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Project • By balbek bureauHotels


It is difficult to describe BURSA in one word. It is not just a hotel or a restaurant, not a bar or an art gallery. It is all of the above, a bespoke hotel complex fitted comfortably into a mix of centuries-old buildings in historical and cultural center of Kyiv – Podil.Our very first meeting with BURSA’s founder was an instant ‘click’, followed by months of panning, designing and building.  Our shared vision - to create a conceptual space with its own philosophy – has materialized as a unique place with distinctive design and multiple functionalities.  Two buildings – a hundred and a two hundred years old - were completely refurbished and, together with a newly erected modern block, integrated into a single complex, thus creating... More



Terrazzo with coarse chippingsThe coarse-grained marble aggregate is the connecting element between the individual slabs and colours. The Carrara chippings make the floor appear lighter and flatter and at the same time robust and insensitive. Floors are created as in the Bauhaus period and the 1920s. More

Product • By Another HumanTubular Bookshelves

Tubular Bookshelves

The tubular bookshelf by Another Human is an extension of the Tubular family of products that was introduced in 2017 with the tubular magazine rack. Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus furniture and the Eames storage unit, the tubular bookshelves are powder coated in vibrant, glossy candy red and cobalt blue colors, and the shelves feature an oversized perforation pattern reminiscent of giant blocks of Lego.Size (small): 24"W x 14"D x 48"HSize (large): 24"W x 14"D x 63"HMaterial: powder coated steel More



FSB provides the wherewithal for fitting handles of consistent design and material to doors and windows everywhere from cellar to loft. FSB’s new plug-in handles for internal doors and windows embody the same principle. The formal and functional qualities of FSB’s new handle come into their own wherever, in keeping with the adage “less is more”, particular store is set by great design and unobtrusive elegance. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who went down in history as one of the most important architects of the modern age, was likewise an adherent of “less is more”. Coinciding with the centenary of the Bauhaus, FSB is paying tribute to the revered master with a new door-lever model, FSB 1267, that is also available as a plug-in handle for doors.... More

Project • By DOMB ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Simple house 1 - new minimalism

The design of the private home goes back 100 years to the beginning of the last century, to the modernist thinking of the "Bauhaus" movement.Design while dealing with the social, economic and cultural structure of society and creating an architecture of simple, industrialized, recycled and cheap structures.This is part of a series of projects that interest us very much - while creating interest in its simplicity.We want to reduce the burden of design (pollution) and create simple structures that do not burden the environment and its culture - to reduce the load of shapes, volumes, and colors to a minimum" ... in order to maintain environmental quiet.". "The basic materials - aluminum and glass. Colors are white "quiet colorsThe water,... More

Product • By ISOMOGropius


Due to the balanced orthogonal shape, GROPIUS presents itself as a high-quality piece of architecture for the interior. Four interwoven square shapes, three of which are acoustic absorption panels and one lighting unit, are processed according to well-balanced proportions into a rigid composition that refers to the principles of architectural modernism. The diffuse light effect is powerful enough to be functional, and at the same time soft enough to accentuate the high-quality texture of the flocked Basotect. The design lends itself for installation on both ceilings and walls, and can also be used modularly, combining multiple units into more large-scale configurations.Walter Gropius founded Bauhaus in 1919, an art and architecture school w... More

Project • By wulf architekten GmbHPrimary Schools

Four primary schools in modular design

The pedagogical concept of the “Munich Learning House” (Münchener Lernhaus) is the starting point for the development of an intelligent and constructively mature learning house module that consists of four classrooms each, two interconnected rooms for full-day care and a working area for teaching and support staff which are arranged in a circle around a central communal space. All rooms have a direct exit to the outside area through the walkways surrounding the rooms which creates an unrestricted use of the entire learning house in compliance with fire protection policy. The four primary schools with full-day care are located on the former military compound on Ruth- Drexel-Strasse in Oberföhring and in the Bauhaus Square in Schwabing as wel... More

Project • By SOVAApartments


The OOOO project for an apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria from SOVA is realized in the summer of 2018. The design carries the spirit of the Bauhaus movement, originating in the beginning of the 20th century, whose thematic represents style and expresses the individuality with the define imagery of fine geometry.The precise positioning of textile wainscoting aims to create corners of comfort within the uniform space for daily living and leisure.The geometrical theme inhabits all scenes of the daily life – living room, bath, wc, children’s room and bedroom. The color pallet of the bedrooms are in line with the theme of the leisure corners, while in the bathroom a more settle sense of neutrality and esthetic cleanliness is pursued. In the uniform s... More

Project • By AZL architectsPrivate Houses

LEI House

1 NativeorderCompared with the mass development of cities in the recent three decades, the Chinese villages rooted in traditional agriculture civilization still maintainthe overall rural spatial characteristics of "architecture with no architects", presenting a kind of native order under the traditional social background. Now, this spontaneous state is encountering clashes from urban civilizations. The LEI House is a typical case with reference value. The house is located in Shanyinwu village in Tonglu County in Hangzhou, not far from the administrative center of the town. Most of the houses in the village have been rebuilt in recent ten years and belong to the typical "new rural" style. From an architectural prospective, traditional archit... More

Product • By ferm LIVINGBau Pot

Bau Pot

NCreate engaging levels and dimensions on your balcony or porch using elevated pots and stands like this from our BAU series. The pots borrow their expression from the uncluttered lines and industrial surfaces of the Bauhaus architecture, giving your home or garden a vibrant and classic look. More

Product • By Maasberghori:zon


more daylight – more design – more comfort vertically displaceable panelsThis innovation is as simple as it is brilliant: hori:zon.The ideal room depends above all on one key aspect: natural light.We are of the opinion that a room should not be shaded from top to bottom:Mostly only a section is sufficient to provide for glare-free comfort and secure privacy. hori:zon is a handleless, cordless, locking and crease-free system: made-to measure.Panel covering as requested: they can be covered with glare protection fabrics, furnishing fabrics, metallic gauze and even acoustic cloth or perspex. Easy-to-operate (cordless) from any anchor point. Recommended maximum width: 300 cm. The panel remains in the desired position without tilting.Several pan... More

Product • By TecnolineGroD22/125Chr+E4Chr+ENChr


Walter Gropius was born in 1883 and to this day is regarded as one of the paragons of classic Bauhaus design. He studied architecture at the beginning of the twentieth century before entering the design bureau of Peter Behrens in 1907, along with Mies van der Rohe and Corbusier. As an independent architect and industrial designer, Walter Gropius went on to design the famed Gropius door handle, which was first produced by S.A. Loevy in 1923. TECNOLINE has been producing a variety of Gropius designs since 1983 (until 2002 as part of TECNOLUMEN). This door handle and the corresponding window handle by Walter Gropius were almost certainly designed 1923, but not manufactured by the Berlin company S.A. Loevy in any quantities until 1923. Such han... More

Project • By European HomeResidential Landscape

Renovating Early Modernism: An Interview with Arch

Walter Gropius gets all the acclaim in Massachusetts. Perhaps it’s because he taught at Harvard and his Gropius House in Lincoln, MA, looms large as a pillar of early modernist American architecture. However, he wasn’t alone, and he wasn’t the first to introduce the international modern style to the United States. Edwin B. Goodell Jr. (an MIT man just drive home the rivalry) was a member of a group of lesser-known architects that would later be called the “Invisible Modernists.” By the time Gropius and others came to the U.S. from Europe, Goodell had already designed and built a number of homes inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic.One of Goodell’s early homes still sits on a rocky New England hillside in... More

Product • By VENTRISils Maria

Sils Maria

Sils Maria, cabinet with four cupboards, shelving and one compartment.Postmodern design, Sils Maria's elements were chosen for their symbolic values and use language, the structural linguistics of Saussure, as a model, refer to the teachings at the Bauhaus and research into the essence of the subject.Sils Maria is a visual narrative about Friedrich Nietzsche and employs symbolic signs.Handmade in wheat board and hand painted in acrylic paints and lacquer. The flip top handle is handmade in Sterling Silver and Hallmarked at the Assay Office, Edinburgh. It bears the Makers Mark "GM" for Gary Morga registered there since 1977. The doors are soft-close and all edges are miter.Dimensions: height 190 cm; width 172 cm; dep... More

Project • By Tylevich StudioSculptures


The romantic and picturesque Stella Maris Chapel (meaning “Star of the Sea”) has nestled among the trees of Lake Sagatagan since 1872.Originally, it was situated on what was then called Doctor’s Island, named after a teacher who dropped his gold-rimmed glasses on the site. Since the chapel was built, however, it has been referred to as Chapel Island.  This small chapel is an important part of the Saint John's Abbey, a community of Catholic Benedictine men, and is the location of a number of structures designed by the modernist Bauhaus architect Marcel Breuer.  The chapel survived the tornado of 1894, but was burnt down in 1903, by a lightning strike. In 1915, the young monks of the abbey completed a new Stella Maris Cha... More