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Product • By SCAB DesignLady B

Lady B

Snug and shapely with a comfortable, yet eye-catching look, the new Lady B chair by SCAB Design embodies the technical innovation and quest for style that are the company’s signature features. Developed in partnership with Studio Zetass to provide a project focused on the contract sector (cafés and restaurants), it is perfect for homes as well, with its pop style.Made of lightweight but strong technopolymer, with a padded or unpadded body and featuring slender legs, Lady B takes the concept of relaxation and transforms it into a sturdy, snug seat with effortless practicality with a highly versatile style.A wide range of colours, seven finishes including sophisticated black nickel and satin brass for the four-leg model, and a chrome-plated o... More

Project • By 2020 ArchitectsOffices

2020 Studio

A desire to showcase originality, teamed with a necessity for larger premises and an ambition to push architectural boundaries, has produced a highly innovative and unique, state-of-the-art studio in the North of Ireland.Located in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, 2020 Architects always knew their new office would be a showcase statement of creativity and innovation – going to the very heart of the 2020 ethos.  Bringing the building back to its former glory, 2020 were intent on unleashing the mass of architectural features in abundance within the building. Through a floor-to-ceiling restoration, they have achieved a dream office space.Integral to the design, was the incorporation of a designated interactive architectural Virtual Reality S... More

Project • By Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten ETH/BSAPrivate Houses

House Grieder-Swarovski

In 2015 the clients decided to build an underground extension and undertake a rearrangement of the house, whereby the building was divided into two independent apartments. The clients’ main apartment covered the ground and the first floor, orientated both towards the garden encompassed by the L-shaped building and the west-facing outdoor area adjoining the woods and supplemented with raised plant beds. The existing indoor swimming pool with a sauna on the subterranean level was refurbished with newly fitted surfaces, access being provided via a stair leading to the ground floor. The studio apartment on the attic level, with a large terrace and a view over Lake Zurich, is accessed via a new staircase on the outer garage wall and across the t... More

Product • By Forma 5Timber


Timber brings a natural look,it is sustainable and creates a welcoming effect in any office.It provides a system for both work and meeting tables that brings a warmth and friendliness to any space without sacrificing functionality or the ability to handle technology. ‘Timber’ creates a homely atmosphere which is both pleasant and comfortable; this in turn promotes and encourages a creative environment.The structural integrity of the programme is born out by using a mixture of both steel beams and cross beams with solid natural beech legs.The product is both robust and stable. This base then supports high strength material tops with, or without, integral technology. The finishes available are right on trend. The whole package is at the foref... More

Project • By Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS, architects & engineersFire stations

Fire Station Enschede

The site is located along Zuiderval, a main north-south lane leading to the city of Enschede from highway A35. The open and green character of the site is immediately noticeable and enhanced by a refined landscaping of the public space. The site itself, 75m north-south and 100m east-west, is in essence a true park with remarkable trees: beautiful beeches, plane trees and oaks.The building is L-shaped. A main, four level building block is located along the north side of the site. Perpendicularly to it, a smaller wing stretches along the east border.The entrance is situated at the base of the two wings. The garage, comprising thirteen bays for the fire engines, is housed on the ground floor of the main building in a double storey high volume... More

Project • By Sauerbruch HuttonExhibitions


oxymoron-an installation by Sauerbruch Hutton 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, FREESPACEThe installation by Sauerbruch Hutton at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, FREESPACE, curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, is a small space enclosed by a timber framework placed amongst the monumental structure of the Corderie. While its lower part is opaque, its upper section, where a pattern of coloured weaves counters the strict geometry of the frame, radiates a seductive glow. Inside, the colour treatment seems to explode the physical confi nes and large black and white photographs below similarly appear to expand the space. The installation condenses the architectu... More

Project • By Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel ArchitektenBicycle Stands

Radhäusle Sindelfingen

“The RADHÄUSLE Sindelfingen, promoted by the association Region Stuttgart, is on the one hand a bicycle shed which allows cyclists to lock their bikes at a secure place, sheltered against the weather. On the other hand it is an attractive piece of street furniture which offers additional functions for the benefit of all citizens, whilst its appearance enhances the public space.” (Source: City of Sindelfingen)The bicycle is an environmentally and climate-friendly means of transport within the city. It works on a simple technical principle; and at the same time it is an aesthetic object. Cycling is fun and adds value to people’s lives (physical exercise). To be accepted by cyclists, and to remain a successful contribution to the urban environ... More

Project • By Gsottbauer architektur.werkstattFire stations

Fire Station Club House Gnadenwald

Situated in the uplands northeast of Innsbruck, Gnadenwald is a rural parish with bustling club activities. The fire station- and club house encloses the southerly situated school yard, while incorporating the – already existing - adjoining tavern building situated higher than the club house, together with the beeches in the background. The event area is encircled spatially by flying- and projecting roofs, the open air theater, and the trees, which has the effect of turning the “plaza of beeches” into a subtle open space that oscillates between covered and open areas. The heart of the facility is the function room, offering a variety of views to the school yard, the event area and the close mountain range.The fire station (in contact with t... More

Project • By COMA ArquitecturaShops

Sagrada Familia’s interventions

The commission arrived in 2016 and ended in 2018, involving the full renovation of five spaces (1032 m²) in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia.   The full project has been carried out in a comprehensive way through a design that is simple and respectful towards the already built surrounding, with simple lines and volumes that seek to integrate into the environment and preserve each of the original Gaudí elements. Likewise, an attempt has been made to incorporate all the installations and structures in a way that minimizes their impact, while providing the spaces with great functionality and comfort.   Montserrat and Mercè Cloisters The project aims to convert the cloisters of the Sagrada Familia into multi-p... More


Cover Lounge Chair

MUUTO INTRODUCES A NEW MEMBER TO THE COVER CHAIR FAMILY BY DESIGNER THOMAS BENTZEN: THE COVER LOUNGE CHAIRAs with its chair counterpart, the Cover Lounge Chair by Danish designer Thomas Bentzen exemplifies a simple, clean and characteristically refined expression. Hinting towards archetypical design and Scandinavian traditions, the Cover Lounge Chair is a sophisticated take on a timeless form. With a sturdy beech wood frame and ingenious wide and curved backrest that stretches into armrests, the Cover Lounge Chair has an inviting expression through extensive comfort and a strong ethos while taking up only little space in the room. Using a unique combination of materials as its aesthetic reference point, the Cover Lounge Chair is created wit... More

Project • By Atelier MOSCABridges

Mechanic linking to the Epinettes

Built as a route, on an exceptional hillock in terms of view and landscape at the foot of the towers of Épinettes, the project was developed around three major goal: - Offering an open pathway allowing not entry into a tube to reach the hillock but allowing open-air movement in harmony with the broader landscape of Ile-de-France and Paris; - Offering contemporary facilities made up of minerals consistent with the greenery of the park; - Recomposing the landscape and woodlands of the park, part of which had been left wild for a certain period.The project is built combines two concepts:- shouldering as a motor for landscape insertion; - origami with the deployment of a covered canopy opened by stainless steel folded strips offering an open st... More

Project • By bergmeisterwolf ArchitektenFire stations

margreid fire department

a cliff face is the setting for the new magreid fire department station: three caves digged in the mountain are connected by a horizontal gallery. The first two caves are reserved for vehicles and machinery, whereas administration areas are located in the third one. a black concrete wall is placed with a one meter offset from the slanted mountain wall, replicating its geometry. the wall becomes a defining element of the project and works also as a shield against falling rocks. concrete was selected as the main material because of its durability, resistance and strength. The dark color recalls that of burnt wood and it was obtained with beech coal dust. More

Project • By Cadena + Asociados Concept Design®Shops


The relaunch of a 47 year old very successful brand in Mexico was no easy task, a brand that is centered in making people feel good through their natural products and amazing yogurt ice-cream. The design challenge began by constructing culture towards the brand spirit from the inside-out, making people feel part of the new journey about to begin. The bee had been their iconic symbol since the beginning and although it made perfect sense it had never connected them to their true Mexican roots. So the journey began strengthening our symbols by understanding the amazing Mexican bee (Melipona Beechei) Xunan-Cab called by the ancient Mayans. This sense of belonging is spread not only through understanding our past but also very importantly, thro... More

Product • By James BurleighLarry


The Larry table is available in 600mm and 700mm squared. Large choice of height and width span – anything from coffee table height to standing height, a selection of over 200+ colours and a range of solid wood and ply edges. Options for thin profile (22mm) and standard profile (40/45mm). Central wood base in Oak, Ash, Maple, Beech and Walnut. Bottom metal plate in black, powder coated finish.  More

Project • By dmvA ArchitectenPrivate Houses

House H - Houthulst

For the design of House H, there were different factors dmvA had to take into account: The plot was surrounded by apartment buildings and its orientation wasn’t great. There was also a limited budget and the house had to have a low ecological footprint. Sergio Pirrone dmvA followed the concept of the nine-square grid, with in the middle a patio with an adjacent covered terrace.In the bathroom and seating area are skylights.This resulted in a house where light and air can naturally flow. Along each side of the house hang large sliding gates, inspired by rural barn gates,that provide privacy and serve as sun blinds. Sergio Pirrone Through the patio you can see the crowns of the trees, which are a legacy of the former monaste... More