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Product • By ASSA ABLOY Entrance SystemsAlbany RR3000 ISO

Albany RR3000 ISO

Functionality, simplicity and sustainability. These are features architects and property developers put into their designs. The new Albany RR3000 ISO high performance door combines them all. The 50mm thick, thermal insulated door panel features a... More

Product • By BencoreHexaben™


Hexaben is a composite panel with aluminum honeycomb core lined with Acrylic or PETG resin external layers. The honeycomb can have a cell diameter of 9mm or 25mm. The applications are countless: tables, partition walls, doors, ceilings and many oth... More

Product • By BencoreLightben™


Lightben™ is an ultra-light composite panel produced bonding a core made of Polycarbonate transparent cylinders to external layers in Acrylic in various finishes and several standard colours. More

Product • By BencoreStarlight™


Composite panel with inner patented macro-cellular translucent core in SAN or Policarbonate bonded with external layers in Acrylic offered in various finishes and standard colours. More

Product • By OWAOWAconsult collection

OWAconsult collection

Modern architecture needs ever more individual solutions in the realisation of its functional and formal demands in interiors. OWA has greatly expanded and systematically differentiated its product line in recent years, particularly in the direction... More

Product • By MetaglasMethermo XL

Methermo XL

Metaglas introduces the Methermo XL electric vertically sliding windows. This innovate window consists of two glass panels, of which the upper panel slides down. This results in opening position is a glass balustrade. The new sliding window is electr... More

Product • By M+N ProjectenREVOLUTION® "glare control fabrics made from plants"

REVOLUTION® "glare control fabrics made from plants"

REVOLUTION® is a fabric made from PLA (polylactic acid), an ingenious bio-polymer that is 100% extracted from annually renewable vegetable raw materials rather than from oil. REVOLUTION® meets the same performance standards as the conventional sunscr... More



LustroliteTM is the superior high gloss decorative panel for shower and bathroom walls. It comes in a seven different designer colours and is manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and technology that delivers high quality and high performance.... More

Product • By PYRASIED XTREME ACRYLICVersato® Fabric Inside

Versato® Fabric Inside

Versato® Fabric Inside is a small, fine collection of lamé fabrics that are permanent casted in clear acrylic. It´s a beautiful sheet with a gloss surface, which is easy to use and maintain as wall covering. Each sheet is unique because the way the f... More

Product • By D LINEBarrier Free System

Barrier Free System

Barrier Free System – a line of products that is setting new standards for the future NEW!: d line, the innovative leader of architectural hardware since 1971, founded on Knud Holscher’s strong design philosophy, is proud to present Barrier Free,... More

Product • By SCHREUDER & COAlias Blindate

Alias Blindate

Wing Wall is a minimalistic doorsystem for security doors of the Italian brand Alias Blindate. For both interior as front doors Alias Blindate has embrased style and design and meets the highest European standards for security doors. Wing is not o... More

Product • By SCHREUDER & COModulWERK


With a high quality door in a minimalistic frame finish ModulWERK scores in design. The doorframe only shows a sharp thin line in metal finish or can be coloured in the same colour as the door. Two options are possible: ModulWERK 1.0 has a minima... More

Product • By Steuler-FliesenLaps


LAPS radiates sophisticated elegance and offers a spectacular base for your ideas. What‘s unique is that it overlaps and doesn‘t have any visible joints. Each LAPS is handmade and one of a kind. Simplicity was yesterday. LAPS is the dawn of a new era... More

Product • By LTS LICHT & LEUCHTEN GMBHTrentino


The TRENTINO LED luminaire family offered by LTS is now complete: The floor , pendant and ceiling mounted luminaires have now been complemented with wall mounted luminaires. The TRENTINO office line has been consistently designed for use with LE... More

Product • By ARPA INDUSTRIALE S.p.A.FENIX NTM® Nano Tech Matt Material

FENIX NTM® Nano Tech Matt Material

FENIX NTM® - a super opaque nanotech material - is an innovative interior design product, created by Arpa Industriale, that combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance. It is suitable for both vertical and hor... More