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Project • By DZAPOffices

Haag Wonen

Haag Wonen, one of the larger housing cooperatives in The Hague, was relocating from two locations to one new office. The new office had to combine two functions: a semi-secure public space to meet with clients, and a separate office space with workspaces. For both, DZAP gave a homey feel to the interior in the styling and furniture, as a nod to the tenants of Haag Wonen. And the clients of Haag Wonen are also visible in photos throughout the building. The ‘Homemaker’, the building’s charming working café, might just be the place to find the sales staff who had to ‘pop back to the office’. More

Project • By WorkplaceOffices

The greenest office

Biophilic trend is effectively changing offices to full-natural work environments. In Gdynia, we created an architectural concept based on greenery in the headquarters of fast-growing fintech company. A real workspace, which is probably the greenest office in the world.   The uniqueness of the natural environment lies in its freedom and harmony, which then influence our mental comfort. Could the environment in which we work be like this?   Imagine a workplace that supports productivity, stimulates creativity and takes care of our well-being. Places with plenty of vegetation and natural elements have a positive effect on creativity, work efficiency, motivation and stress reduction. We asked ourselves the question: “How co... More

Project • By Sky FactoryHospitals

Centre Médical et Esthétique Auber - COSEM

The Sky Factory Illusions of Nature as Architecture Client Brief COSEM, a multidisciplinary medical group offering a wide range of healthcare services, sought to refurbish its 3rd center in Paris, which serves a demanding urban clientele of 800,000+patients annually.The high volume of patient and visitor traffic required that the reception areas be as spacious and inviting as possible to make waiting times for patients pleasant and relaxing in what is unavoidably a high-density clinical environment. COSEM Auber hosts multiple practices in this 1,600 square meter facility, including a radiology imaging center in the basement. The general reception lounge on the first floor is also found deep inside the building. The design brief called... More

Project • By DSDHAPrimary Schools

Davenies School

“36 little boys joined us in September and I was amazed how quickly they settled into school life. For the first time, the boys started school in a building designed with them in mind, providing spaces where they can be curious, reflective and enthusiastic in their learning.” Deborah Battersby, Head of Pre-Prep Davenies is a school in Beaconsfield, providing education for boys aged 4 to 13. Established in 1940 in a listed Farmhouse, it now comprises a collection of historic and modern buildings, set around historic formal gardens and a Dell – a heavily wooden hollow for playing and learning. Crucial to its success is the school’s holistic approach to learning, based on engaging the children with nature and maximising their connect... More

Project • By Chibi Moku | Architectural Photo CinemaParks/Gardens

TruVine Design | Living Walls | Delray Beach, FL

“Biophilia” means “The Love Of Life.” It is the instinctive bond between human beings and nature. This strong intuitive affiliation with nature has empirical evidence that our environment shapes our feelings and has a positive impact on us. The simplicity and sophistication of nature are the very essence which affect our psychological well-being. In this video, Jeff Allis of TruVine design takes us through the process of creating living green walls following the concepts of Biophilic design. We look closely at some of his completed as well as ongoing projects in the South Florida area, including Chrome Hearts in the Miami Design District. "Plants, simply put, are positive energy...and who doesn't like positive energy," says Allis.... More

Project • By VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)Private Houses

Stacking Green

Whoever wanders around Saigon, a chaotic city with the highest density of population in the world, can easily find flower-pots crampped and displayed here and there all around the streets. This interesting custom has formed the amused character of Saigon over a long period of time and Saigonese love their life with a large variety of tropical plants and flowers in their balconies, courtyards and streets. The house, designed for a thirty-years-old couple and their mother, is a typical tube house constructed on the plot 4m wide and 20m deep. The front and back façades are entirely composed of layers of concrete planters cantilevered from two side walls. The distance between the planters and the height of the planters are adjusted according... More

Project • By Martin & Ollmann ArchitectsHospitals

Sydney Adventist Hospital Stage 1 Redevelopment

Architect MBMO has added the holistic design of a Sydney hospital redevelopment to its impressive portfolio of large scale projects. Set in the leafy bushland of Wahroonga, Sydney Adventist Hospital (fondly known as the San) has recently completed a three-year $181 million redevelopment project which includes provision for up to 200 new beds, 10 additional operating theatres, a new Maternity, Women’s Health and Children’s Unit, an Integrated Cancer Centre, and a new car park, entry and arrivals building. MBMO was the Lead Architect for the Stage 1 Redevelopment design. Its focus was driven by the concept of biophilic design, based on the theory that patients not only receive medical treatment, but do so in a calming environment that is c... More

Project • By Farrow Partnership Architects Inc.Wellness Centres

E’Terra Samara

The design concept for the addition to a 5-star eco-resort, located in the Bruce Peninsula north west of Toronto, Canada, consists of twelve suspended, one-bedroom “Samara” tree house villas nestled into a forest which is part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Consistent with the client’s philosophy of creating a restorative place in the forest that harmonizes with nature, the structure is designed to be suspended from the trees’ trunks, rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh. The design, which made its debut in 2012, emerged from a desire to not only be “in the trees” but also “of the trees.” The dominant image is derived from the shape of a samara,... More

Project • By Jesús PertuzCommunity Centres

Rebolo Eco-Park

Parisian Student’s Winning Entry Chosen from Hundreds of Submissions "Rebolo Eco-Park" designed by Jesús Pertuz of Paris has been selected as the winner of Interface, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:TILE) “Reconnect Your Space” competition. The competition invited architects, designers and students to submit their visions for how biophilia can influence the design of a new or existing space, either within interior built environments or outside in cities. Biophilic design incorporates natural elements into manmade environments in order to help people feel and perform better. Rebolo Eco-Park was selected as the most unique, inspiring and purposeful way of reconnecting a space with nature. The winning entry was inspired by Rebolo, a low-income neighborh... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureApartments

Clara Apartment Interiors

Walking into Clara, you’ll notice that the blurred line between building and environment continues with a vertical garden covering one wall. If you feel like someone is watching you, that’s normal: the other side of the lobby is covered in a lenticular wall, observing it in your peripheral vision it follows you, changing depending which way you look at it. The apartment interiors bring the outdoors in. The bedroom is contained in a box constructed of renewable bamboo, left with either a natural or Japan black lacquer finish. The box opens and closes to reveal or hide the kitchen and lounge areas. In the bathroom, step into the transparent glass cubicle, surrounded by a mottled green forest of tiles and recreate your own movie moment shower... More

Project • By CC-StudioOffices

Garden studio in Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer

Building an extension is not always the solution if you want more living space. At least that was the out of the box answer cc-studio came up with after having been asked to add more space to the ground floor apartment of the family Maarten and Lori Lens-FitzGerald in Watergraafsmeer – a lovely living district of Amsterdam. Extending would have added square metres but would have meant destroying a relatively new kitchen, not adding any new rooms due to the building layout and planning restrictions. But more importantly it would have narrowed the 12m deep garden. Already, having a garden in Amsterdam is a rare commodity; having a 10m wide garden is even more special as most real estates are usually only 5 to 6m wide. Strangely this luxury... More

Product • By IndigenousIndigenous introduces stunning Tree Trunk Basin to

Indigenous introduces stunning Tree Trunk Basin to

Indigenous has introduced a Tree Trunk Basin to its Bathroom Collection. The stunning basin is hand carved from the trunk of a Longan fruit tree, to create a completely unique pedestal. All basins are supplied unfinished and the surface can be either left untreated or oiled, to enhance the timber’s natural water-resistant properties. The Dimocarpus Longan tree - commonly known as the Longan tree - is a fruit tree native to South and South East Asia and a close relative to the Lychee. Longan is a protected species and is only harvested when it no longer yields fruit. Each Tree Trunk basin that is carved from the Longan timber has a tall pedestal design and measures approximately 600mm wide by 900mm in height. A smooth basin is scooped... More

Product • By HIVEBoulders


The Boulders Collection offers a juxtaposition of contemporary forms and antique detailing. The polygonal shape is a simple conveyance of modern sculptures while the natural oxidation of metal provides the rustic feel. All planters are offered in neutral rusty shade while the bowls come in white, black and blue. More

Project • By Casagrande LaboratoryPavilions


Cicada is an organic void in the mechanical texture of modern Taipei, a cocoon for post-industrial metamorphosis for industrial insects. The architecture is based on the Local Knowledge of human scale flexible bamboo structures containing a high level of improvisation and insect mind - Open Form. The Cicada is situated on a site in central Taipei waiting for development. Mean while it acts as a public sphere for the surrounding neighborhood and as lounge for university workshops and other spontaneous activities - public space. As one enters the Cicada, the surrounding city disappears. The cocoon is an interior space but totally outside - it is breathing, vibrating, soft and safe. The space will swollow the modern man and will offer hi... More

Product • By Freund GmbHEvergreen - Die natürliche Mooswand

Evergreen - Natural moss-walls

Natural moss-walls The real Evergreen never fades away... The natural moss-panels serve as decoration elements for the design of walls, ceiling and other interior elements. While other green walls need to be constantly provided with proper humidity and lighting, the maintenance-free Evergreen panels always sustain their rich green colour. This soft material will captivate you and leave you with a lasting impression. Through its special characteristics Evergreen creates a unique atmosphere as well as brings in a touch of the natural world into your construction project. Important characteristics: - maintenance-free (anti-static) - acoustically damping (up to 90% sound absorption) - can be installed on the large surfaces - seaml... More