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Product • By SonogammaPOAL


A highly porous sound absorbing aluminium sheet, made of non-woven aluminium fibres pressed between two aluminium meshes. POAL is suitable for interior- and exterior applications as wall or ceiling cladding. The sheet is easily workable, washable, mo... More

Product • By SonogammaCalme


A highly porous sound absorbing sheet of pure aluminium. Washable, water- and chlorineproof, fireproof, recyclable. Calme can easily be manipulated and is convenient for ceiling or wall cladding in both indoors and outdoors applications, or for sound... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGViClean shower toilets

ViClean shower toilets

ViClean – intimate hygiene at the press of a button   Water stands for purity, a pleasurable experience for body and soul. It is invigorating, refreshing and reviving. And, of course, we also use its natural cleanliness for our daily hyg... More

Product • By DormakabaDORMA ST FLEX Secure Sliding Door

DORMA ST FLEX Secure Sliding Door

Sliding door with anti-intruder protection The ST FLEX Secure automatic sliding door system from DORMA has been especially designed to provide maximum security. The system offers an unparalleled level of security and meets the increasing demand... More

Product • By Vyva FabricsKisho


Kisho is a collection project vinyl developed using a unique and exclusive technique which creates a refined dimensional appearance. Kisho is made with a 100% recycled Hi-Loft backing. The Kisho collection offers materials which are suitable for... More

Product • By Vyva FabricsJinx


Jinx is a collection project vinyl developed using a unique and exclusive technique which creates a refined dimensional appearance. The Jinx collection offers materials which are suitable for upholstery of cushions, chairs, sofa’s, wall covering a... More

Product • By DEKKO lighting NederlandTabLED


TabLED This unique wall table made by Wolfram combines minimalistic design with modern technique. Tabled is produced of aluminium and saves you electricity. The strong wall table is equipped with a high quality led reading lamp and an ultra flat... More

Product • By CleafDecoLegno - ShakerDoors

DecoLegno - ShakerDoors

DecoLegno - ShakerDoors Cleaf's Expertise and research has led to the ShakerDoors system. The starting point was to come to a simple to assemble and to apply front simultaneously remarkably versatile, functional and aesthetically effective. Shake... More

Product • By Crestron InternationalTSW-1050 Flush Mount Kit

TSW-1050 Flush Mount Kit

The TSW-1050-FMKT flush mount kit is an optional accessory for use with a Crestron® TSW-1050 10.1” touch screen. It is designed for a flush installation of a TSW-1050 touch screen onto a concrete/brick wall and drywall. The TSW-1050-FMKT securely mou... More

Product • By Daloc Security DoorsDaloc Security Door

Daloc Security Door

The main reason for switching to Daloc Security Doors in your apartment is to feel safe. They also give you a better and quieter residential environment. Replacing your old apartment door with a modern security door is becoming more common and per... More

Product • By CosentinoDekton by Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton by Cosentino for extraordinary kitchen worktops Whether it’s hot pans, spilled oil or wine, grease stains or knife scratches, a Dekton kitchen countertop can handle it all. The technical characteristics and excellent performance of Dekton ma... More

Product • By Carrieres Du HainautEnoTouch®


Carrières du Hainaut® presents EnoTouch®, the new deep grey-blue finish that beautifully highlights the unique features of authentic bluestone. Its smooth, soft surface gives this stone a satin look that makes it particularly suited to interior appli... More

Product • By CanonPersonalised and customised interior design

Personalised and customised interior design

Companies and consumers are constantly investigating the possibilities for a more personalised and customised interior design. With Canon’s innovative printing techniques adding creative value, which starts in the design phase, becomes child’s play.... More