range of standard Solo Baffle hook/anchor in 1800 mm length. Completely new is Solo Baffle Wave and Solo Baffle ZigZag available in two formats each in order to create and design a living baffle ceiling. Both shapes are delivered in 1800 mm length and will be available for both Hook and Anchor. These new products can be mixed with standard straight Solo Baffles. Another completely new product offer is Solo Baffle Wall which is a standard Solo Baffle/anchor that in combination with our new Connect Baffle Wall fixing makes it possible... More

Product • By HEWImini – Reduktion an der Tür

mini – Reduktion an der Tür

mini | less is moreWith mini, HEWI redefines the term minimalism. The greatly reduced rose emphasises the clear geometry of the HEWI lever handle and presents it in a completely new light. The technology in mini sets standards. This new mounting concept makes it possible to reduce the rose to a minimum – its diameter is a mere 32 mm with an overall height of just 3 mm. The mini is available optionally with BB / PZ or WC-rose. The design of the lever handle becomes a style-defining element on the door thanks to the deliberate reduction.The purist mini design solution reduces the lever handle to what is essential, without abandoning functionality. Sophisticated design, innovative mounting concept, reliable technology, sustainable quality and... More

Product • By HEWIEdition matt | Exclusive surface

Edition matt | Exclusive surface

HEWI remains true to its line, but however always with the claim of thinking ahead with the existing concepts. Outstanding design is only created in interaction with innovative technology. For HEWI, good design means offering options. Range 477/801, for example, is now available in a mat edition in addition to high-gloss polyamide surface finishes. You can create sensuous accents which have a convincing characteristic look and a very special feel.With the matt Edition, HEWI provides a unique surface which appeals to the senses. Modularity, surface finish variety and the highest-possible design standards reflect HEWI’s understanding of first-class design. The classic 477/801 has a completely new look due to its new mat surface finish.T... More

Product • By HEWISystem 900 – Design und Funktion

System 900

System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements of barrierfree, accessible bathrooms. The products are well thought through, even down to the smallest detail – they have convincing functionality, lasting quality, clever installation technology and a hygienic design. System 900 combines puristic design with a high degree of functionality and a unique product depth. System 900 fulfils the requirements of the most diverse building types and user groups – whether it is in hospitals orretirement homes, in public buildings, in hotels or even at home.HEWI believes good design should also involve providing options. System 900 is available in stainless steel, chrome or powder-coated with a deep matt finish in white, grey or black, m... More

Product • By Markiluxmarkilux markant

markilux markant

markilux markantThe perfect accessory to make outdoor space more discerning. Our answer to the request to be able to spend as much time as possible outdoors without having to do without weather protection, comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. The innovative addition and upgrade, in particular for al fresco dining.In combination with optional lighting and infrared heaters, the open air season can thus be substantially extended. An increased feeling of well-being. An increased number of guests. Increased profit.Specifications:●    extruded aluminium, in facade quality, powder coated●    areas up to 3 x 6 m can be protected with one panel of fabric or 6 x 6 m with two panels●    th... More

Product • By Hera GmbH & Co. KGLED-2-Link


The LED-2-Link system is consistently modular and provides the user complete freedom in the design of showcases, museum and shelf illumination with sophisticated system logic. For high brilliance lighting, LED-2-Link offers a precise, customized and highly efficient lighting solution with almost unlimited possibilities.LED-2-Link Spot, LED-2-Link Pixel und LED-2-Link Flood:Miniaturized luminaires for use in various milled and mounting profiles as well as corner and showcase profiles in black and anodized aluminum. The single lighting elements are modular and can be combined with each other. As a result, various lighting effects can be realized and different exhibits can be individually illuminated.  More

Product • By emcoemco Diplomat 522 PL Maximus Image+Logo

emco Diplomat 522 PL Maximus Image+Logo

Rollable and hard-wearing premium entrance mat with extra-wide profile bars and performance insert for supported installation options. Suitable for multicolour printing of designs, logos and text. Customisable widths and walking depths available without a compensation profile. Available in any geometric shape. More

Product • By DaubyDoor handle PH2017

Door handle PH2017

The Dauby Lento collection was designed by Tom Lenaerts, a young and dynamic Belgian architect from Antwerp. According to his design, a door handle, window handle, furniture handle and furniture knob have been developed. As an all-round designer, he can handle any style, from rural chique or timeless to modern.His passion for wood and steel is the leitmotiv in his work, and he always develops every single detail of his projects, without betraying the basic idea of his creations. “The combination of the brutality of the materials offers the trendy items a characteristic look. This is what makes a Dauby door, window or furniture fitting so powerful. You’re not buying a shiny designer item, but a piece of traditional craftsmanship. As a design... More

Product • By Emco Bad GmbH & Co. KGemco asis plus

emco asis plus

With the Asis Plus, you can choose whether you’d like to finish the doors in tile or wood. Whether it blends seamlessly into your wall or creates a bold contrast, the choice is yours. All modules are frameless. They are connected directly to the protrusions from the wall, the brickwork or metal studs.Variety is key to all of the pieces in the Asis Plus range – just like the scaled-back style of the emco bathroom furnishings. This means there’s more room for storing all of your things. A free choice of materials for seamless integration into your walls – for individuality in every corner of your bathroom. More

Product • By Zublin TimberLENO®-3D


This product is usually produced as a flat component and is used in residential and commercial construction as a load-bearing element (wall/ceiling/roof). LENO-3D extends this conventional way of building (use of flat components) by the possibility to plan and realize surfaces curved in two or three dimensions. The statically load-bearing function of flat cross laminated timber components remains aalso at LENO-3D unrestricted. Due to the possibility of applying a large variety of decorative wood surfaces, there are hardly any design limits for the planners. All advantages at a glance: - slim cross-sections in comparison to concrete - fast and easy assembly times - no formwork construction necessary - significantly lower dead weight than con... More

Product • By LTGDecentral Ventilation Unit FVPpulse

Decentral Ventilation Unit FVPpulse

The transient ("breathing") decentral ventilation unit FVPpulse permits complete thermal air treatment of non-residential buildings, incl. filtering, dehumidification and heat recovery based on the patented ventilation concept LTG PulseVentilation. The unit breathes in fresh air from the outside and expels used-up exhaust air, with the exhaust heat being transferred to the cold outdoor air in winter with highest re-heating values. The decentral units permit easy implementation of individual energy-saving operating methods by the room or group, since they can be operated controlled by demand in the areas in which there actually is a need for fresh air. The transient ventilation leads to good mixture of the room air at very low air speeds and... More


textile Facade FP100

Ellermann System FP 100 provides a whole new range of design in facades. Covering window areas with our new Glas/ETFE fabrics ( fire-classification A2 ) makres interior bright light by shielding it at the same time to the View from the outside. Large textile Frames, covering even edges can be build up to sizes of 20m and a height of 5m. Glas/ETFE fabrics will provide a long lifetime-cycle to the facade wit a minimum of cleaning required. Textile Facades are great for redisigning older facades. More



Gentle lighting. Poetry for the eyes.RZB has created the TWINDOT range of LED suspended luminaires as a product family to achieve a magical lighting effect. The intention is also to achieve a magical lighting effect with minimalist form and transparent light control, which make the luminaires suitable for open use in any architectural environment. These stimulating lighting systems are also ideal for supporting the biodynamic daylight rhythm (HCL). These tunable white versions are particularly good for users’ emotional well-being.The areas of application for biodynamic lighting range from office, conference and reception areas to healthcare and private household use.System concept and design: Hartmut S. Engel More

Product • By Kaindl44405 DP Schiefergrau / Slate grey

44405 DP Slate grey

Mineral surfaces in combination with other materials are meanwhile an indispensable component of furniture and interior design. Innovation leader Kaindl of Salzburg has included the popular combo in its Metal Art decors of the BOARDS LEAD collection. Our decorative boards go hand in hand with a surface structure that lends the product additional authenticity through a specifically designed surface feel. In this particular case we applied a DP structure to our Metal Art decors. The structure harmonises perfectly with our "Metal Design Developments" to create an impressive overall finish.These products focus on the following metallic colour decor variations:44408 DP Copper bronze | 44405 DP Slate grey | 34321 DP OxideThey radiate the ext... More