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Product • By Flair Showers LimitedAYO


The AYO wetroom panel is the perfect solution for any corner showering space or bath replacement, it's designed to provide maximum versatility as you personalise your dream shower space.This 2 metre high walk-in collection satisfies the trend towards the minimalist glass-on-glass look that is much desired for the bathroom. AYO offers an array of fixture innovations such as sleek countersunk profiles and stylish ceiling stabilising bars.With an almost infinite number of wetroom configurations available, AYO wetroom panels combine effortlessly to create yourbespoke shower sanctuary.The innovation of AYO is the variety and choice of wall fixtures and stabilising bars available for a personal approach.As standard across the AYO collection the g... More

Product • By VOLIMEA GmbH & Cie. KGExterio Lotus Facade coating

Exterio Lotus Facade coating

Exterio Lotus is a line of products from Volimea, which is especially suitable for facades and outdoor areas. The façade coating consists of high-quality and above all natural materials and ingredients, whereby it not only achieves an intensive colour depth, but also impresses primarily through its long service life.Ecology plays an increasingly important role in modern architecture and home design. Thus, sustainability and ecological aspects have become part of people's visions of the future. In addition, chemical ingredients can cause long-term damage to health and harm people. We would like to avoid this by using only natural ingredients for our Exterio Lotus façade coating, thus creating an ecological awareness.Due to the... More

Product • By Triflex BVTriflex ProDeck OS11 a/b

Triflex ProDeck OS11 a/b

Triflex ProDeckOS 11a/b parking deck coating systemStrong hold for long lifeTriflex ProDeck is suitable for surfaces with high mechanical loads designed. Due to the innovative special reinforcement, thrust and Shear forces, which are particularly important in tight curves and ramps, are are diverted into the surface. Due to the exclusive use of high-quality PMMA resins in the entire system structure is a chemical bond is achieved, which is also fully compatible with to the substrate. Cracks or even full-surface detachments are from the substrate is effectively prevented. More

Product • By PenederHIGHLINE FLAT ZERO


The flush steel door for interior use combines high architectural standards with technical requirements for comfort and safety. Thanks to internal door hinges, integrated closer or operator and flush door leaf, the multifunctional door becomes a purist design element in any building.The flush glass cut-out gives the simple door a special elegance and also prevents dust or dirt deposits. Hidden functions such as fire protection, smoke protection, burglary protection, sound insulation and electromechanical components can be individually combined to provide the best possible security. More



The basic product consists of recycled PET material, which can now be designed in all RAL and NCS colours using a special subsequent coating process and can be ideally integrated into an overall colour concept. At the same time, it retains its full acoustic spectrum, which in the past often lost its effect due to the coating. In addition, the base plate can now also be processed in a cutting process in such a way that, for example, round surfaces can be unwound by means of special cutting, or folds can be created in almost any conceivable shape. Thus, acoustic panels can be produced in a wide range of design possibilities, away from round or rectangular standard shapes. More

Product • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsMOSO Bamboo X-treme Curved decking

MOSO Bamboo X-treme Curved decking

Curved decking has many advantages over conventional planks. " Curved" means that the surface is slightly convex and planed smooth. Visually different from a normal one, hardly distinguishable from smooth planed outdoor floorboards, the new MOSO Bamboo X-treme but with some very practical advantages: Due to the slight, central cant of 1.5 mm water runs off immediately, so that the coverings - for example after rain - dry again quickly and become less dirty. The crowning also pays off during installation: therefore - unlike conventional outdoor floorboards - during installation a gradient should be avoided. More

Product • By KUNEXSliding door with PUSHTOP fitting

Sliding door with PUSHTOP fitting

Sliding door with PUSHTOP fitting: door leaf can be completely retracted into the wall reveal by pressing. By pressing again, the door leaf is pushed out of the opening and the shell handle is accessible (no need to pull the front handle) More



The Grad Concept allows wooden or porcelain stoneware decking boards to be laid by simply "clipping" them together.Our system offers an optical and constructive terrace by a screwless hold of the planks. This results in a perfect joint pattern thanks to our pre-assembled clips which simplify the positioning of the planks.Each plank can be dismantled individually. Thanks to our special dismantling keys, the degree clips can be removed without damage and can thus be reinstalled. More

Product • By GlutzTURN - motor lock with smartdoor

TURN - motor lock with smartdoor

Glutz motor lock in conjunction with smartdoor TURN - the world's smallest door driveThe Glutz motor lock in combination with smartdoor TURN, the world's smallest door drive, offers secure and contactless door locking. The design features an elegant aluminium housing and can be anodised in any desired colour. The cabling between motor lock and door drive allows for mutual control. Whether by push-button or motion detector, the door opens without touching and thus facilitates barrier-free access. The innovation impresses with its simple and quick installation with plug & play, auto-learning and parameterisation via app. Thanks to its compact design, any mechanical door closer can be replaced. Simple retrofitting and maintenance-free oper... More

Product • By Breitwieser Stone World"Wonda" Siphonless washbasin

"Wonda" Siphonless washbasin

"Wonda" Siphonless washbasin made of natural stoneThe WONDA washbasin system offers a completely new possibility to make your bathroom and WC unique. The unmistakable design of the washbasin is characterised above all by the integration of the water and waste water connections in the built-in box. This means that only the washbasin is visible, which gives the construction a very special charm and aesthetics.Furthermore, the basin was developed with all needs in mind, which also makes it a product suitable for the disabled.There are no limits to the choice of product material -it can be made of ceramic, plastic, stainless steel or stone On request, it can also be made in any special size and design. More

Product • By Atmos AkustikATMOtex WOOD


Acoustically effective combination of recycled PET and wood!Highly absorbent composite panel system also for self-assembly on ceilings and walls. The unique combination of flame-retardant 10mm recycled PET supports and resource-saving, 7mm thick wooden slats not only gives a natural look but also a perfect acoustic room climate. With a construction thickness of only 17mm, ATMOS Akustik accommodates a class A absorber with a freely selectable optical appearance. 3 standard elements with optional regular or irregular spacing can be extended according to customer requirements. The arrangement of the domestic silver fir lamellas allows an endless installation without any visible joint edges. More

Product • By HL HUTTERER & LECHNERHL570 FlexBox

HL570 FlexBox

HL570 Flexbox at a glance:Complete process structured according to construction phases in carcass, sealing and completion setSimple installation due to height-adjustable body shell and subsequent height adjustmentCompensation of lateral deviations of up to 4 cm (plus/minus 2 cm from the centre) between the unfinished part and the shower tray using Flex elementMultiple lip seal and round designsafe integration into the composite sealingtight connection to the body shellsubsequent control of moisture formation under the shower traysafe access to the drain pipe through removable siphon insertTechnical details of the HL570 Flexbox:Installation height: 100 to 250 mmDrainage capacity: 0.5 l/sCover Dimensions: Ø 113 More

Product • By amadeus by AmariExclusive sliding element

Exclusive sliding element

Exclusive sliding element with integrated insect screen up to 4m height.amadeus sliding elements are a connection between inside and outside, between elegance and beauty, between dream and reality. amadeus sliding elements with large surfaces and frameless sliding elements make modern living concepts in exclusive architecture come true.To give you the pleasure of natural ventilation and a maximum view, we have developed a unique fly screen. It impresses with a special glass fibre and colour structure and the possible dimensions of 4,000 mm height and 1,500 mm span. In combination with amadeus it is also absolutely invisible. More

Product • By BauderBauderECO F

BauderECO F

When biomass becomes insulating material.The insulation core of BauderECO F consists largely of biomass and recycled materials. Together, these two components give the highest insulation performance (lambda = 0.023/0.024 W/mk) with the lowest energy and raw material consumption. This means that the thinnest element thickness meets the highest requirements for thermal insulation. Added to this are the low weight and high compressive strength.The top layer on both sides is breathable and consists of lime from shells, which are waste products in the food industry, in combination with glass fleece.The all-round stepped seam ensures that the insulated surface is free of thermal bridges. This is also fulfilled with single-layer installation. More

Product • By HABISREUTINGERDuraPatina invisible laying

DuraPatina invisible laying

DuraPatina is a maintenance-free wooden façade. The maintenance-free nature is based on an oxidative process and prevents an uneven appearance over the years, whether in weathered or non-weathered areas. The façade is available in all technically feasible profiles. There are five colour shades, which correspond to the natural greying tones. New is a non-visible installation for vertical and horizontal mounting. DuraNatur characterises the natural colour tone of the wood. A special oil-based pigmentation significantly delays the greying of the wood. The wood is highly water-repellent and protected against surface fungus. New colour shades have been developed due to the high demand. More