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Product • By NedZink B.V.NedZink NOVA

NedZink NOVA

NedZink NOVA is pre-weathered titanium zinc with a matte, subtle brushed surface in a natural medium-grey colour. The uniform medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process. No coatin... More

Product • By Entra BVBIΘV®: doorhandles that last a lifetime

BIΘV®: doorhandles that last a lifetime

BIΘV®: Bioecologic Ion Overlay is a surface treatment applied on door and window accessories based on PVD (physical vapour deposition) technology that forms a film around the product to protect it from atmospheric agents and wear for at least 25 year... More

Product • By NCS by ELSCOLABNCS Album

NCS Album

The NCS Album 1950, our most luxury NCS design tool, makes it very easy to combine, compare, visualize and present colours in a professional way. The NCS Album is divided into two binders. The binders contain 1950 removable A9 NCS colour samples,... More

Product • By NCS by ELSCOLABNCS Block

NCS Block

Creating original and creative colour combinations will never been easier with use of the NCS Block. The NCS Block 1950 contains all the 1950 NCS standard colours divided in 9 small pocket-sized colour fan decks. Designers, interior architects,... More

Product • By JUNG / HATEHAA Classic Shows One’s Colours

A Classic Shows One’s Colours

Timeless architecture and outstanding furniture design: Le Corbusier was one of the most famous architects of the 20th century. His work continues to have a significant influence on architecture and design today. Just as important as the floor plan a... More

Product • By JUNG / HATEHAThe Jung Smart Radio

The Jung Smart Radio

As an alarm clock, musical background in the bathroom or as breakfast entertainment, the new Jung Smart Radio is a faithful companion throughout the day. The appeal of the Jung Smart Radio in switch design is in its black or white touch display a... More

Product • By Oty LightOTY POP Ring Pull

OTY POP Ring Pull

LOHD : Led Oty High Density LOHD : a led development engineered by Oty. A special nano technology filter increases the frequency of electromagnetic waves, amplifies the density of led light omitted, improving the lighting performances in the p... More

Product • By DessoFuse


The combination or Fuse and Fields allows for endless creative expression with statement floors – or can be used to simply delineate different areas to great effect. The colour combinations of Fuse merges two distinctive hues from the uni-coloured F... More

Product • By DaubyPure Plus

Pure Plus

The Pure Plus collection consists of bathroom as well as kitchen accessories, ranging from a towel ring to a toilet brush holder. This line is cast in an authentic way in sand moulds and then refined by hand. That finish is highly important: the cra... More

Product • By PARKETFABRIEK LIEVERDINKFibonacci floors

Fibonacci floors

In all its simplicity, nature is more complicated than we think. Relationships in nature form a decisive factor in its beauty. This apparent pure, simple, but at the same time very complex Structure has inspired us to make a special flooring.... More


CHARENTE XO floors and walls

This unique oak is over 70 years old and is meticulously collected for us and provided a with region certificate of origin. Charente XO is characterized wit hits exceptional appearance. The oak is prolonged exposed to all weather conditions, to... More

Product • By LICHT NLForm.h44


-Multifunctional system for direct and indirect light components - Indirect linear T16 and LED lighting components - Direct control.x track section can be equipped individually with spot-lights - 5Y Hoffmeister system guarantee More

Product • By LICHT NLControl.x


-Controlable VDE complying 3(5) – circuit track -Control cable (touch-safe) might be used as 4th/5th circuit -For all Dali and standard adapters -Push-wire terminals or simple assembly -Patented -5Y Hoffmeister system guarantee. More



-3 sizes (100/150/200) -2 designs (with rim/flush with ceiling) -3 light characteristics for LED/MH and LV-lamps (down light/Lens Wall washer/Directional spot) -IP20 and IP65 rated -5Y Hoffmeister system guarantee More



Decors from the past; the tiles of the serie Deco d’Antan are produced by Tagina Italy. This serie is based on ancient geometrical en flowerdecors and can be used for indoor and outdoor floorings and walls. More