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Project • By Carazo ArquitecturaHousing


Natú is considered a hybrid project due to its horizontal as well as it´s vertical composition. The design is based on the idea of creating a building that adapts to the terrain, thus modifying the natural topography as little as possible, which creates views towards "Parque del Este". Likewise, it is proposed to incorporate green areas to each housing unit through garden slabs. The aesthetic value and functionality of the building is favored by the presence of its natural counterpart, seeking to provide a particular experience through the integration of natural ecosystems as circuits within the project. The location of the project is highly regarded, due to the qualities of “Parque del Este”; This park is a green area with steep slope... More

Project • By Sky FactoryHospitals

Sutter Diagnostic & Women’s Imaging

Sutter Diagnostic & Women's Imaging in Roseville, California, is a comprehensive imaging center providing general diagnostic and specialized women’s imaging services with a full range of scanning technologies. Central to the owners and designers concept was to create a patient-centered, spa-like atmosphere. To this end, the interior design features warm colors and soft textures, daylighting in modality rooms, nature art, and extensive use of Luminous Virtual Windows and Luminous SkyCeilings as effective, therapeutic illusions of nature.Designer Jenny Reece, of healthcare architects Boulder Associates, incorporated curved perimeters for two of the large SkyCeilings, one in a lounge-like patient changing area and another in a CT suite. Th... More

Project • By Ware MalcombOffices

Innovative Commercial Environments Office

As San Diego’s most creative and fastest growing office and hospitality furniture dealership, the new showroom for Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE) needed to completely capture their mission statement: “Creating furniture experiences that define your company culture”. The integration of biophilic design features were essential in every aspect of the space from the location at The Park, a newly renovated office campus, to the adjacency to the “Great Lawn” located immediately outside their 6 sets of 10’ sliding glass doors. The entire space is open and inviting with the kitchen taking center stage as the first thing that greets you when you enter the showroom. More

Project • By Sky FactoryHospitals

New York Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Lou Cooper founded New York Pediatric Dentistry in Rye Brook, New York, to bring his decades of experience as a prominent Manhattan pediatric dentist closer to his home in Westchester County. The new office design included an illusory skylight to provide the well-established therapeutic benefits of views to nature. Sky Factory’s arc-shaped Luminous SkyCeiling was a custom biophilic design installation over the treatment area surprised and relaxed patients as ease back into the chair.“I chose a Luminous SkyCeiling because I wanted to do something spectacular and different in our office,” says Dr. Cooper. “We don’t have exterior windows and this really opened things up, bringing light and the outside in. The sky image fits perfectly with... More

Project • By SRG PartnershipOffices

SRG Portland Studio

Our new studio is located in the former Oregonian Building, an architectural landmark design by Pietro Belluschi built in 1948. Closing an era at our former Pioneer Square office of 28 years, we renovated and revived our new 17,054 sf space, still situated in downtown Portland, as an environment of discovery and innovation that would reflect and inspire our design process. We retained the original beams of The Oregonian’s printing press and the east-facing windows that once highlighted the paper-making process in homage to the publication and its integral part in shaping the face of Portland. As architects we are honored to carry on the tradition of respecting and transforming our community and the built environment from such s significant... More

Project • By Nedlaw Living WallsOffices

Bell Trinity Square

Well known in Toronto as '483 Bay', this office complex occupies part of the former site of the historic Eaton's Annex. Built in 1983, the property achieved LEED Gold certification in 2010 and is home to several high profile businesses and organizations. We worked with property managers Northam Realty to create a biofilter design that would complement this corporate atrium setting and further their green initiatives. More

Project • By FMD ArchitectsPrivate Houses

His & Her House

His and Her House is a celebration of connection and coming together. The clients had each engaged FMD Architects for previous house designs and when the two embarked on this new project together to mark the start of their married life, His and Her House completed the reconfiguration of one of the projects and drew qualities from the other.The pitched ceiling soars to 4.5m, giving a grand sense of scale and volume and is accentuated with dramatic, triangulated skylights, forming a mobius like configuration of two shapes coming together, referencing the clients’ eternal love. The angled shapes create a pattern language that are referenced throughout the interiors from the glazing and joinery forms, down to the smallest detail such as the tri... More

Project • By GG-loopPrivate Houses


A triumph of biophilic, home-owner-centric design in AmsterdamEver wondered what design from the perspective of a home-owner looks like? This month, two new owners will take the keys to their very own Freebooter apartment; two residences on Amsterdam’s Zeeburgereiland, created with biophilic living in mind.Designed and developed by Amsterdam-based studio GG-loop, the development is an expression of the studio’s signature and philosophy of responding to the design brief with the experience and wellbeing of the end-user continuously in mind.“We are part of nature in a deep and fundamental way, but in our modern lives we’ve lost that connection. Our studio envisions home and city design that respects both inhabitants and the environment, recon... More

Project • By Perkins&WillApartments

Bambu Atmosfera

The Biophilia concept points to our inborn connection with nature and its impacts on our physical and mental health. Based in this idea, Biophilic Design incorporates natural elements into constructions in order to reinstate contact between man and nature as a tool for well-being. Perkins+Will used these principals to conceptualize Bambu Atmosfera, a residential edifice in Praia Grande Ubatuba, privileged beach area in São Paulo’s coastline. The project’s main feature is the predominant presence of the bamboo, which integrates the building to its surroundings, representing the possibility of a harmonic, respectful coexistence between nature and constructions.Clad in vertical bamboo poles, the facade can be redesigned by the movement of... More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Offices

Reindeer Lichen Mossart Project

A mix of both olive and dark green reindeer moss, this mossart piece features an abstract pattern, and was installed in a Toronto office space. The moss in this project was preserved in an innovative and eco-friendly way using 100% natural oils and food dye. The process allows the plants to maintain their authenticity without the need for maintenance. More

Product • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.SemperGreenwall


SemperGreenwall by Ginkgo Sustainability is built up out of Flexipanels, the most flexible system on the market for creating robust vertical gardens. These pre-vegetated panels may be cut to any size and are a lightweight solution, +/- 45kg/m². They are easy to customize and install on interior and exterior walls, including curved surfaces, providing an instant green facade with acoustic and ecological benefits. Whether in Spain, Norway or Canada, our reference projects prove that a SemperGreenwall grows in diverse climatic regions. SemperGreenwall is equipped with a unique self-winterizing Plant Care System that includes remote monitoring. By means of this system, the plants are provided with daily required nutrients and water by an automa... More

Project • By Ginkgo Sustainability Inc.Offices

Mixed Mossart Project

This unique mixed mossart piece features preserved sheet moss, pole moss, and fern moss, accentuated by preserved fern folia. The trapezoidal and hexagonal design of the wall in combination with the biophilic design components of the mossart creates a visually stunning addition to this Toronto office space.This piece was installed by Ginkgo Sustainability, the Ontario partner to moss supplier ByNature Design, and was designed by Ray Inc. More

Project • By Aidlin Darling DesignPrivate Houses

Glen Ellen Aerie

Sited in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma California, this single family residence floats over the hillside with commanding views of Sonoma Valley. The intent was to design an extremely restrained home both in scale and cost, that intimately embraces the terrain both near and far. The homeowners requested a home that effortlessly links the indoor experience to the surrounding landscape. The tripartite diagram is quite simple: two masses, clad in standing seam black zinc, rise up out of the earth and support a third floating glass pavilion that performs as a bridge connecting the two solid volumes. The first two masses, housing the guest bedrooms, a kitchen, and the entry are positioned on the crest of the hillside, wh... More

Project • By LemayOffices

BDO Offices

A workplace strategy promoting excellence and empowermentFrom millennials to baby boomers, professionals from all generations, backgrounds and skills work at BDO. This new workplace is adapted to generational needs and how individual professionals wish to work, especially with relation to flexibility and a mobility program.Excellence through knowledge-sharingThe new space aims to foster learning and empowerment with a new centre of excellence for teaching, refresher training, collaboration and knowledge transfer. The center will also bring employees and their clients together to learn, grow, collaborate both physically and virtually.A firm commitment to a healthy environmentIn line with BDO’s sustainability program, BDO Green (a firm-wide c... More

Project • By Think ForwardOffices

A Bulgarian Office

A Bulgarian Office is a project for designing the interior space of a warehouse administrative part of a Bulgarian logistics company in the food industry. The universal formula for a successful office design /open plan + globalized design + biophilic design + game zones / in the particular dynamic work environment with little human resource has proven to be unsustainable. This is why the project adopts a counter-approach which we called “local identity against global trends” based on several key points: - Local identity against the globalized office model;- Visual integration + acoustic isolation against open plan;- Integration of existing natural factors against artificial interior green accents;- Meditation against game... More