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With the PROLED PLASTIC COVERS BLACKwe offer you more design possibilities for linear lighting designs together with the PROLED ALUMINIUM PROFILES.If the light is switched off the PROLED PLASTIC COVER is totally black. If you switch on the LED strip the black line changes to an illuminated line. More

Product • By MOSAICO+Jointed and Diamond


Jointed and Diamond are the new collections that symbolises the Mosaico+ revolution, superseding the modularity of the mosaic chip and its repetition across the surface In Jointed, the 5x5 cm chip is engraved with a graphic motif providing the basis for 5 different types of decoration, through the potential for breaking down every single element in 5 different ways. The random composition of each of the subdivided chips transforms the simple surface into a complex array, varying depending on the way the sheets are installed, which may be repetitive or in a random layout. The personalisation continues with the option of using a tone-on-tone grout or a contrasting one, to enhance the material’s vibrancy. Diamond is first and foremost grout, t... More

Product • By KOCH MEMBRANENcolumn cladding

column cladding

Design and function. The column cladding combines in a unique way the cladding of different column shapes, is made of sound-absorbing fabric and can be backlit by means of customisable LED technology. This improves the room acoustics and creates atmosphere both in new buildings and when retrofitting. More

Product • By Sans Soucie Art Glass StudiosBespoke Glass Lighting with Nanocoating

Bespoke Glass Lighting with Nanocoating

A few samples of our work. We customize our designs, production and installation to meet your project specifications. Based in Prague, CZ. More

Product • By StorenmaterialVANTA


In comparison to the regular venetian blind, the VANTA has an improved darkening function. Thru the cleavage between blind and guiding rail and the punchings, barely any light passes through because they are covered by the blinds. More

Product • By EternitEternit Vintago

Eternit Vintago

Eternit Vintago – new surface features, vibrancy through structureThe mineral material of fiber cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural authentic, lively and unique look. The sanding process using a coarse grit produces a natural, raw surface that highlights the original purity of the fiber cement panels. In interplay between light and shadow, characteristic irregularities and nuances in tone accentuate the uniqueness of each product.Vintago is a through colored fiber cement panel. Selection of size, cut and color offers a full range of combinations. This gives both the exterior and interior of a building a multifaceted and esthetically beautiful look. The Vintago color spectrum includes ten compatible tones ranging fr... More

Product • By EternitEternit floor

Eternit floor

Eternit floor – Swiss Innovation with Swiss raw materialsEternit (Schweiz) AG has developed a high-quality flooring system with a high level of quality awareness, respect for nature and a keen sense for the needs of its customers, which builds on the good properties of mineral slabs and creates lasting value. The natural quality flooring is dimensionally stable, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant and scratch-resistant. Eternit Floor is manufactured in Switzerland and consists of natural domestic raw materials. The result: an authentic floor that is free of harmful substances creates an excellent indoor climate and improves the ecological balance of buildings. More

Product • By RuedersägeTIGA and DEKORA wooden facade system

TIGA and DEKORA wooden facade system

If all the components of a system perfectly intermesh, one can of one speak high-quality solution. Exactly this claim stood with the Development of the two façade systems TIGA and DEKORA in the foreground.High quality natural wood of the Ruedersäge meets the perfect fastener. More

Product • By Akustik & Innovation gmbhSmartPerf

SmartPerf acoustic panel

SmartPerf is a highly absorbent platte. By simply cutting it to size, (almost) all acoustic products can be manufactured: Ceiling sails, pictures, furniture, etc.The recycleable polyester core is coated with microperforated laminate. SmartPerf is stable yet lightweight, free of fine dust particles, easy to clean and does not require a frame. SmartPerf is printable and can also be produced with a microperforated leather or cork layer. More

Product • By MGT Mayer GlastechnikMGT-INFIX


The concealed holder for shingled glass facadesThe newly developed and patented mounting system MGT infix enables the execution of shingled glass facades without visibleSupport structure. More

Product • By HABAHABA Decoplate

HABA Decoplate

HABA Decoplate is an absolutely weather-resistant, cut by band saw aluminium plate made of the alloy AlMg3 (5754) with an unmistakable surface structure. The sheets are available in a wide range of colours and are used as cladding panels, interior fittings and designer plates. More



New LAMBERTS LINIT U Glas surface structure PRISMASOLAR PRISMASOLAR is the new addition to the LAMBERTS LINIT product range. Our LINIT product range has evolved from a standard industrial glazing product to a compound of fine architecture, which is used by many top architects worldwide. This evolution drives us at LAMBERTS to constantly improve our products in terms of design and functionality. Due to the fact that the marked demands better u-values, we also found ways to do so. Depending on on-site requirements most values can be achieved by our products and can now be as low as 0,53 W/m²K, always keeping aesthetics and design in mind.Because of these and other measures we can proudly say that projects we are part of win renowned p... More

Product • By Megasol EnergieSOLARCOLOR


Glass surface, color, intensity: SOLARCOLOR allows for defining and unambiguously recording all visual requirements towards solar modules. The system facilitates standardized costing and the transparent cooperation between all actors involved in the construction project.SOLARCOLOR bridges the gap between common color systems (e.g. RAL or NCS) and the purely technical specifications of solar modules – because the SOLARCOLOR definition includes not only the color value and brightness, but also texture and the glass’s surface structure. Possible performance alterations caused by the coloring are also taken into account. Therefore, it ensures reliability: Every design variant can be reproduced at any given time.SOLARCOLOR is intended for archit... More

Product • By MABALUXLiquid Line 3D & Ringo Star Cluster

Liquid Line 3D & Ringo Star Cluster

Liquid Line 3d is currently the most flexible light line for professional building lighting. The individual components can be executed as straight lines, arcs or waves. In addition to these standard components customized radii are feasible.With Ringo-Star Cluster, unlimited combinations are possible. More

Product • By ZZ WANCORURBAN cladding tile

URBAN cladding tile

To turn visions into reality, Urban cladding tiles are manufactured specifically for each project. Working in close collaboration with the architect, their wishes and the options available are explored with regard to colour, surface treatment and format. There are almost unlimited possibilities with the colour and surface design. More