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Project • By Preston Scott CohenMuseums

Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building

Located in the center of the city's cultural complex, the program for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Amir Building posed an extraordinary architectural challenge: to resolve the tension between the tight, idiosyncratic triangular site and the museum's need for a series of large, neutral rectangular galleries. The solution: subtly twisting geometric surfaces (hyperbolic parabolas) that connect the disparate angles between the galleries and the context while refracting natural light into the deepest recesses of the half buried building. The building represents an unusual synthesis of two opposing paradigms for the contemporary museum: the museum of neutral white boxes and the museum of architectural spectacle. Individual, rectangular galleries... More

Project • By Kedem Shinar Design & ArchitecturePrivate Houses

CY house

The house in Carmey Yossef, Israel, is planned to showcase the beauty of the site: an Israeli landscape of pines, cypress and olive trees bathed by a unique light. The design idea, which draws inspiration from Japanese architecture, the De Stijl style and local Bauhaus architecture, was to merge the light and the landscape with the space of the house by using an interplay of walls and openings, some transparent and some opaque, a play of open/closed and exposed/protected. The double height inner space is very dynamic: a bridge running along its entire length, an exposed iron staircase, and a library rising from floor to ceiling, are all elements from which outward and inward perspectives can be viewed, ever- changing according to the light... More

Project • By Architekturbüro Sven RöttgerPrivate Houses


The historic context of the “WHITE CITY” of Tel Aviv with its unique assemblage of “Bauhaus-Architecture” inspired this residential design. The solid geometrical volume joins those of its prominent neighbors, inserting a contemporary interpretation of that style. The body of the building is a concrete structure, a rectangular volume cast in situ with rounded edges. A void is cut into one side of the corpus forming two terraces now projecting from the structure and extending the living spaces into the city. This void is creating a B-shaped footprint giving the design its specific name. The street level takes in a café, the private working space and sleeping quarters above on the 1st floor. The 2nd floor provides the living areas... More

Project • By Studio Arthur CasasResidential Landscape

AC House

I bought this house two decades ago. It was precisely what I had been looking for: a modernist house, comfortable and safe, in an interesting spot with a privileged view of the city. The project was designed by Vilanova Artigas in 1942, when he was just 27 years old and “flirted” with the concepts of Bauhaus: integrated spaces, transparency, pilotis. When I bought the house it had already been reformed several times. My goal was to adapt it to contemporary needs, such as creating a master bedroom with a bathroom and private closets, air conditioning, heating for the pool, thermo-acoustic frames, renovating the kitchen and bathrooms… I even transformed a former coat room into a powder room. I intended to reestablish the original facad... More

Product • By Boyd LightingBauhaus


The Bauhaus Table Lamp sits atop a rectangular base, which resembles stacked blocks partitioned by metal available in brass and nickel finishes. The wood blocks are a light brown oak, and rubbed with a silver, for a cerused finish. Topped with a white linen shade and available in both LED and incandescent light sources, the Bauhaus blends modernism and mid-century sophistication flawlessly, for a diversity of applications in residential and hospitality spaces. Available in six metal finish options and two metallic cerused wood finish options. The two shade options available for this fixture are Mushroom Pinwale Silk or Woven White Linen. Designer: Doyle Crosby. More

Project • By Professorship of Design and Structural Systems at Bauhaus-Universität WeimarPavilions

OpenSource: Cardboard

Thinking outside of the box: Experimental structure »Open Source: Cardboard« in Weimar, Germany Corrugated honey panels form the basis of this pavilion. It was designed by the students from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and Civil Engineering and was implemented by the chair of Design and Structural Systems. Anyone interested may visit the structure on the south campus of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. »Open Source Cardboard« is the first permanent structure created from corrugated cardboard. The capabilities of this sustainable material will be examined with the help of this 3 x 5 meter long, experimental structure. »This lightweight cardboard construction serves as a subject for our research. Through long-term observations,... More

Project • By Michel Rémon & AssociésResearch Facilities

Tel-Aviv’s University Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center

Tel Aviv University has chosen the winning project of the Open International Competition for the new Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Centre. The project of French studioAtelier d’Architecture Michel Remon famous for its works for research centers in France was selected as a result. One of the most technological and cutting-edge buildings in the Middle East will be completed by 2020. The other two architectural companies were Jestico+Whiles Associates (UK) and Zarhy+Pez (Israel/Switzerland). According to Tel Aviv University, the proposal of Atelier d’Architecture Michel Remon fits the local context and identity of Tel Aviv and the University campus and reflects the advanced progress in science, technology and innovation, which is very impo... More

Product • By RonbowWIDE


With 700 prestigious awards under its belt, Phoenix Design applied its renowned and revolutionary design capabilities to a bathroom suite for Ronbow. Phoenix Design focuses on creating design interactions between the product and the user, between the brand and the consumer, and between designers and their clients. The WIDE collection is inspired by Bauhaus design theory, integrating the simplicity of clean geometric forms and pure elegance for a modern, feminine style. Featuring a sleek vanity (available in two sizes: 28” and 54”), a flared ceramic sinktop, a LED mirror and a functional yet elegant side cabinet, the collection is available in two finishes: Traffic Gray and Stone Gray. In keeping with their reputation of visionaries, Phoe... More

Product • By Lambert & FilsLAURENT


While Bauhaus and Modernism continue to be familiar inspirations for the studio, with the Laurent collection, Lambert & Fils takes a distinctly contemporary tack. The studio distills a globe pendant’s duality between sphere and circle to its essence. In keeping with its commitment to working with local, skilled trades, the team called upon the expertise of a Quebec glass blower to craft this latest piece. An adjustable suspension system of wires and anchors allows the pendant’s final form to vary, from a pure, minimalist orb to something more intricate and Art Deco. “Our research focused on the surface and the form. Here, the globe acts as the link between the two,” says Samuel Lambert, the studio’s founder and lead designer. The dif... More

Product • By SifasAGATHA


(Miami, FL) Sifas, well known French manufacturer of high quality, contemporary in-outdoor furniture collections for pool sides, patios, sun rooms, and yachts, announces a new collection bursting with color and flair. Called the AGATHA COLLECTION, the new collection harks back to Spain's Movida and calls on great fashion designer Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, an icon of this celebrated cultural movement, to reinterpret a chair from its new PHENIKS collection. The resulting capsule collection consists of three versions of the Pheniks chair and the Kwadra table that reflect the designer herself: ultra-colorful, feminine, and bursting with life! The celebrated fashion designer has reinvented the chair's seat and back by playing with a random... More

Product • By Nichetto StudioZEN/HAN


The Bauhaus art school was celebrate for its use of pure, universal forms, and it’s to this vaunted early-20th-century design institution that the Zen/Han containers tips their hat. Referencing the angular form of classic vases, the Zen/Han glass containers come in two distinct, geometric shapes – a full and half rhombus – that slot together seamlessly when placed side by side, and which are finished in a soft colour palette specially developed by Luca Nichetto. Developed for the Canadian brand Mjölk and blown by artisans in Murano, Italy, Zen/Han represents a truly international collaboration. More

Project • By Studio BecherMuseums

The New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

When in 1919 Walter Gropius became director of the newly formed Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar – a merger of an arts and crafts school and a school of art – he couldn‘t have known that only six years later he would have to move it to Dessau to escape increasing pressure from local craft-workshops that perceived the new school as a threat to its industrial design interests; the city of Weimar, famous in the late 18th and early 19th century for its intellectual and cultural life, had lost the avant-garde institution to an industrial town. In Dessau, the school found a new home in the iconic modernistic building designed by Gropius himself, established a Department of Architecture in 1927 and became acclaimed for its functionalist approach to arch... More

Project • By Filippo M. Martines and Cinzia Schiraldi ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Maison Atelier

The Casa-Atelier is the result of aconversion of a small attic which, in 1960, was a drying room on the top floor of the highest building in the heart of Città-Giardino. It had a terrace that led to a small toilet. Then, in 1990,the terraced was transformed bythe addition of a conservatory, a room with glass walls that housed a kitchen. The architects, who now live in the house, then proceeded to revolutionize the 29 sq. m of the attic and the 19 sq. m outdoors. The idea was: it doesn’t matter how many square metresyou have but the perception you have of them. First, they expanded the usable space with the construction of three functional areas in wood: two partition wall in the front room, one at 900 and another along the parapet of the... More



If design and art makes part of your life, this is the place to be in Tuscany! An industrial hangar build amid the Tuscan countryside, views on the medieval ruins of montelifré and 2 km away from the small town of montisi: that’s what it was. But the hangar became more since his building in the late sixties: from a fabric of clay pigeons it was converted in a body shop for cars, but no business was succesfull…so in 1999, the abandoned structure was bought by the Austrian sculpture Reinhold Traxl, and that’s where the art-hangar’s real story begins… Reinhold fell in love with the hangar for it’s simple cement construction with almost perfect proportions, neutral and functional, where the surrounding landscape flows into the interior and... More

Product • By SCP ContractsSofas in Sight

Sofas in Sight

Upholstery Rochester Michael Anastassiades A design that grew from an inquisitiveness about how modern behaviour is changing the way we use public furniture, where people are now inclined to be working or engaging with media on personal devices. Rochester creates a comfortable enclosure for the user, a place for a little privacy. The design language is strict and formal, but comfort has also been made a priority. Oak-veneered side and back panels with a solid oak plinth. Made in Norfolk, England. Sofa W 128 × H 96 × D 80 × SH 43 cm. From: £3555 Ottoman W 60 × H 31 × D 60 SH 31 cm. From: £950 Pasha Konstantin Grcic The original Pasha was a designed in the 1990s, but it did not go beyond the prototype stage. This design revisits t... More