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Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioPrivate Houses



Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioOffices


This Co-working space, located at the famous MG Road in Bangalore city, have been designed keeping the busy-surroundings in mind. A green buffer zone has been specifically setup outside the complex to serve a twin-fold purpose– a sense of aesthetic appeal from the exteriors as well as privacy to the working people and acting offices to work in harmony. The reception area has been designed in a double height area to allow natural light, while the co-work space has been conceptualized and designed to serve the modern needs of the busy professionals, as work environment has lot of impact on the growth and thought process.   More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioPrivate Houses


The traditional courtyard concept was implemented vertically as per the client’s ideation to stick to his roots. The playful arrangement of the spaces created a central breakout zone which acts as a transition in between the levels. In this design strategy, the transitional spaces such as the staircase and double height space form an axis that provides a visual connectivity. This transition space allows the people to connect visually not just horizontally but also vertically. This common transition on the floors has segregated the active and passive spaces of a residence. All the spaces are lit with the natural light blushing the rare walls with interesting sciography throughout the day via the skylight. This is defined by the play... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioHousing


Humble Lives a Premium class gated community in the city of Bangalore. It’s a Developer’s Project with an Objective to Build A Humble Community surrounded by Lush Green Forest Cover. Though it’s a Development Project, the client Doesn’t want to disturb the ecology around. Due to Site sensitive conditions, we have decided to choose our design Approach to contextualize with the surroundings in a Humble Way. the material palette, colour palette and landscape palette we choose closer to nature. In Master plan Design we Designed units in such a way to reflect the eco-village concept without boundaries in between Units this Helps us to protects the maximum Number of Vegetation. Few units plan customized to site conditions... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioHousing


It’s a Gated Community Project in Rajasthan. Due to hot and arid Conditions of Rajasthan Our design approach was first to resolve climatic issues In Unit Design by Using sunshades, jail window Designs, blank walls and small openings, lime plasters walls, etc. Material pallet and colour palette were Inspired from the surrounding Traditional & Vernacular houses. All Setback areas of unit plans were designed with landscape and plants which can influence the micro-climate of the site and improve passive ventilation. Site Frontage Area designed with a small garden area to relax in the evenings and Raised low Height compound wall to interact with neighbours which were also Got inspired by local Architecture. Overall Planning of site wa... More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments


The Project located in a premium locality of Belgaum with rich vegetation around. The strong context and climate conditions of the site played a key role in design development, where existing site frontage and trees at site insisted on creating view decks from all living and bedroom spaces. The overall idea of the building is to have Projected Planters, balconies at various levels to establish connections within the building and surroundings. More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments


Though Project typology is affordable housing, our design focused to deliver Elite experiences in the project wherever possible. As a part of design ideas, we created projections and balconies in each dwelling to connect inside-out. Especially front elevation consists of many cubical projections and balconies (open, Semi-open, closed) at various sizes and levels to cater to the view of two Large spectacular Trees in front of the Building without comprising safety and security measures. We believe that this building is hopefully going to stand out as a landmark in the surroundings due to its strong design character More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments


A Very challenging project for a 4 generations family, which consists of Parents, 4 sons, children and their children. The project brief is to accommodate 5 dwellings at five floors, and few sharing spaces like Pooja room, gym, etc. Here we took a challenge to create a single villa for five families by connecting them through a small courtyard that is shared at all floors and try to establish visual connections throughout the building. More

Project • By Svamitva Architecture StudioApartments

RMD Apartment

At RMD Apartment, we have diligently designed spacious 2BHK and 3bhk apartments. The apartments have the living space opening out to balcony for allowing fresh breezes inside the house. A large clubhouse has been interestingly spilled along the length of the site to activate the space on the ground floor and encourage community bonding. The apartments have large green trees at various levels, increasing biodiversity along the height of the building. Vehicular movement on the ground floor has been channeled in such a way that makes it more pedestrian- friendly More

Project • By A.J ArchitectsPrivate Houses


The old villa in the heart of the city, was entrusted to us to adorn a facelift. The project centered on the client's requirement of growing and changing needs and to modernize the entire structure to characterize itself as a contemporary home. This gave the design team an opportunity to remodel the space and aesthetics with bold vibrant and enthusiastic statement, which also reflects to an everchanging contemporary surrounding and the Socio, cultural and economic aspirations of the client. The growing needs of the family invoked the design team to relocate an extended kitchen on the South East corner of the property. The extension was planned with wire cut burnt bricks to add the rustic contour to the façade. The judicious play of... More
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Project • By Ashwin ArchitectsHousing

Baiju's 25 ' X 40′, 3BHK House Bangalore

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