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Project • By MAR office | Multiple Architecture and ResearchBars

Filo Art Bar

How can a multipurpose art gallery and bar compete and emerge in a well-established gallery circuit Which kind of experience can it offer ? These were the project’s starting points. The client’s brief was about a space that would accommodate both an art gallery – which could also work as a multifunctional space – and a bar. The project is developed according to two main strategies: to create a space, neutral and flexible enough to accommodate the gallery; to create a nonconventional bar that could be “inserted” in the gallery, thus generating an interactive relation between the two different functions. Filo is located in the Naviglio Pavese, at the ground floor of a Social Housing building of the thirties. It has a U shaped floor-plan; the... More

Project • By mA-style architectsPrivate Houses

RYOKUEN no SU (Green Edge House)

There was the building site on a gently sloping hill.It is land for sale by the lot made by recent land adjustment here.The land carries the mountains on its back in the north side and has the rich scenery which can overlook city in the south side.However, it was hard to feel the characteristic of the land because it was a residential area lined with houses here.Consideration to the privacy for the neighborhood was necessary in a design here because it was a residential area. Therefore at first I imagined a house with an inner court having a courtyard.However, indoor privacy is not kept in the architecture around the courtyard. In addition, light and the air are hard to circulate, too.Therefore I wanted to make a house with an inner cour... More

Product • By Poltrona Frau Group ContractBIRD


Bird side table, designed by Tapio Wirkkala A hundred years since the birth of Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985), an important figure in Finnish art and design, Poltrona Frau revisits a piece of which, until now, only a handful of examples existed. The “Bird” side table is a project that symbolises Wirkkala’s natural and organic poetry. A sinuous shape, at the same time simple yet abstract, the piece is inspired by the silhouette of a bird, a recurring theme in Wirkkala’s work as a sculptor and designer, along with shells, ice and leaves. For the first time, Poltrona Frau has mass-produced the side table and faced a real manufacturing challenge in doing so. The workmanship on the surface is highly complex. The strata of layers of cut birch... More

Product • By nuun kids designOHPLAY


ohplay is a children’s chair composed by the osit baby chair and the hchair chair. It includes a paper roll that lets children unleash their imagination. Take a look at the video! It converts into a table and was created with special attention to the freedom of movement needed for drawing or modeling in a neutral and spontaneous way. Very useful for twins. The ohplay children’s chair is made of birch wood, with a varnish finish and whiteboard paint. The circles on the sides facilitate its movement and transport, both for children and grownups. All complements - the back and the paper roll along with its supporting bar - are assembled in a very articulate and simple way, using the slots. Age: from 2 years old... More

Product • By nuun kids designOUEAT


oUeat is a high chair composed of the osit baby chair and the Ustructure structure from the OhU collection. Its main characteristic is its great functionality and adaptability according to the child’s developmental stage.The oUeat high chair can be transformed into a desk and chair and also into a storage space, with multiple positions that will help encourage children’s capacity for imagination. All these features make oUeat an interactive game for children, stimulating their imagination, creativity and development. Just as in the osit baby chair, the oUeat high chair’s tray has a double slot on the bottom that makes it possible to join it to another oUeat high chair with the same characteristics, so that two children can interact to... More

Product • By nuun kids designOSIT


osit is an evolutive baby chair that grows with children, and offers two different heights. With osit a child grows up, acquires freedom and starts to choose his / her own activities. Take a look at the video! The osit chair can be used along with the safety harness at the age of six months, which is when the child will start to hold up his/her head on his/her own. If the child is already two years old and wishes to use the osit chair only, the safety harness will not be necessary. A distinctive feature of osit is that the baby chair’s tray has a double slot on the bottom. This makes it possible to join it to another baby chair of the same characteristics, allowing two children to interact together. It is very useful for twins! Th... More

Product • By Atelier GertJanSTOOL #1


Stool #1 is made out of laminated birch wood and assembled with only a few nuts and bolts and a rubber ring. More



AG/23 cm. 238x61x90h Design Luca Scacchetti. SIDEBOARD mod.“VERONA 92”. Mahogany wood, walnut wood, cherry wood – birch wood More

Project • By ARX Portugal ArquitectosPrivate Houses

House in Lisbon

The concept for this house emerges from a reflection on the identity of Lisbon architecture, a recurring type of 6-meter-wide and 15-meter-long deep house, ending in a small garden in the back. It is a 5-storey building with two radically different elevations: one “public” in white lioz limestone (the most used in Lisbon) and the one in the back, in glass, connected by an interior world in exposed concrete, punctuated by birch wood elements. The elevation obviously follows on the Lisbon tradition, stressed further by the windows' rhythmic structure, opened in a span system created by horizontal strips and vertical bars - characteristic of the city architecture. Just as most of Lisbon's old buildings, it is a flat elevation whose expre... More

Project • By Rosario PattiApartments


The objective was to create a minimal and flexible living space, a little cab pointed also to the children, within an existing space. As a solution, we aimed to create a box similar to the packing boxes used for the trasport of artworks: the dimensions are thesimillar of a 20-inches container which favors the transport on wheels or rails. This modular system contains: beds, working plans, seats, wardrobes, containers etc. The boxroom was made in the workshop in about two weeks; carried inside the house, it was assembled through a 2-days process of auto-construction by set designers, components of the studio, some students and the users themselves. During the tests and the assembly phase, sections of the brick wall have been demolis... More
Green Corridor/ Children's Park
Retail Corridor/Renovated Parking Garage
Connecting Alley/Cafe
Connecting Alley/Outdoor Ballet Rehearsal Space
Connecting Alley/Paddling Pool and Mural

Project • By stpmjShops

Omnibus City

By definition, an omnibus refers to a collection of stories made by a single narrator or several authors tied together by a single subject. It also pertains to a collection of objects at once. Along these lines, Omnibus City is a proposal that connects elements of downtown Salt Lake City that are already physically close, yet are experienced individually. Omnibus City strives to create a collection of experiences along three main corridors: Green, Culture (Main Street), and Retail. Acting as a catalyst of activity linking adjacent blocks to Main Street, these passageways are connected through a common design vocabulary of path, pattern, and phenomenon meant to permeate blocks 69 and 70 and guide visitors through its permutations. Omn... More

Product • By Pop-up domTable Couple

Table Couple

Coffee table Couple is the first incarnation of our mutual design ideas. Table Couple is handmade from birch wood. The table is composed of two coffee tables that can be used together or separately. Designers of the table both graduated in architecture, they share similar interests in design. They try to work on usability, playfulness and originality, which give each product its own story and character. More



bing* battery is low. The incommodiousness starts where the charging level of the battery ends. Because the moment when you try to reach the power socket under your table is a very uncomfortable one! The Stromer extends power into the room, it serves it, where you really need it – a helpful little fellow in your office or in your home. Howdy, partner! The Stromer saddles three child-safe slots on a fine birch wood frame. The texile cable extends the power for almost ten feet into the room. And if you`d like to put the Stromer away, the cable can be rolled up like a lasso around the handle-head of the Stromer. Our Stromer is produced entirely in Bavaria and it is available in different colors and with or without saddlebag. More
Hillsboro Kitchen Remodel

Project • By Cornerstone Builders, Inc.Private Houses

Hillsboro Kitchen Remodel

Originally built in an 80’s contemporary style, the house had been converted into a craftsmen a year before. But while the rest of the house had been remodeled with care, the kitchen was built in haste. As a result, many of the details that make a kitchen inviting were overlooked. The room was long and narrow, with walls blocking it off from the rest of the house. Even a quick run to the kitchen made people feel disconnected from the rest of the interior. While the owner loved to cook and entertain for her friends and family, she couldn’t watch her children play in the living room while preparing dinner, or chat with guests while grabbing a second bottle of wine. When the owner chose Cornerstone Builders as her kitchen remodeling cont... More

Product • By DesignmasterShelf Unlimited

Shelf Unlimited

The tree shelf is made of birch wood. Tell a story to little children under the tree. More