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NewsNews • 11 Jun 2021

Ell House inspired the rural vernacular of Canadian farmhouses

Inspired by the rural vernacular of Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada, Ell House by Ravi Handa Handa Architect and AAmp Studio features simple lines with a gable roof reminiscent of the region’s barns and an L-shape plan that references the extensions built onto farmhouses over generations. Maxime Brouillet With two main volumes, the private areas of the house are strictly separated from communal spaces. Each of the wings has its own purpose – the sleeping area with its four bedrooms and two baths, and a common area with an open plan kitchen, dining, and living room. Maxime Brouillet The clean vernacular form of the building is also a technical response to the area’s prevailing south-westerly winds. One w... More

NewsNews • 20 Jan 2021

Oslo cabin takes a sensitive position on steep terrain

Approximately one hour away from Oslo and on the Oslo fjord, this cabin for use all year is carefully placed on naturally occurring ledges in the steep terrain that surrounds. Designed by Jon Danielsen Aarhus, the cabin appears low and hidden from the arrival side and then opens up towards views on the sea. The driving force behind this sensitive approach was the client's desire to retain the site's existing bedrock and not alter the landscape with dynamite or any levelling.  Øystein Aspelund Further inspiration was drawn from a small existing cabin on the site. The small  building influenced not only how to situate the new cabin in the landscape but also its building colour, roof angle and overall form. The old cabin... More

NewsNews • 2 Dec 2020

Two eras meet in a fusion between an original log cabin and contemporary addition

Situated on a rocky point that juts out onto the lake, the owners of an existing cabin that had been in the family for 40 years wished to renovate and expand their cabin so that it could take better and full advantage of its beautiful lakeside location in Quebec. Raphaël Thibodeau Proximity to the lakeshore was a decisive site constraint resulting in the cabin extending upward with a second story, instead of outward. Only a small extension on the ground level, a new screened porch on the south side, was considered feasible. Rather than erasing the line between the existing cabin and new second floor, Paul Bernier Architecte instead chose to celebrate the difference, clearly distinguishing old from new.  Raphaël Thibo... More