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Project • By PlexwoodShops

Clip, Umeå

Project: Clip, Umeå, SEApplication: Hair salon flooring, stairways, wall, logo, door, seating elements and display casesKind of wood: BeechProduct: Parquet strip, Panel one-sided, Panel two-sided, SolidDesign: Sweco ab, Umeå, SE More

Project • By Studio MShops

The Espresso Lab in Dubai

The Espresso Lab is a specialty coffee house founded by Emarati award winning barista and coffee connoisseur, Ibrahim Al Mallouhi. With his purist and formalist approach to specialty coffee, it was crucial that the space captured the essence of his philosophy and revolved around the art of coffee making. The bar counter was cladded with a newly discovered quarry, that made it’s first debut to the world at this very location. Drawn by the dynamic terrazzo-like character of the natural stone, customers are encouraged to walk and sit around the counter to experience the baristas at work.   Maintaining the focus on the counter, the surrounding elements were kept pure. Striking a delicate balance between elegant sophistication and p... More

Project • By Studio MShops

The Espresso Lab in Abu Dhabi

The Espresso Lab Abu Dhabi is located at the Qasr Al Hosn cultural park, a masterplan developed to preserve the cities oldest building, the Qasr Al Hosn Fort. Similar to the first branch, the coffee shop’s concept focuses on the coffee bar that sits center of the space to highlight the coffee making process. Cladded in the striking Rosso Persiano stone, the eye is imminently drawn to baristas producing the brands award winning coffee.   The furniture is reminiscent of traditional oriental coffee houses, adding a nostalgic cue to the experience. The natural beech finish of the furniture compliments the warm palette of the space, framed by the black patina steel details.   While this location embodies the specialty coffee... More

Project • By Studio RYTERestaurants

Morokok Restaurant

A vibrant bar and fusion restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong, Morokok puts together contemporary interpretations of Moroccan architecture and Mediterranean motifs, offering a surreal get away in the city. The interior design highlights traditional Moorish elements including arches, distinctive colors, plants of various sizes and patterned flooring tiles.   Upon arrival, one would be welcomed by palettes of white and green with a hint of brass. The play of light and shadow on the white abstracted arcade stretches the journey for stepping into the wonderland. The central dining area is defined by wood furniture, beech trimming, rattan surfaces, and a vaulted arch ceiling, further lightened up by pouring daylight. On the side, a series... More

Project • By Rabih Geha Architects (RG/ARCHITECTS)Shops

Another Contemporary Store

Leading international design and architecture practice, Rabih Geha Architects has created the interior for ANOTHER, an innovative concept store integrating fashion, music, lifestyle, food, fitness, and health which is set to transform the retail experience. ANOTHER adopts the guise of a ‘living magazine’ where its visitors make constant editorial choices.   Working collaboratively alongside the founders of ANOTHER, Rabih Geha Architects (RG/A) has devised a unique contemporary space which connects the many retail components of the store into one open arena. This design process forms a contemporary sense of community within the store, one which makes for a reinvigorated and exciting retail environment.   ANOTHER&rsq... More

Project • By arnau estudi d'arquitecturaPrivate Houses


Tangent to the border between the village and the forest, this rocky house that rests on the base of a small hill stands up after somesliding down the slope. Its presence is the landmark of the entry into a deep and clear forest where, as the poet says, the walker becomes a prisoner of silence and greenery.   The project takes advantage of the legal possibility of making a dividing wall with the neighbour to turn the back on the human north and enjoy the south of nature; the garden, in which the house cautiously enters through a wooden passage floating on stake, has beeches, oaks and wild mice of the underbrush.   The forest stone tames the cavities offered by the natural mass to live in harmony with the environment; its relat... More

Project • By arnau estudi d'arquitecturaPrivate Houses


After the collapse of the old priest's house, in the sixties it was decided to build a new house based on the remaining walls. The need to use that new structure as a feed storage left the inside of the house unbuilt. Our project of rebuilding and completing an unusedstructure as a new house starts out on this premise.   The responsibility of rendering the very last building of a row of houses in the old town leads us to reinterpreting the complex and peculiar original space. In this sense, the project proposes to reorganize its composition separating it into two simple volumes: the main one, with a two-sloped roof, which rises leaving the old stone base visible andforms a semi-exterior ground floor; and  the secondary volume, w... More

Project • By pac studioPrivate Houses

Wanaka Crib

In a wood-lined field, near Wanaka’s lake edge, the Wanaka Crib is composed of two gables and a chisel roof slipping transcurrently past one another to make three enclosed courtyards. Each courtyard creates a specific relationship with the interior. The lounge and dining spill out to a north-facing entertainment patio, bounded by an angular concrete cooking fire. The kitchen connects to a sheltered southern working garden, enclosed by a grape bearing espalier frame made of reinforcing steel. The eastern terrace gives access to the self-contained bunkroom providing privacy from the public reserve and boulevard of trees.   The crib is a place to relax and focus on the social side of food, where cooking and dining become a culinar... More

Project • By SwecoParks/Gardens

Hyllie Plaza

No tree is more characteristic of Scania, Sweden’s southernmost province, than the beech—and no other species bears such a strong association with its native region. The horizontal branch structure that supports its canopy, paired with the equally horizontal orientation of its leaves, produces a quality that is almost architectural. The competition entry for the new Hyllie Plaza (Hyllie Torg), located in a southern district of Malmö, bore the motto Fagus, the scientific name for beech. The idea driving the design was to establish a beech forest on the plaza, or better stated, to form the plaza as a beech forest. However, the beech does not thrive in the conditions provided by the site and to insure the survival of the tree... More

Project • By SwecoParks/Gardens

Sandgrund park

At one point in its length, the Klar River that runs through the city of Karlstad splits to form a 300-meter-long cape; from the air it appears as the pointed beak of a bird. The cape is a powerful landscape, a place of considerable drama, and the site of Sandgrund Park (Sandgrundsparken). For many years before the park’s construction, the area had been fairly desolate, without a sense of destination. The river was an obvious feature to address in the design process, as well as the cape, whose pointed tip terminates in the water. Those same qualities are reinforced and amplified in the design of the park. A system of boardwalks along the river’s edge extends into the water, welcomes the sunset, and stresses its proximity to the... More

Product • By OOO My DesignPinPres


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world that adapted to our whims at the snap of a finger? Alas, such luxuries may only be dreams, but the ingenious PinPres shelf comes pretty close. The shelf is constructed of finely chiselled, locally forested beech wood pegs that can be arranged in any which way to fit any shelving needs—books, decorations, eyeglasses, cell phone. Just think of it as interactive storage art, art that is designed just for you. Its the only shelf that makes cleaning fun. There are various materials options for your PinPres: - Main body can be of natural pine or white lackquered MDF.- Pins can be of natural beechwood, or stained by immersion in one of the 4 colors. 100% Handmade Pin Pres with custom dimension... More

Project • By Rene Gonzalez ArchitectsApartments

St. Regis Apartment

Located in Bal Harbour, the St. Regis apartment has sweeping views that comprise the surrounding urban and natural landscape. The floating Islands of Biscayne Bay punctuate this vista in the foreground while the skyline of downtown Miami is at the southern horizon. The apartment’s primary feature, a custom accordion wall, both captures and abstracts this view, creating a blurred boundary between interior and exterior space. Entering the residence, one reads the wall’s subtle grey texture of Venetian plaster. Alternately viewed from the living room, vertical panels of ribbed glass inserted into this same wall reflect and amplify the light and space with views of the bay and sky. Folding into the adjacent hallway, the wall’s... More

Project • By NadaRestaurants

IMOOD Restaurant

Nada transforms an old warehouse into a Chinese restaurant with a Mediterranean essence.Blue ceramic and wood contrast with the roughness of the cement. The commission of a family of Chinese origin with several generations dedicated to restaurant business was clear: to convert a warehouse into a new restaurant in the town of El Puig (Valencia, Spain). The new space would be dedicated to Asian fusion cuisine with traditional Mediterranean ingredients. The family wanted a clear, open, modern, unpretentious place where the focus is on gastronomy. In addition, the budget would be very restrained but the result had to be timeless and durable. With these premises, Nada team has created a peaceful restaurant, with few elements where materials di... More

Project • By Billiani srlHotels

Vienna House Diplomat Prague

The interior team of Vienna House has selected different versions of Doll seating to fit out the various areas of the hotel. For the breakfast area, pink-lacquered chairs in beechwood and black-lacquered chairs with steel frame have been placed side by side, while Doll lounge chairs and high-backed lounge chairs fit out the waiting and relax areas. More

Project • By Helen & HardBanks

The Financial Park

Bjergsted Financial Park is the new head office for SR-Bank in the centre of Stavanger. The bank’s unique position in the area will be strengthened through its new location in a central financial park and cultural arena. Here, the company can realize its visions of creating value in the local area and offer the best for the surroundings and the buildings’ users.   This is an example of the future workplace and one of Europe’s largest office buildings in timber.To make a large-scale bank in timber challenges the notion of a strong, robust bank, while breaking ground for the use of structural timber. The main structure of the 13 200m2 over ground is made of timber up to seven floors. This rests on a 9000m2 underground... More