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Project • By PLASMA STUDIOUrban Green Spaces

Ban Xue Gang Art Center

The vitality of the cities derives from the participation of people, while the enthusiasm of people is highly related to the openness and the ecological environment of the public spaces.A first-class art centre should not only be a space for people to appreciate art, but also be a place where people can get close to nature, experiencing the urban life.The concept started with the combination of human and nature. Taking the Golden Mountain Park, which is the most important local natural element into consideration, we had a deep analysis of our site, including water runoff, view, traffic and land use of surrounding area. Then we shaped the ground in our site, starting from the Golden Mountain Park.The aim of the design strategy is to foster t... More

Project • By KANTOORArt Galleries

Unfolding NPAK - Centre for Contemporary Art

Unfolding NPAK – KANTOOR receives Jury-Mention for renovation proposal for the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art.KANTOOR, a Colombian-Dutch architecture studio based in Beijing, proposes an intervention to open up the Armenian Centre of Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK). A new building volume wraps around the building and cuts through the site to open up the building to the city and create new public spaces in both interior and exterior. Yerevan has a long history of multiple nationalities, religions and ethnicities residing in the current land of Armenia, all leaving behind a piece of their culture.  Simultaneously a large number of diaspora live outside of Armenia bringing the Armenian culture abroad... More

Project • By LS/Architecture&StrategiesExhibitions

Ecosmosis Exhibition Installation design

Location: Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, Athens. Groundfloor gallery.Surface area: 650 sqm.‘Ecosmosis’ explores the transdisciplinary field of experimental spatial practice. It is an art installation environment where twelve video-projections on floor interact with visitors on an audio and visual level. Videos present ecological design projects. ‘Ecosmosis’ environment looks at social ecosystems, the visual manifestation of people coming together forming collective entities. The interactive display of the videos generates a plan with square-patterns of active and inactive zones, offers information, and evokes play and surprise.Exhibition installation design principles:- To create an entrance area reflecting ‘Eco-osmosis,’ and a main dark... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalArt Galleries

CCAN - Nottingham Contemporary

Caruso St John were selected to design Nottingham’s new Centre for Contemporary Art through an international competition in 2004. The artistic ambition of the project, encompassing object based visual art and time based performance art, has its origins in the artist run spaces of down town New York in the late 1960s, and in the work of artists like Gordon Matta Clark and Trisha Brown, whose work was directly engaged with the spaces of the city. The site for the new building is in a part of central Nottingham called the Lace Market, whose history and built form has parallels with the cast iron district of New York, giving the Centre a loose cultural connection to its site. In our design, we set out to offer a wide range of interiors that... More