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Product • By Plastica Plaat BVElements


Elements Cladding is a stable, durable, clearwood cladding. Created from clear, chemically preserved sapwood, and engineered with a patented vertical grain construction. Elements is available in five beautiful, natural colours, factory coated. Factor... More

Product • By Formica GroupFORMICA® Washroom Collection

FORMICA® Washroom Collection

The new FORMICA® Washroom Collection is a fresh and on-trend collection, offering a valuable, one-stop resource of quality Formica® products for architects, designers and manufacturers of commercial and public washrooms and related environments.... More

Product • By CadezARC+ X9 architecture software

ARC+ X9 architecture software

Those who are looking for a complete solution to design both interior and architecture are invited to have a good look at ARC + software. ARC + supports all design stages. 3D modeling, high-end rendering and 2D CAD in one solution. X9 offers light so... More

Product • By Zorg Plus SchuifdeursystemenZorgplus Slidingdoor Systems

Zorgplus Slidingdoor Systems

Zorg Plus sliding door systems, applicable as pocket or parallel to wall sliding door, is a very compact system. The system can be delivered either for manual or electrical operation. Zorg Plus is fire rated 30 or 60 minutes according to EN 1634. By... More

Product • By Wood & WashiTurnalux


Turnalux connects functionality and creating a warm atmosphere by use of wooden slats in a refined and patented technique. The 40 and 78mm wooden slats are individually adjustable in 3 different positions. This makes controlling the lighting in a sp... More

Product • By Nordic SilenceTwister acoustic wall panel

Twister acoustic wall panel

Twister is an acoustic panel where the end layer is of wool felt. It is a product from the Danish company Fraster. The base of Twister is an aluminium frame filled with a special acoustic polyester layer of 20 or 40 mm called ecoSUND. The top layer i... More

Product • By Nordic SilenceLOD acoustic lamellas

LOD acoustic lamellas

The LOD acoustic lamella is a modular system of square shaped lamellas for dividing open spaces and landscape offices. LOD combines three functions in one: acoustics, room dividing and transparency. And therfore LOD is a perfect solution to deal wit... More

Product • By Nordic SilenceKULA absorber/diffuser

KULA absorber/diffuser

KULA is a range of acoustic absorbers from the Icelandic brand Bryndis Bolladottir. KULA catches you at first sight. KULA is minimalistic yet playful and sculptural at the same time. The shape of the half bullit is very basic. That is why KULA fits i... More

Product • By PVD CONCEPTWhite Line Nis

White Line Nis

After its introduction in 2006, WHITE LINE has found an established position on the market. Thanks to several participations to architect@work -where our new products were presented—we have been able to continually broaden our dealernetwork. True to... More

Product • By LuxlightCrystall glass

Crystall glass

Luxlight, producer of the largest skylight for flat roofs of houses, introduces Crystall glass. This crystal clear glass allows for natural light and a permanent clear view outside. It is the next step towards maximum daylight illumination. More

Product • By CleafPrimoFiore


Leather is not made, it is grown. A natural product with all its features and nuances. It breathes, is warm and has natural features that the charm and beauty of leather confirms. The TSS and HPL by PrimoFiore by Cleaf leave this experience even more... More

Product • By LOGLI MASSIMODefender DF450 & DFS01

Defender DF450 & DFS01

Aluminum profile for all-glass balustrades: - EXTREMELY ROBUST - NO NEED FOR GLASS HOLES - INSTALLATION WITHOUT WEDGES - COMPLETE ANODIZING PROTECTION - EASY AND FAST FITTING Lightweight and extremely strong-patented system. Predrilled for ba... More

Product • By Krona KoblenzK2O


K2O is the new sliding door of KRONA KOBLENZ: the system where design and elegance are exalted by the structural technology and by the technical solutions which characterize this new product. K2O adorns the sliding door, thanks to the two circular ro... More

Product • By Krona KoblenzEGO KUADRO


EGO KUADRO is a new frameless design, where the door will be seen as a volume in 3D, as an embossed design. This system, with a totally innovative design, provides a new welded frame that gives a very high strength, and a series of innovations suc... More

Product • By Kobe Interior DesignTombre CS

Tombre CS

Tombre CS is a yarn dyed 100% Trevira CS curtain fabric, featuring a multicoloured big scale pattern inspired by an abstract twist on leaves. It is woven in jacquard with spun yarns in warp and 2 types of dyed yarns in weft, spun and filament. This u... More