Biophilic design

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Product • By Fire Farm LightingReed Sconce

Reed Sconce

The mellow feel of the natural thatch reeds is enhanced by the soft light filtered through the inside diffuser. The closer to the ceiling the fixture is hung, the more distinct are the radiant beams of light reflected through the open top reeds. The reeds of this sconce are left free at the top, and stabilized at the bottom by an inside diffuser creating a warm glow. The shade measures 3" wide across the bottom, to 9" wide at the top. More

Product • By d u aVase & Leuchte

Vase & Leuchte

Vase & Leuchte by Miriam Aust Winner of Grand Price 2010: Interior, Belgium The basic contents of "Vase & Leuchte" is the need of having the nature at home by means of a plant. In most cases a plant is cultivated in a flowerpot, its stature is controlled and the space permitted. The draft is sounding out possible barriers and analysing how much a plant can be influenced, but still remain natural. A series of three glass-plant-lights is the result of exceptional combinations and unusual materials. The nature is presented artificially, the living being used as material and laboratory aesthetics is brought into the living room. The basis of the draft is as well the unusual combination of two articles of different purpose but similar place... More

Project • By Bricault DesignHousing

Brooks Avenue House

The clients for this project needed more space to accommodate the needs of a growing family, but they were reluctant to leave their location in Venice - one of the few walkable neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The solution was to maintain and remodel their existing 2000 square foot home, while creating a 1700 square foot addition and courtyard on the rear lane side. With an ideal climate for much of the year, a primary design driver was to create a seamless connection between inside and outside, while eliminating the need for air conditioning To this end, a central sculptural staircase links the ground floor with the rooftop deck, while doubling as a chimney to draw cooling breezes through the house. On the main floor, a sequence of pi... More

Project • By Guz ArchitectsHousing

Sky garden house

This house is located on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore. The plots are not large and neighbouring buildings are built close to the sides of each house. Thus our strategy was to build a solid wall to each side neighbour to provide privacy where possible, while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the centre of the building. The front and rear of the building meanwhile, terrace back allowing each storey to have visual or actual access to greenery. The intention was to try to allow each roof garden provided a base for the storey above allowing the layered effect to make each storey feel like it was a single storey dwelling sitting in a much as we... More

Product • By Arper SPALeaf


Inspired by the light yet resistant structure of leaves, Leaf is a complete seating system designed to add a personal touch and distinctive feel to any space. The collection was conceived from observations of nature and is produced using the most modern technologies, with a very real concern for environmental impact. Chair, stackable chair, lounge and chaise longue vesrion available. Fabricated in chrome-coated or matte powder-coated steel in white, green or moka. A detachable polyurethane cushion is available for indoor and outdoor use. As well as the chair of the same collection, the new Leaf table, designed in 2011, is inspired by the observation of nature, which is revealed in the shape of the top — similar to the shape of a pe... More

Project • By DLR GroupSecondary Schools

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley High School serves one of the nation’s fastest-growing districts, houses 3,000 students, and supports myriad progressive learning concepts.   The site design is unique to this building type: the small amount of available green space is brought into the building rather than placed skirting the roadway.   The design achievement lies in the soaring, inspirational, daylight-filled spaces that enhance positive behavior and academic performance; despite a uniquely high efficiency of 155 SF per student. The national average is between 180 and 220 SF per student.   Every opportunity was taken to capture light and views. Stairs become light shafts, the commons expands spatially into the courtyard, the library is bathed in diffuse natura... More

Product • By h2o architectesGrass Mirror

Grass Mirror

“Antique philosophers often turned to nature for contemplation. Nature was used as a mirror. The Grass Mirror project revisits, in a way, this idea of contemplation. But to convey a contemporary image requires further complexity. Nature overflows, it is multiplied by the different reflections. One’s own image is fragmented. Frontiers between nature and culture are blurred. It is the twist (geometric deformation) of the rectangle which reveals this nature. The plants sit in the hollow of the deformation. This basic figure can be repeated indefinitely, from object to surface and surface to object. The whole is a little more than a multiple of its parts…” Miguel Mazeri, anthropologist. More

Project • By Balmori AssociatesParks/Gardens


The garden climbs the stairs, running in undulating lines of different textures and colors. Envisioned as a dynamic urban space; it moves in time and with the seasons. Its lush planting cascades down as though the garden was flowing or melting, bleeding the colors into each other. In one gesture, it narrates a story of landscape taking over and expanding over the Public Space and Architecture, therefore transforming the way that the stairs and the space is perceived and read by the user. It is a garden of contrasts: the contrast between native and exotic plants, between the red flowers and the green grass, between the green grass and the grey paving. In form, the garden engages the horizontal plaza with the rising vertical plane of the step... More

Project • By KWK Promes KoniecznyPrivate Houses

OUTrial House

A green clearing surrounded by forest was the only context for the proposed small house. Hence the idea to “carve out” a piece of the grass-covered site, move it up and treat it as the roofing to arrange all the required functions underneath. When the whole was ready, the client came up with another request, to create some space for a small recording studio and a conservatory. The latter was obtained by linking the ground floor with the grassy roof through an “incision” in the green plane and “bending” the incised fragment down, inside the building. This procedure turned the roof into an atrium, as the only way to reach it was through the interior of the house. As opposed, however, to a typical atrium, the newly-created space has all th... More