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Product • By MosaTerra Tones

Terra Tones

Seamless overlap of colour tonesTerra Tones consists of eight basic tiles in the colours of cool porcelain white, mid warm grey, dark grey brown, light beige, grey green, mid grey, anthracite, and cool black. Each basic tile forms a lively set with a lighter and darker variant, which leads to a subtle difference in shading between the tiles. The combination of tiles brings walls and floors to life.   Lively appearance The tiles in the Terra Tones series have a subtle, smooth, powdery finish and a vibrant look. This natural vibrancy can be enhanced by combining different formats. In order to optimize the Terra Tones effect for large surface areas, the contrast between the colour tones for the 60 x 120 centimetre format has been... More

Product • By MosaCore Collection Quartz

Core Collection Quartz

A truly touchable tile series. Quartz combines robustness with a complex yet subtle ceramic surface of grains and crystalline particles. The subtle tile gradations enhance the look of any wall or floor.Robust look in neutral shades Quartz consists of seven neutral hues in a robust look. The tiles have variegated color nuances and are an homage to pure ceramics.Superior functionality for indoors and outdoors All Core Collection products combine unprecedented aesthetics with smart functionality. These ceramic tiles are suitable for use on walls, floors and terraces. Their functionality and anti-slip properties make them perfect for busy areas, both indoors and outdoors. Mosa offers both smooth tiles and textured anti-slip (relief) tiles. T... More

Product • By MosaGlobal Collection

Mosa Global Collection

Global Collection / Globalgrip consist of wall tiles in a palette of forty colours, six shades of white, and seven striking colours. Available in gloss and silk matt. In addition, there are eighteen selected colours of floor tiles in either a plain design or a fine or coarse speckled look. The wall tiles and floor tiles are available in identical colours. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors, facades, and terraces.The Global Collection / Globalgrip is an integrated tile series that encompasses functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and budget. All of the wall and floor tiles are fully modular. There is a wide selection of complementary colours, sizes, anti-slip tiles, accessories, and functional extras such as s... More

Product • By MosaMosa Colors

Mosa Colors

Colors. Mosa's answer to the growing demand for special colours. Light, dark, fresh, soft, aged, saturated... There's a choice of 50 contrasting colours in 15 x 15 cm and also a selection in 10 x 10 and 15 x 30 cm. If you can't find the exact shade you're looking for, we'll simply make it for you. That's Mosa Colors®. An exclusive range of gloss wall tiles with one glazed edge. They're also modular, making them easy to combine with other sizes for walls and floors. Practical as they are creative. A source of inspiration for architects who are looking for colourful interior ideas. Colors on demand In addition to the comprehensive colour collections of Colors and Global Collection, almost any colour can be supplied on request. Please t... More

Product • By MosaTerra Shower Drain

Terra Shower Drain

The Mosa Shower Drain is a whole new look for water drainage in a tiled shower floor. The Mosa Shower Drain is completely invisible, because it is completely incorporated into the fully tiled shower floor. The water drain is only visible in the 4 millimeter wide opening. The result is a unique and yet completely logical picture: a fullytiled floor with integrated water drainage. This drain meets the highest quality standards and is guaranteed for troublefree, adequate water drainage, even with rain showerheads. Mosa offers the Mosa Shower Drain in the most popular colours from the Terra Maestricht,Terra Beige & Brown and Mosa Quartz collection. More

Product • By MosaMosa Matt Collection

Mosa Matt Collection

More matt and more tactile The glazed wall tiles of the Mosa Matt Collection® are more matt and more tactile than any glazed wall tiles currently on the market. These 10 x 30, 15 x 15 and 15 x 30 cm tiles are available in ceramic earth tones; black, white and neutral grey. They have the same powder­ matt appearance as unglazed porcelain floor tiles while retaining Mosa’s high standards thanks to an innovative Mosa glazing process. This unique, high­quality series is a world break­ through in powdermatt wall tiles. Truly the new standard for matt wall tiles. Matching unglazed porcelain floor tiles are also available allowing you to create mono chrome interiors where floors and walls simply flow into each other. For the Matt Collection, Mos... More