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Project • By MUA - Architecture & PlacemakingHotels

Fabrika Tbilisi

The SiteFabrika is located in a historic neighborhood which has been a central but less popular part of the city. Before the revitalization of the place, the building of the sewing factory that was operating during the soviet time was abandoned for the decades with no use to the neighborhood and society. The district was also unpopular as the destination for travelers or locals. The starting point was to analyze the urban context where the project could bring multiple benefits for the area: increase its publicity and influence the economic and social life of the neighborhood. Creation of a new hotspot and thus, improving the attractiveness of the area was one of the main objectives.Fabrika has become unique experience for Tbilisi in the con... More

Project • By Natura Futura ArquitecturaCities


Intermediate Production Space: The commune seeks to maintain a constant dialog with the development of the city through the various activities that develop on the inside and outside of the proposal, generating a broker to facilitate processes of productive chain and promote the undertaking of users (owners).The project has an area on the ground floor which serves as storage space and classification to improve the conditions of productivity of the family. Complementing with the design of containers in order to facilitate the recycling process, they are differentiated by the color applied to each structure. These artifacts are located in strategic places of the city.Huaquillas forms part of the border south of the Equator, his neighbor A... More