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Project • By ITHAKA-Architecture and DesignPrivate Houses


Design of a Standard Cottage for Lectors in the Cottage Area of SKOLKOVO MMS Address: Novaya str., Skolkovo v., Moscow reg., Russia Area: 163.5 m² Project year: 2008-2009 Implementation: 2009-2010 The project was completed in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer. Design is austere, minimalistic and economical. A birch wood is used in the design, which provides the interior warmth and comfort necessary for the living space. Birch is a reliable, environment friendly, "live" material, which also creates an atmosphere of a Russian log house. The project is arranged in two colors. Chief Architect: Telemak ANANYAN, Ph.D. Architects: Gohar ISAKHANYAN, Argina KOCHKOYAN, Amalia JANOYAN, Astghik BABAYAN 3... More

Project • By vanOmmeren-architectsOffices

Delft railway station attic

The second floor of the monumental Delft station serves as a flexible office, workshop and exhibition space during the coming years. The low budget redesign of this attic is both a response to the 'grown' composition-free space and the intended flexible new program. The lifted birch floor connects the various elements in the open space. A sixty centimeters high plinth is finished in the same birch wood and forms together with the floor a light element that counteracts the monumental dark wooden roof structure. An existed (improvised) office space was stripped and transformed into a transparent volume. A lowered two-and-a-half meter wide diagonal strip in the floor is an exception to the rule created. This central strip, which is fin... More

Project • By Juri Troy ArchitectsApartments

Ordination Wienerwald

Not far from the Viennese boarder – in between the Wien River and the Wiener Street as well as in close proximity to Josef Hoffmann’s well-known sanatorium dating from 1905 - lies the Wienerwald surgery. The three-story high solid building accommodates three apartments in the top floor, which are illuminated by means of cut in terraces. The ground floor is entirely reserved for the surgery. The entire surface area of 250m2 is solely structured by birch wood furniture that is 2,1m high. Approximately 280 birch logs enclose the surrounding glass facade. These serve as a sight- and solar protection and create a pleasant working environment. By means of a birch grove in the generously designed garden the same atmosphere is expanded into the ext... More

Project • By DotdotdotResidential Landscape

House on the Lake

A harmonious combination of textures and atmospheres for a lakeside apartment, designed for a young couple. The home has been in Lugano, Switzerland, in a residential district along the banks of Lake Ceresio with all of the furnishings made to measure for the interior design and décor project supervised by studio dotdotdot. The home measures 170 sq.m. and has been designed with universal appeal based on neutral colors and clean lines. In the large area of the lounge and dining room, wooden features embellish the ambience and hide a small utility washroom. The ad hoc texture of the birch wood adds a touch of continuity to the spaces. The natural hues of the wood shimmer with light flowing from the spacious lakeside terrazzo. Studio d... More

Project • By The Think Shop ArchitectsOffices

Flute House

Located just south of downtown on Main St. in Royal Oak, MI, The Flute House makes no subtle statement for Owners Erv and Susan Monroe. Mr. Monroe, the former principle flute of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is now the President of musical instrument manufacture Maramatsu America. The building is the flagship store for the Maramatsu America wing. The location makes a bold statement about the quality and the personality of its inhabitants. The challenge of combining the adaptive reuse of an automechanics garage and a new residential loft is no small feat. The resulting formal language that The Flute House embodies transcends local tendencies and asks questions about materiality and construction. The residential structure sits suspended abo... More

Product • By DeDe DextrousDesignFa.B. fabric bookcase

Fa.B. fabric bookcase

The Fa.B. fabric bookcase is an eco-focused book storage system with minimal environmental impact and a fabulous new way to arrange and protect your books and magazines. It is suitable for your home and office and it can be used as a bookcase and a room divider at the same time. Outside the rationale of any shelving system Fa.B. offers the user renewable storage space. A single or more modular fabric units can be added to the wooden stand in a few minutes. Fa.B. is made of birch plywood. Birch wood-a tree native to Europe-when harvested from sustainably managed forests poses lower environmental and biodiversity risks than those from tropical and subtropical trees. The fabric units are made of a recyclable, resilient, stain resistant, wrin... More

Product • By Atelier BelgeGRANNY


What just seems to be a wooden volume by daylight, reveals its secrets at night. When Granny is lit, silhouettes of grandma’s old living room lamp light up through the birch wood, filling the space with a warm somewhat melancholic light. Granny is an example of a perfect combination between modern and classic, between craft and technique. Material: birch plywood, epoxy More

Project • By Soldevila ArquitectosLibraries


The first objective of the proposal is the restoration, extension and conditioning of an existing equipment for its use as a public library, work of Marcià Codinachs on the Via Favencia, in an adapted urban stretch over the roof of the "Rondas" (peripheral city road) of Barcelona. The second part of the project consists of the development of the adjacent spaces, in particular the area between the existing buildings, where the main entrance is located, which turns this space into a great outdoor hall open to the city. This equipment is a neighborhood library which consists of a public area at street level where the children's area, computer rooms, daily press and formation and educational lessons are taught. The program is divided between th... More

Project • By Henning LarsenUniversities

Umeå School of Architecture

Umeå School of Architecture has a unique location by Umeå River. With its interior landscape of open floor levels and sculpturally shaped stairs, the building has a strong artistic expression. As a growth centre for future architecture, the main function of the building is to provide the framework for inspiration and innovation. From the outside, the building has a cubic expression with its larch facades and square windows placed in a vibrant, rhythmic sequence on all sides. The interior space of the building is designed as a dynamic sequence of stairs and split, open floor levels where abstract, white boxes hang freely from the ceiling filtering the light coming in through the high skylights. One of the key objectives has been to cre... More

Project • By Altus ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Minnetonka Residence

Nestled on a deep wooded site, this modern house is designed for a young family to create open, flexible spaces for living and playing that allow the indoor and outdoor spaces to merge. Entering the site between mature Spruce and White Pine trees, the L - shaped plan creates a car court and play area under a landmark Tamarack tree. The landscape was sculpted to create a series of flat activity spaces extending the house into the site from the main and lower levels. This site design included a sculpted ‘land pier’ with a terrace extending from the kitchen, shaping the transition between the main and lower levels as a strong landscape form. The flat outdoor play spaces are maintained grass while the land pier and perimeter areas of the si... More

Project • By Altus ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Farquar Lake Residence

The site is located within a mature suburban neighborhood along the south shore of Farquar Lake. The previously unbuilt land was heavily wooded with large oak, maple and cottonwood trees and a gentle slope from the road down to the lake. The shape of the property was long and triangular widening from the narrow south end at the street and opening much wider at the north edge along the lake. The site design strategy was to locate the house to screen views of adjacent homes and open to the north views of the lake while maintaining as many trees as possible. The owners were a young family of four seeking to create a house that was open and permeable, celebrating their active lifestyle and a desire for visual and spatial connectivity to t... More