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Project • By Peng & PartnersShowrooms

Yi's House Showroom

The space is a showroom including several furniture brands like HermanMiller and Ligne Roset. It is a spiritual architectural community that showcases characteristics of brands and designs. Shao Feng The design thinking focuses on two main aspects:1. How to find the best way to showcase the different characteristics of brands and furniture types in a single showroom.2. Not only displaying products, but also providing a continuous space experience and artistic atmosphere. Shao Feng First of all, the space is treated as a theme park divided into four areas by various combination of furniture, representing classic design (wooden house), technology (ergonomic chair zone), health (home office), and art (living gallery). The spatial s... More

Project • By manuarino architettura design comunicazioneShops

La Floreale Bacoli

A flower shop in the center of Bacoli, Naples.The basic structure presented itself as a simple rectangular-shaped covering but with surprise, the false ceiling hid a precious sail vault that we brought to light and restored emphasizing it with adequate lighting. The manuarino architecture studio has opted for a choice of unusual and courageous interior design: that of enhancing the flowers by giving the background a dark gray color that has allowed to give plants and flowers an exceptional prominence. The shop is all dark except for a single wall, the white one reserved for the resale of the famous Yankee Candle scented candles and the fake flowers placed in a white chest of drawers. As soon as you enter, you are overwhelmed by the scents o... More

Project • By RUST ArchitectsOffices

Playstudios HQ

Playstudios offices, planned and designed by RUST Architects, are located in a complex of three industrial buildings in south Tel Aviv, which served as an exhibition and events hall and an old sewing workshop of Kastiel, Israel's oldest high-end furniture company. Unlike most of new high-tech offices in Tel Aviv, which are located in new towers, the planning required the design of an existing industrial complex, constructed of beams, concrete pillars, and wide windows that are open to a large inner courtyard with its old tree and climbing plants that are synonymous with the complex.   The company, which specializes in gaming and applications, sought to create a wholesome, pleasant, soft and light-filled space with few interferences.... More

Project • By DROO — Da Costa Mahindroo ArchitectsApartments


This Apartment project draws on inspiration from the Danish Painter Hommershoi, as foreground and background merge through singular framed views through an enfilade of rooms. A subdued palette of dark and light hues , natural concrete walls, leathered zimbabwe granite sit against the pale tones of birch wood and the highly ornate panelling and restored marble fireplaces to create subtle juxtapositions of time and light. More

Project • By Reset ArchitectureTheaters


Reset architecture has designed a multipurpose theatre pavilion with a hall for 200 seats in the woods of ‘Zonnewende group stay’. The sturdy brick building is designed to blend into its surroundings but also to stand out. The domain of ‘Zonnewende’ is part of a nature reserve, you find dense woods combined with open spaces for sports and play. Barracks in the woods are used for theater, musical performances or other activities. A 220 m2 derelict barrack is now replaced with a 430 m2 pavilion, offering space for 200 seats in a theatre hall. The buildings on the Zonnewende grounds have a certain nonchalance in their architecture. The presence of different types of roof shapes provide an informal quality. Within this context, a building with... More

Project • By BUREAU (Daniel Zamarbide)Private Houses

Mr Barrett's House

Internal architecture could name the process through which Mr. Barrett’s House has gone through. An interesting idea, directly borrowed from the medical world, would be to call ourselves internists in this sort of surgical intervention.   Everything has been developed from the inside. There is a clear logic to do so when architecture has to face spaces of intimacy, places where the privacy and the interaction and complexity of human relations appear at its least public environment. It is thus about interiority. And the project literally took these criteria as a starting point to develop its conception and construction.   An old garage building that was split into a car space basement and small first floor apartment has b... More

Project • By Paul Bernier ArchitectePrivate Houses

House in Abitibi

A house for a family in Rouyn-Noranda (Abitibi, Qc, Canada), in a wooded area. The clients, a couple, took the role of builders and completed a large portion of the work themselves. The building concept needed to be simple: three boxes linked to each other. By their positioning in a ‘’U’’, they define a protected exterior space oriented to the south. The two boxes on the ground are covered in black wood siding, and are linked by a passage of aluminium and glass, which serves as the main entrance. One box contains the garage/workshop and the other holds the living quarters including the living room, dining room and kitchen. These rooms open up onto the courtyard on the south side by means of large glazed doors. To the... More

Project • By LEAD, Inc.Art Galleries

Ambiente Gallerie

The Ambiente Gallerie project involved the rehabilitation and renovation of an existing warehouse space, which focused on creating a flexible visceral environment consistent with our client’s vision, “bridging body and mind.” What we share with our clients sometimes is the best point of departure for our common projects. We have been advocating a total environment for both physical and mental well being since our studio’s conception. We believe a healthy environment must work on all levels. This idea has expanded our definition of function in architecture to include the psychological aspect of human habitation of architectural space. Based on this presumption the idiom, “form follows function,” first coined by Louis Sullivan, coul... More

Project • By ANA ROCHA architecturePrivate Houses

Micro House SLIM FIT

ConceptSLIM FIT is a permanent micro dwelling of 50m2 designed for urban densification. SLIM FIT occupies with its minimal footprint, 16 m2, less area than 2 parking spaces. The smart and flexible design has many applications. The house can be placed freestanding, connected or between existing buildings. Thanks to its compact footprint, SLIM FIT is the ideal home for filling in and compacting the inner areas of city blocks.Due to the large window size and full height of the rooms, the micro dwelling has a luxurious spaciousness. The concept is designed for the growing group of working singles who want to live compactly but comfortably, sustainably, full identity and above all centrally in urban contexts. SLIM FIT proves that spatial and ide... More

Project • By Philipp Mohr Architecture StudioShops

Self Salon

The project is occupying a new retail building in the New York borough Brooklyn. The small budged was stretched by utilizing most of the existing features of the raw space. By cutting open the floor to the basement and inserting a stair the space was opened to two levels. The existing concrete floors have been posted and waxed. The existing structural metal ceilings have been sanded and painted white. The layout is organized around the shop windows that are facing the busy retail street corner of Bedford Avenue and Grand Street. To bring in the natural light to the work areas the space is opened up to bring in as much natural light to both floors as possible. The materials are chosen save cost and resources. the blonde birch wood is a minim... More

Project • By Noa Ben YehudaRestaurants


Mar&Co restaurant is located in Jaffa's Flee market. Thanks to its proximity to Jaffa's Port, the restaurant takes its inspiration from fresh fish and seafood.The restaurant provides varied seating options, allowing each customer to find their place.You will find within the space an open kitchen-bar and modular seating on three levels. This kind of layout combines an urban feel with intimate seating niches.Industrial materials including concrete, Birch wood, rebar, meet splashes of colors like red, turquoise and pink, softening the hard lines and matter. Adding to the feel is the high ceiling lowered by rebar net and hand-made braided hanging pendants (lampshades), inspired by fishing nets. The design is a collaboration of two youn... More

Project • By arribaApartments

Bica do Sapato

From the first day we visited this site, we understood the potential of this curious layout. It resembled a maze with several heights, features we ended up exploring on a deeper level later.Our strategy was to create a system of plywood carpentries which would re-organise the the house in a single gesture, enhancing the spatial clarity of this maze. This system, which contains the kitchen, the wardrobes, the library and stairs, connects the sources of light on both extreme ends of the house, and brings comfort to the core through the light-colored birch wood.The living room is now connected to the kitchen, which allowed a more fluid fruition of the house. We also integrated a small study room next to the living-room, where before a closet w... More

Project • By This is ITApartments

E&N Apartment

In the reawaken area of north Jaffa, halfway between the flea market and the beach, a young family wished to make their home.After a long quest, their searches came to an end, when they purchased a 100m² space with concrete floors and beautiful light entering from north, south and west.The previous layout of the place was rather close to what they had wished for; Two bedrooms, and a noticeably broad area consisting of the living room and kitchen. What they lacked was a guest bathroom and a vast storage space for their various collections and items. The axis between the private rooms and the more communal space, was the main focus in the design process; A bilateral bespoke unit made of birch wood and coloured steel, acts both as a division b... More

Project • By SnøhettaWorkshops

The Swarovski Manufaktur

With the Swarovski Manufaktur, Snøhetta has created a crystal workshop for the 21st century. This daylight-flooded and generous building is as much a top-notch production facility as it is an innovative creative hub providing Swarovski with new opportunities to work together with customers.Developed for the Tyrolean crystal manufacturer, the Swarovski Manufaktur is a progressive crystal workshop perfectly suited for creative co-creation, rapid prototyping and representation. The structure cleverly merges design, product development and production into one single facility. The new building type allows the company to develop innovative ways to align creative visionary processes with technical production requirements. “The Swarovski Manufaktur... More

Project • By Heren 5 ArchitectenPrivate Houses

Loft Buiksloterham

Heren 5 architects in collaboration with furniture designer Paul Timmer, designed the interior of a loft in the North of Amsterdam. In this single-side oriented loft we have fully used the width of the space. The most important housing functions, cooking and eating, are situated directly behind the large glass façades with view on the lightboat and the canal.The private housing functions such as the living room, sleeping area, storage and bathroom are situated in the back of the loft. The extra high ceiling of 3,5m is being used to place the sleeping area on top of the kitchen, creating a maximum of spaciousness. An extra bed can be pulled out from under the living-platform, to provide sleeping space for staying over friends.Inventive switc... More